How can Nintendo save the Wii U?

Although going into the Smartphone game market is good business direction, diversifying any business into new markets, although risky can sometimes strike gold, but how is this going to improve the sale of the Wii U? Well…it’s not, but there are some things that Nintendo can do for the Wii U, and they have most of them readily available in their own backyard.

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Chrischi19881516d ago

First thing would be, that all of these "How can Nintendo save the Wii U?", "How can Nintendo make me want one?", "It is over for Nintendo" and "Will this game save the Wii U?" articles stop popping out like everyone is some kind of expert. The biggest problem is the PR, because everyone who reads the headlines is instantly turned off by the Wii U, because of articles like this one here. Like we hadnt 1000 of them already and like the same thing has not been repeated over and over again... That somebody can call himself a journalist with articles like that, it is not exactly "news" anymore.

LimeyGeeza1516d ago

Doesn't even sound like you bothered to read the article, as you profess to know everything about it already, there are actually some different ideas in this article *shrug*