PS4 Exclusive “Souls” Series’ Spin-off Teased by Insider

Demon’s Souls has been blessed with a level of popularity that not many expected when it first was released and a quite trustworthy industry insider well known on NeoGaf as Demonite mentioned something that seems to tease the coming of a new game of the series.

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dedicatedtogamers1555d ago

I remember this was teased a while ago (prior to E3 '13) as well. Sony still does own the rights to the 'Demon's Souls' name. That's why NB made 'Dark Souls' to allow the franchise to go multiplat.

Abriael1555d ago

I'm actually intrigued by the definition "spinoff", it doesn't seems to be an actual game. I wonder what that means.

dedicatedtogamers1555d ago

The original rumor (and it was a more concrete and more detailed rumor, from a more reliable GAF source) was that Demon's Souls II was in development, either for Vita or PS4, or perhaps both.

Abriael1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

@dedicatedtogamers: that's what I mean. he says "another," making me wonder if it's not something entirely different.

It could either be related to another spinoff as opposed to Demon's Souls II, or another spinoff as opposed to the Dark Souls spinoff, but in that case if it's a spinoff, it wouldn't be a sequel of the original. It's intriguing.

Irishguy951555d ago

If I had to guess i'd say it's a Vita game. Dark souls has become the console franchises. Whatever happens I don't care, call it Dark souls or Demons souls, they are same in potential quality. As they are pretty much sequels to one another. I'd love another sequel to the series alongside Dark souls 2 but on the Vita. Demons souls should continue on the Vita. I just hope it lives up to the quality of the console games.

Sanquine901555d ago

HAHA, i'm a real vita supporter but is it smart to do it on vita ( Smashes vita to pieces after being killed for 30th time in a row:P)

On topic: I hope it's in development for Ps4/ Vita ... Demon souls 2 on vita would be booming business in Japan.

majiebeast1555d ago

Demonnite is as reliable as you can get he is a SCE employee. He has been teasing for a while now.

SirBradders1555d ago

Demon and dark souls are both spinoffs to the souls series it could either mean another demon souls or a complete new game with the word souls in it. Exiting :-)

Hellsvacancy1555d ago

It was confirmed early last year that Hidetaka Miyazaki is working on a unannounced game, we've still not seen anything

ZodTheRipper1555d ago

Demon's Souls 2 on PS4 would make my pants melt.
Played through it 7x and wouldn't mind another playthrough. I also liked it much more than Dark Souls so please make this happen!

DragonKnight1555d ago

"Demon and dark souls are both spinoffs to the souls."

What? That makes no sense.

Demon's Souls was the first game, Dark Souls is the spinoff of that game so it could go multiplat.

JoySticksFTW1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

"and it was a more concrete and more detailed rumor, from a more reliable GAF source"

Just wanted to add that Demonite is an actual Sony employee. Doesn't get more reliable than that :)

Nevermind, majiebeast stated this already

mewhy321555d ago

Hmmm, interesting development.

FamilyGuy1555d ago

Maybe it'll be a spin-off because it'll have a different play style. What if it is an online only game with groups taking on the levels and bosses? "Demon Soul Hunters" lol

Dark Souls is the "spin-off", simply because of the title change (even though it was necessary to go multi-platform). Another Demons Souls game would be a sequel as you said.

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hulk_bash19871555d ago

A spin-off/sequel to one of last gen's best JRPGs? Hell Yes Please.

chris13gt1555d ago

Demon Souls is not JRPG.

hulk_bash19871555d ago

It was an RPG developed by a Japanese developer. How else would you classify it? Just because it isn't a "traditional" JRPG doesn't mean it doesn't fall under the category.

MestreRothN4G1555d ago

I can't believe so many people still don't know what JPRG means.

Frodosmugins1555d ago

Funny how a Japanese company can make a game look more western then most western developed games!

and that's what probably From software was aiming for!

frostypants1555d ago

@chris, I agree. Not only is Demon's Souls not a JRPG, it's not an RPG at all. It's an action adventure much like Simon's Quest or Zelda (minus the cartoony aspects). Not sure what these kids are smoking.

hulk_bash19871554d ago

So let me get this straight, the fact that you create a character from head to toe and collect experience(in the games case, souls) to use for upgrading stats of said character does not make it an RPG? Not sure about you but that sounds like an RPG to me.

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MestreRothN4G1555d ago

Ain't the old tease actually for Destiny of Spirits (ugh!)?

lonelyplayer1555d ago

No it was demon's souls 2

MrSwankSinatra1555d ago

it really wouldn't make sense to have a Demon's Souls II available on both PS4 & PSvita. Otherwise what's the point of the whole remote-play feature.

SirBradders1555d ago

The point being it could be cross play and you don't need to rely on the internet for a smooth experience. But i see your point.

DanielGearSolid1555d ago

There are ppl in this world that own a PSV and not a PS4

Evilsnuggle1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

My video game prayers have been answered If they make a Demon's Soul'dowD Demon's Soul's and The Last Of Us are my two favorite games this Gen. I loved Demon's Soul's story the was better than dark Soul's . Demon's Soul's game play was better and less bugs no overpowered back stab like dark Soul's. Dark Souls developer From Software has admitted to "technical difficulties" which cause troubling frame-rate issues in its hard-as-nails role-player.

From Software felt out of its depth with the game's huge scope, Dark Souls' creative director Hidetaka Miyazaki revealed to Edge.

"Yes, there were technical difficulties," Miyazaki said. "I don't believe that it's okay to have them, but realistically speaking, it was quite a large-scale game - even in terms of budget and expectations.

"So we're very sorry for the trouble we've caused by our processing errors and bugs from Japan. It was a title that we haven't really experienced in all aspects, so there were areas where we felt our technical side couldn't keep up with the game's scope, like an increasingly growing ache."

Miyazaki considered working on the game "a learning curve", but is unsure whether From Software will ever revisit the Dark Souls universe.

"We don't even know if we'll have another chance. We have the confidence that we can improve from our mistakes this time and create an even better Dark world, but we don't know if the users will forgive us for the mistakes." SCE Sony Japan studio developed Demon Souls Also they are Co developing the so called Demon's Soul's clone Deep Down You Can copy or clone something that you created SONY Japan studio sce

Spenok1555d ago

I remember this too. It is exciting to think about. Hopefully it happens. However I doubt it would be made by the same developer, meaning potentially a different setting. But who knows. Anything is possible.

I can think of a couple developers that would treat this game well.

Xer0_SiN1554d ago

awww yeah! broken archstone here we come. chee!

PSVita1554d ago

That's exactly where I hope they start from :) that was a perfect set up for a sequel.

PSVita1554d ago

"Dark souls spin-off" lol sometimes I feel like I was the only one that played demon souls..

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ShinnokDrako1555d ago

Great! More greatness for my PS4!

BelkingOfSony1555d ago

i would not mind if if came to the ps4, but i want this to come to the psvita

DigitalRaptor1555d ago

This is just one of the very many exclusives Sony has under wraps (or at least WAS under wraps) for PS4, that we haven't heard official word about yet. One of many.

Can't wait for the onslaught.

PurpHerbison1554d ago

They need to start announcing stuff cause as of right now the PS4 doesn't even exist to me.

SolidDuck1555d ago

I hope so bad this is true.

SirBradders1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Im actually quite scared we have dark souls 2 in march and now this, at this rate ill be waiting in the A&E department with a tv hanging off my arm and wearing my playstation as slippers.

Mikefizzled1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

Again with the very old news. This was a screen grab from 7 months ago...

Abriael1555d ago

Lol. You're completely off mark. That's "destiny of spirits,"

It has nothing to do with the souls series whatsoever.

Mikefizzled1555d ago (Edited 1555d ago )

My bad. Its a mistake like that which I deserve to lose bubbles for. Instead I lost mine got a comment hidden for trolling when I said I didn't want a PS4 and was getting an Xbox One instead.