CD Projekt Explains Why There Isn’t a PS3 version of The Witcher 2

GC - "Marcin Iwinski, one of the founders of CD Projekt Red, has revealed in an interview why there isn’t a PS3 version of The Witcher 2."

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Smurf11641d ago

This is disappointing because if they can put it on the Xbox 360 they can put it on the PS3 as well. But whatever, they have their reasons.

erathaol1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Actually there isn't a Xbox 360 version listed

Edit - Ha, I thought we were talking Witcher 3, oh well I need sleep, later.

Vegamyster1641d ago

They said right in the article that it would have taken a year and a half to make a port due to the architecture.

hay1641d ago

Obviously. First Witcher was using Neverwinter Nights engine, second created own vision of the engine for the PCs. The thing PC/Xbox360 have is one random access memory in comparison to divided in half for PS3.
If gutting the game for Xbox was a pain in the ass, imagine how fun would be making additional threading and changing memory use of the app/engine to support twice as fast but half as much PS3 XDR memory.

mewhy321641d ago

Cant wait to play this on the mighty PS4!!!!

SlapHappyJesus1641d ago

This was known for a while. They are very much a PC-centric developer, and the architecture of the PS3 was very foreign to them than that of the much more PC-like 360 . . . so they went with that.
At this point, they are still very hard into development with Witcher 3 and the idea of going back and working on Witcher 2 again is probably out of the question.
That said, it would be interesting to see the trilogy hit next-gen consoles sometime down the road. I think everyone should have access to the series as a whole. I honestly hold it as the best rpg series going at the moment.

thekhurg1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

It would be pretty freaking difficult to get the original Witcher on consoles because of the control scheme and camera angles used in that title.

CBaoth1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Why wait though and release a trilogy on next gen consoles? I'd much rather see ports of the 1st two games on PSN/XBL before the 3rd comes out. Build momentum and hype for a great IP & maximize its earning potential by allowing console gamers access to the early ones first! CDR could outsource the ports. It's almost criminal to see the lifetime numbers of the franchise given its quality.

Square is doing the same thing with Kingdom Hearts 3 on XB1. Nintendo and Sega should've already announced the original Bayonetta will be ported over this summer before B2 releases. I still firmly adhere to the belief The Darkness 2 would've seen much higher sales if 2K had bundled the first one on PC. No ones likes to pick up a series midway through it - whether it be TV, movie, or games. They're doing a disservice to themselves now that those financial barriers have been lessened/removed by MS & Sony.

EDIT: @khurg, pretty sure console gamers can figure out push the attack button, wait for the yellow icon and push the button again. Console gamers have dealt with wonky camera angles since the dawn of 3D gaming.

thekhurg1641d ago

Only the entire game engine required you to click on targets to attack them. It wouldn't be a port, it would have to be built specifically to work on consoles with a controller.

Considering they're working on the 3rd installemnt, plus cyber punk - it's just not feasible.

ziggurcat1641d ago

so basically... they were too lazy.

and wrong because the X360 is not more powerful than the PS3.

brich2331641d ago

They were late as console developers because they were mainly PC developers, and we all know PS3 had crap Architecture to develop for.

hay1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

I assume the "crap architecture" part was a metaphor.

While Sony went too far ahead with extensive threading(which is barely catching up today), and way too far out of corporate comfort zone to invest money and resources to teach small army of coders how to work with the hardware, this isn't crap architecture.

It's fairly enjoyable to work on something that oriental, but here we are, going back to "popular" mainly because of penny squeezing and lack of proper technology strategization within companies.

Seriously, if independent garage developers can handle it, it's clearly a matter of money for the business. Been there.

brich2331640d ago

@hay PS3 had "CRAP ARCHITECTURE". There a reason why PS4 wont be using it.

brich2331640d ago

I like how everyone edits thier original post and changes completely what they originally wrote.

Vegamyster1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

They never said it was more powerful, it was all due to the architecture.

ziggurcat1641d ago

Quote from the dev in the article:

“The Xbox 360 was a more powerful and easier-to-code-on platform than PS3..."

So, yes, they did say that.

Vegamyster1641d ago


Yes because of the architecture, the vast majority of 3rd party games run and look better on the 360 because they're able to get more power out, you took his words out of context.

ziggurcat1640d ago

"you took his words out of context."


the words were "more powerful and easier" not "more powerful because it was easier."

so he did, in fact, make an erroneous statement.

esemce1641d ago

You ever heard of the phrase 'time is money' ? Studios will not undertake a project unless there is a very high chance of a profit.

These guys are quite a small team so cannot just pump out a perfect port in a few months.

Ashunderfire861641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Dude first of all CD Projekt Red, is not that big of a team to make Witcher 2 also on the PS3. Second of all PS3 cell was a pain in the ass for many developers to develop games for (Remember how long the DLC was for Skyrim on PS3?), so why waste time and money, since there is a better looking next gen sequel to the game in development? Plus it is common knowledge that 360 is very similar to PC, so now Sony has learn their lesson, and made PS4 like PC. If they want to do a Witcher Trilogy pack, I say do it afterwards for PS4/X1. CD Projekt Red is far from lazy, and they don't nickel and dime us like those other game developers.

snookiegamer1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Lookey here, lookey here...

I'm a PS3 user and I agree the Cell was alien to many developers, the learning curve was ridiculously steep. Even Sony engineers stated so.

The main problem with Skyrim was the way PS3 Ram was designed, the 360's was more in line with PC development. That's why Gaby Newell called Sony out in the early days.

Had PS3 been more developer friendly, we would have had Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us quality games back in 2008/9.

It's not 'lazy' to look at a job and this worth my time financially? I think too many people look at developers as 'Islands' and there's an old saying 'No Man is an Island'. It means we all have thresholds and limits to what we can handle. This is the reason Witcher 2 missed PS3.

Maybe in the distant future, a game of the year edition of Witcher 3 could include a bonus for PS4/Xbox One >Witcher 2 HD remake?, or maybe not?

Maxor1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Lazy? Sounds like they didn't want to waste their time with the Cell's worthless architecture.

Hell, even Sony threw it the trash heap. When Sony created the PS4, they wanted to make sure that is it the polar opposite of what the PS3 is in every way possible.

LeoDDestroyer1641d ago

Exactly they were considering newer version of the cell for the ps4 in their development process.

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AnnaDea1641d ago


Did you even read the article? It is common that the Xbox 360 has architecture that is closer to resemble a PC. Nowhere do they state that the Xblock is more powerful than the PS3.

Rather is it was more easily to optimize for...

Some people should learn to read before commenting.

TruthInsider 1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

You need to learn to read!

"The Xbox 360 was a more powerful and easier-to-code-on platform than PS3"

AnnaDea1640d ago

In terms of coding!

“If you look at the Xbox 360 version launch time and compare it to the PC specs of that time, the difference is big, but if you were to add a year-and-a-half to that and compare PS3 specs to the PC specs of that time, the difference is huge. It’s mission impossible.”

Read what he means and not what he says!

Learn about context!

Roccetarius1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Obviously it would've taken a while to code for the PS3, so they chose not to. Instead, they take their time with Witcher 3. That makes sense for a PC developer.

Ju1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Unless of course you'd think the 80M install base has the potential to generate some profit for you. They seem to think it doesn't for some reason. Also, if the 360 is already done I doubt it takes them another year for the PS3, probably half a year. But yeah, they'd need some PS3 expert for hire during that time - or outsource it.

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