Conception II could be the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with Japanese gaming culture

Games in Asia: "Conception II is a JRPG developed by Spike Chunsoft and published by Atlus for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita. It’s due for release in the summer of 2014.

Conception II revolves around a young man who must save the world by creating “star children” with seven female characters. These children are made by fusing skills and stats of the parents to create a new party member which can help you in battle, the overall power of the child will result from the depth of the bond you have with the mother. Now although this sounds crazy it’s actually very similar to Persona’s social link and fusion system.

Now before I begin pulling this game to pieces I should note that there are certain themes and ideas that have a higher level of social acceptability in Japan than in other countries. As an outsider my view point will obviously be different. However I absolutely disagree with the notion that morality is dependent on geographical location.

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Abriael1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I'm sparing this turd a "lame" report out of mercy really.

What's "wrong" with Japanese gaming culture is the ignorant westerners that feel that they need to demonstrate how better they think they are.

MRMagoo1231494d ago

maybe someone should do a "whats wrong with western gaming culture" and talk about all the bad moral things in COD year after year and how it sells millions.

I live in Australia, i was born here to an English mother and a Finnish father, and i have to say i find nothing morally wrong with japanese culture , as a matter of fact i prefer it and would like to live there, if i knew japanese i would be there right now.

donwel1494d ago

I'd say a "what's wrong with western gaming journalism" would make for a better article.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1494d ago

Japanese developers are the reason why I have a 3DS and Vita. My top games on X360 are Tales of Vesperia, Bayonetta and Blue Dragon.
Wii Xenoblade, Zelda Skyward Sword, SSBB and Arc Rise Fantasia.

This year plan to pick p more Japanese games on PS3 I missed. Wii U will start getting more support this year.

Love Japan. Hate the west.

1494d ago
rainslacker1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

In Sociology there are two terms that come to mind when I read articles like this,

Ethnocentrism and Cultural relativism.

Worth looking up for all those who like to criticize Japanese games and why they are inherently evil.

The lack of any article that report stuff like this acknowledging these two things is why they fail completely. Ironically, the author completely dismisses this common trend as saying it's perfectly alright by saying, "However I absolutely disagree with the notion that morality is dependent on geographical location". In this an old adage comes to mind, "There is no good or evil, but thinking makes it so".

In the authors example, this game only represents what is wrong with Japanese gaming culture as it pertains to him, with is a rather egocentric view. He cites no studies or statistics to back up his arguments. He only puts out his subjective arguments to prove his point, and in doing so, proves nothing.

The things he mentions may(and probably) will have an effect on it's sale-ability in other cultural regions, but for those that are into the Japanese gaming culture, we accept it as something different and don't pass judgement on the game before we play it. It will certainly be panned by reviewers, that is pretty much a given.

I don't disagree with some of the author's moral dilemma's in relation to some Japanese games(some not all which he doesn't address), but I don't feel it is really my place, or anyone else's to say that another countries culture is just plain wrong. And I certainly don't think it's right to generalize an entire sector of the industry based on one game, or similar games without addressing the huge number of other games that do nothing of what the author is suggesting is wrong.

@Magoo and dowel above
I agree that that would make a better article. Because at least the authors can speak from a frame of reference they can understand. The assumption that Japanese culture is so perverse that the entire people are into these things is just wrong. It's simply an art style, and from my point of view it does occasionally cross the line. For those that do, I don't support them, because I don't find it morally acceptable.

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ritsuka6661495d ago

Whenever I play a japanese game I get bored quickly with their diversive nature, where I feel more comfortable with the western genre and can play them for hours.

DCfan1494d ago

Never heard of such a thing as a "Western genre"
I enjoy those too, the ones that have a bland setting and is basically move and shoot - cutscene - then watch explosives, and finally they show the american guy as a hero who saved the world.

MRMagoo1231494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

pretty much always an American that saves the world lol. Egos

@hicken below

I could not give you enough bubbles in the world for that comment completely well said and put.

worldwidegaming1494d ago

That's the good old book point of view in a country that's mostly Buddhist.
Yes, Japanese men really think animation about my super cute young sister and even have whole groups of underage girls wearing lingerie and get away with it.
its called Japanese culture.

He should never go to Akihabara with thinking like that!

Master-H1494d ago

Nothing's wrong with the Japanese gaming culture, if only they'd localize more of their stuff.

dark-kyon1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

articles how these make ashamed of being a western gamer,can you play the game before forcing your narrow minded view of what is correct or not,obviusly you are not the target of this game,but before talking nonsenses first check if the game is a "good" or not.

story quality wtf
like website no

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