Yes, Lionhead is working on something that isn't "Fable-esque"

The Microsoft-owned developer has two announced projects in the works: Fable Anniversary, a HD remake of the first Fable game, and Fable Legends, a multiplayer-focused game for Xbox One. But it's also got more going on, as Eurogamer discovered as part of an article profiling the studio published this morning.

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AngelicIceDiamond1703d ago

Knew it.

Can't wait to here more about it in the future.

Septic1703d ago

Yeah lets see Lionhead studios do something different now. We've got Fable Legends and that's enough Fable methinks unless they do some massive Fable mmo.

infectedaztec1703d ago

Please no MMO. I loved Skyrim but I will never buy ESO. However, I do think that the art style is cartoony enough to get away with reduced graphics that I see with alot of MMOs. I think ESO's graphics and animations make the game look appealing

I think I'll get legends because it goes back to its roots (I loved Fable 1). Slight concern is their multiplayer spin on legends - it could go well and kudos for trying something new and different for the new gen, but if it restricts me enjoying the game in any way (and I don't thin it will) I wont buy it.

Mikefizzled1703d ago

Spencer said they are looking at what fans want bringing back hence the recent talks about Phantom Dust, My money is on Black and White 3. Or hopefully a revival of the B.C. game.

sh0ryuu1703d ago

Black and White 3 would be amazing.

mcstorm1703d ago

I agree Black & White 3 would be an interesting game for me and ide like to see what Kinect could do in this type of games I would also like to see a halo wars 2 as well down the line from 343i.

Mikefizzled1703d ago

Someone asked him about Age of Empires and hr mentioned he wants to try continue the strategy games on xbox but was looking at how to expand into smartglass and kinect 2

DiRtY1703d ago

Fable Legends in 2015... new IP in 2017... Fable IV in 2019.

Damn that is a loooong time for a Fable fan like me, but I want to see what else they can do. Maybe it is a smaller title for XBLA so development time will be much shorter as well.

We will see.

infectedaztec1703d ago

You have so many great games to keep you busy with in 2014 (the witcher, halo, QB, Titanfall) that you'll be glad its coming out in 2015

LAWSON721703d ago

I can't believe people liked Fable 2 and 3 and are fans of Fable games. The second was okay but 3 was absolute trash.

christocolus1703d ago

I knew it. There were alot of rumors pointing to this.I believe this unannounced project will use the milo and kate tech in some way.

Automatic791703d ago

I am glad to see the studio is branching out.

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