Nintendo’s Iwata Under Fire After Failing to Meet Wii U Pledge

Nintendo Co. President Satoru Iwata, who tripled revenue by introducing hits like the Wii console, is coming under fire from some investors and analysts after the company’s latest game machine flopped.

“Iwata misunderstood the market,” said Yasuaki Kogure, chief investment officer at Tokyo-based SBI Asset Management Co., which holds Nintendo shares. “His direction is not what it should be.”

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RPG_Lover1585d ago

Nintendo is doing fine. It was the most successful out of the big 3 in 2013

serratos271585d ago

I'm sorry but, what?

"The Wii U has sold 5.3 million units since its launch in November 2012, compared to the 4.4 million Sony PS4s and 3.1 million Microsoft Xbox Ones that have been sold since November 2013."

RPG_Lover1585d ago

3DS sold more than ps3, ps4, vita combined in 2013. Whose int trouble?

nukeitall1584d ago

I am surprised how resilient the sale of 3DS has been to the onslaught of tablets and smartphones.

Just see how PS Vita has taken a beating, a massive beating!

Nintendo somehow miraculously turned around the 3DS, so who knows, maybe they will turn around the Wii U. They have done it before, so I have belief they will.

Since I don't own a Wii U, I cannot judge for myself their issues, but they need to seriously invest into cloud, and more American approach to network infrastructure. This old fashion company needs to get outside help asap!

I believe that Nintendo will recover with their history of innovation. Nintendo has weathered so many generations!

cleft51584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Nintendo isn't doing fine, but this absolutely needed to happen in order to force change. The sad reality is that Nintendo is an old company with far too many traditional views. They have to come into the new age, but I would rather have Iwata at the helm because a lot of the content Nintendo produces is amazing. The problem is selling their hardware to distribute their content, not the content itself. This situation will force the company to evolve.

wolokowoh1584d ago

@nukeitall The problem with Vita is the perceived value. If something is fairly expensive and isn't getting tons of AAA(in marketing budget)support then it's not going to be perceived as being a good value. If it was $169 with a 16 gb card, suddenly it's an extremely good value with the big name games. Once it sells well, it then gets full third party support. The problem is Sony is content with where they are at. There is not a lot of risk being taken because the thing is already very profitable because of the game attach rate.

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ABizzel11584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )


Nintendo, because while the 3DS was the best selling hardware it still didn't make it's sales goal either (which was fine IMO, since anything over 10 million annually is a breakaway success), and whatever progress they're making with the 3DS is being completely devoured by the Wii U.

Wii U didn't reach 1/3 of it's sales goal, which is a complete failure considering it was aiming for 9 million units sold. That's HORRIBLE for a new console, which are usually around the 6 - 8 million mark after their first full year on the market, and Wii U failed to hit half of that. Even at $600 the PS3 still reached those numbers, and the XB360 was the underdog going into the last generation and it just missed the 7 million marked by a couple hundred thousand units in it's first full year (mainly due to people holding out to see what the PS3 was going to bring and cost).

The PS3 is a 7+ year old console and it's still selling 8 million units annually, and the 360 is an 8 year old console with a huge lack of exclusives for the past couple of years and it's still doing about 6 million units annually. The Wii U is selling ATROCIOUSLY.

No one's painting a doom and gloom picture for Nintendo as a company yet, but the Wii U is in serious trouble if they can't get their sales up. Nintendo and SPECIFICALLY 3RD PARTIES can't/won't make games with million dollar budgets if there's not enough of an audience to recoup the cost. That's why 3rd parties such as EA aren't even bothering with the Wii U. Why would they spend a few million to port and get Battlefield 4 running on Wii U when the best selling FPS (COD) can't even break 300k units on Wii U, and COD: Ghost barely broke 100k units.

3DS is doing great, but the Wii U is on it's last leg, and if something big doesn't happen for them in 2014 with their strong line-up of exclusives, hopefully an Ambassador program, a price-cut, thus at least doubling their annual sales then the Wii U is officially dead.

They need to stop production of Wii U hardware, sell the remaining stock, and launch a redesign at E3 with the price cut.

serratos271584d ago

The article is referring to the Wii U and you mentioned "the big 3"....

DeadRabbits1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Only hope now for Ni tendo is to start publishing Third Party on PS4/Vita

mhunterjr1584d ago

Clearly the 3ds isn't enough to hold the entire company afloat. Why do you think they've cut their earnings projection be 65%. That's not a sign of a company doing just fine.

TheEnigma3131584d ago

Nintendo will be ok, but the WiiU is in trouble. Don't be in denial. They can still turn it around; there's time.

1584d ago
3-4-51584d ago

3DS has been able to hold on because it has what iphones and tablets don't.

Good games, with efficient controls.

Imagine having to watch tv while swiping your fingers and hand across the screen, blocking your view.

We humans put up with some dumb stuff in order to " be cool"...

Hicken1584d ago

Just stop already.

The 3DS is doing fine. Nintendo is not. Not to say they are doomed, but they did not do what they expected to do. And they missed by quite a bit. That's not fine, especially in the eyes of people who invest their money in the company.

It shouldn't be "fine" in the eyes of their fans, either.

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Stedron1585d ago

"Nintendo is doing fine"

I'm sure the share holders disagree with you.

esemce1584d ago

Yes Nintendo are fine thanks to the haldhelds and the Wii sales. But the WiiU is not, Iwata need to go they need to employ someone who understands the importance of 3rd party support and a modern online eco system.

With all the money they earned they could of made the Wii U a lot more powerful and with all their IP's they should of had devs working on those titles we all love, there should be a steady stream of great 1st party games making the Wii U an essential purchase.

So yeah fu*k Iwata as he has done nothing for the hardcore oldschool Nintendo fans since the Wii.

link2Dpast1584d ago

i mean the Wii was a cultural phenomenon and i give the guy props for taking that risk. Yes Nintendo wasent the first with the idea of motion controls but they put their neck on the line and wow did it pay off. As for the troubles now i can understand from the focal point of business and the strategy that was put forward is not catching up to the promises and hopes that they give out and investors and gamers are upset. You make all that money with Wii and 3ds but this mistake is basically taking all of that away, its as if the wii and 3ds phenomenon is a loan for what is the WiiU.

I say test the waters, if mario kart or smash dont give you the numbers you want sales wise, then thats the nail in the coffin and just move on. Mario 3D world did good but not to what it can and i believe that's a first sign of worse to come. So test waters on your other top system sellers especially mario kart and smash bro, whenever that is coming out, but if the present proves anything, it a good indication if mario aint selling then this pipe is clogged just move on.

BenqMagician1584d ago

"Mario 3D world did good but not to what it can" the reason is it was the wrong game to release at that time they should have sold Mario kart or even smash bros. All I am saying is so far there's no game released that has attracted the majority of gamers to buy this console(or even consider looking at the wii u).

link2Dpast1584d ago

im a huge Nintendo fan, i have all their freaking systems but it true their just isnt a game that has attracted me. Some people throw out all these games that i know are great but im not basing them on quality, they just dont lure me into buying them. Something like mario kart yes i would buy.

To your point your right they should have released mario kart, shoot it should be one of their launch games every gen. A game like that has alot of replay value and every one buys it. It so easy to sustain its replay value as well so that it doesnt become bland, during it cycle gen all they would have to do is give it DLC ever so often, simple. I dont get it, it so straight forward to us the gamers and seems so simple and it is but Nintendo has to just do what we want.

Kriandis1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Nintendo making amazing games has never been a problem.
What Nintendo needs to figure out is how to make a console that "Western" consumers and developers want.

If Nintendo made a system, other than the Wii U, that was comparative to the power and online capabilities of the PS4 and Xbox1, we would not be having this conversation now.
Sony released the PS4 in the U.S. first for a reason...It is catered to western audience tastes.
Nintendo needs someone like Sony's Mark Cerny that understands what consumers and developers want.

The tide has turned. Nintendo needs to cater to us western gamers instead of japanese gamers, as far as consoles go, and keep making the games they always have and things will be fine.

curtis921584d ago

Gamecube was an overall commercial failure. Wii struck gold with the casual and non-gamers which turned it into a fad. Without that fad, the WiiU is doomed to repeat, if not perform worse, than the Gamecube, seeing as how Gamecube at least had decent 3rd party support. Wii U barely has any at all.

Hell even if the Wii U had the same hardware as ps4/xb1, Nintendo has still largely ignored Online. So even then, it'd still be at a disadvantage. Factor in that it's basically a ps3/360 in terms of hardware and you're left with the recipe of failure.

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