Candy Crush Saga developer trademarks 'candy'

Social games developer 's filing a trademark for "candy" with the US Patent and Trademark Office last year was approved by the office on Jan. 15, according to an update on the UPTO website.

Apparently Candy Land created in the 1940s doesn't count.

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THC CELL1703d ago

Patent words wow.should be sued for that alone

R00bot1703d ago

It's like how Cadbury tried to patent the colour purple.. Except these guys succeeded.

HolyDuck1703d ago

Cadbury patented a very specific purple.

It's not they like own all of purples spectrum.

Patenting a single word that is used around the world is a bit silly though

sweendog1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Candy is or was a company. They used to sponsor Liverpool Football club in the 80's early nineties. Not sure if they still own the name.
Edit: Just checked the firm is still up and running they own Hoover and other electical companies. Cant see a crappy little app taking that name from them

schlanz1703d ago

The trademark is only for certain products/services, doesn't apply to every industry

GentlemenRUs1703d ago

What moron approved the trademark? Well, I'm going to call myself candy and see if they sue me over it.

Also, My dog's called candy... SUE ME!

il-JumperMT1703d ago

I had a teacher named Candy...

MoveTheGlow1703d ago

It's good to be the King.

...Dot Com.

(oh man, that movie is old, I'm old. *sob*)

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