The Wii U Is Flopping, So What Can Nintendo Do to Get Me to Buy One?

News that Nintendo’s Wii U is flopping is all over the place, and company President Satoru Iwata is scrambling to apologize to investors. While reports that this is the start of a death spiral for the company are silly, it’s equally silly to ignore that Nintendo is clearly on the wrong path with the Wii U, so what can they do about it?

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bobsmith1637d ago

too late lol? the 1st good game- 3d world came out same time as ps4 and xbone give it at least another yr for kart 8 and super smash

higgins781637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Erm, "1st good game", hardly. Wind Waker HD, Deus Ex, Pikmin 3, Most Wanted U, Mario Bros U, Wonderful 101, Lego City, Rayman Legends, etc, etc...these are all good games, critics and gamers alike will tell you so.

When you say "1st good game" I guess you are saying first game to reach the pinnacle of gaming, so then perhaps you are correct. Thing is, and I know its just early days and I own a PS4, but so far its library of games is average at best.

Let me know (and me you) when the PS4 scores a game exclusively to be as good as SM3DW, because at the moment - and even on the horizon - I see nothing which is guaranteed.

Skip_Bayless1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

This generation I will and have only bought the PS4. It's a one-console generation just like generation 6. No need to buy all the systems when one gets the majority of the games.

nukeitall1637d ago

Drop the price is the first step to get my to purchase that windwaker edition.

Get some games, especially 3rd party that isn't a port of an old game!

SirBradders1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

If they announced a new skies of arcadia i'll buy 2 just because thats one of my all time rpg's.
'Do you hear me nintendo you got sales here'

SlapHappyJesus1637d ago

It's too late to experience the quality experiences that will be coming to the platform?
I don't feel so at all. In fact, I know that I will own one by the end of this year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

What can they do?

If you're reasonable and patient, quite a lot.

But if you're not?
Well, nothing, really.

That is, not if you don't actually WANT to give them a chance unless they do something directly harmful to themselves as a company in the long run.

Things like going third party, or dropping the Game Pad/Wii U itself, or money-hatting every developer in the third party industry, or cutting their price so that the Wii U is closer to the same price as the original Wii[which would make their current profit problems with the system go into a PS3 spiral], amongst other horrible suggestions.

See, the issue with the Wii U right now is that although it's got a great line-up of games, too many people are discarding it at face value due to the stigma that being linked to the Wii has given it.
Then there's Nintendo's lack of advertisement efforts[they've gotten better, but it's apparently still not good enough, and some are still confused about the system or don't know it exists], their tendency to let third parties put shovelware onto their launch line-up and possibly bad ports going forward[Sniper Elite V2 amongst many other examples?], and Iwata's failure to read the market overseas better.

The latter issues, Nintendo and third parties can solve, but the former ones[connected to the Wii stigma] can only be solved with many more games.
2014 has those games coming, but the thing is, those games are going to take TIME to come out, unless we want a bunch of poorly-made crap...
And the truth of it is that too many aren't willing to wait.

They want X from Monolith Soft NOW.
They want Bayonetta 2 NOW.
They want Smash Bros NOW.

But all of these and many other games aren't quite ready yet, and that's putting off these people who have discarded the system's current line-up as inferior after just a glance.

The one thing that might really help them, IMO?


We KNOW that they've got things hidden up their sleeves.
They're hiding projects.
They've almost shown Zelda U TWICE now, but they've held back, much to the chagrin of fans and doubters everywhere.

How is anyone supposed to get excited for the system when the announcements of new content are slower than molasses in an igloo?

If Nintendo stopped delaying their announcements of both new games and new details for already-announced upcoming games overseas, and started advertising better, we'd be seeing a LOT more people thinking that they really do want a Wii U soon.

The system has the potential to rise out of this slump, but it needs better news than the negative doom&gloom click-bait this site and many others seem so eager to approve for their front pages lately.

Speaking of which...

Someone needs to kidnap Pachter and his buddies for a month.
Keep them alive but don't let them do anything stupid for a while.
Maybe without him and his armchair analyst squad running amok and making click-bait left and right, some of these sites would have less bad articles to post, and would clean up their act a bit.
Towards ALL consoles, not just the Wii U.

wonderfulmonkeyman1637d ago

Not the point of the article.

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@NatureOfLogic I played all the JRPG the PS3 has to offer.

TimeSkipLuffy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

For me... price cut... I would have bought the black premium edition for 99€ last time. But it was a special sale in Belgium and it lasted only 2 minutes or so...

and I would only buy a nintendo console for their exclusive games. Don't care about any multiplat games on their console at all...

Big N should also consider some sort of trophies/achievements. You just can't deny its success on consoles. Sometimes you need to admit that you were wrong and change that instead of being too proud...

tigertron1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

I'll buy a Wii U if:

- They need to create an online service to rival the PSN/XB1.
- They need to get third party developers on board. Though it will be tough because third party publishers/devs won't get on board if they won't make much money off the small install base. I want more games!
- Need to invest in new IPs. They should follow Sony's lead on this and actually come up with new franchises instead of relying on the likes of Mario.
- Reduce the price. The Gamecube launched at £125 which is something like $150. That was an incredibly good bargain even with adjusted inflation rates. Right now the Wii U is between £230 and £250 which is only a £100 cheaper than a PS4.
- Pokémon MMO. A proper 3D Pokémon MMO like that Generations fan made game. It would sell loads and shift units.
- Release more first party titles like Metroid and Star Fox.
- Offer a Wii U pad-less SKU and include the pro controller instead.
- Release a hard drive for the Wii U and bundle it in new SKUs. 32GB flash memory doesn't cut it in 2014.

wonderfulmonkeyman1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The two you should have left out were the price reduction and ditching the game pad.

Both would kill the Wii U's sales potential and long-term profit even if they did get you to buy one.
Your money isn't worth that much. They'd be better off riding out the Wii U in its current form and including Pro controllers alongside the Game Pad in bundles instead.

Other than those, you had good ideas.

Oh, and the Wii U has ditched friend codes.
Do some research.

tigertron1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The Wii U pad just doesn't appeal to me. I'd much rather play with a traditional controller. In the end it would save Nintendo money on manufacturing costs.

Sure, it would annoy those who already bought into the Wii U, but as long as Nintendo made it mandatory for developers to support the pad, I don't see much of a problem.

A further price cut is essential. As I said, the PS4 - something which has a considerable amount of hype is only a £100 more, and in terms of tech that's a whole generation in front of the Wii U. Try convincing the average Joe public that an additional £100 isn't worth parting with for a PS4.

As for the friend codes I wasn't aware the Wii U didn't use them, but I assume they're still used for the 3DS? anyway, my point remains valid. They need a service to rival the PSN and XBL.

DryBoneKoopa851636d ago

@Tigertron: I'm sorry I will have to further disagree with you as well. Your not looking at the BIG picture here. You keep mentioning its only $100 more for a PS4. You need to spend a little bit more then you think for the full Playstation experience.

A) Console: Wii U~$300- PS4~$400 (Bare bone difference between the two.)

B) Online: Wii U free online gaming.
PS4: Playstation Plus: $49.99(Required for online gaming)

C) Second screen experience: Wii U: Bundled with the system. PS4: You need to buy Sony's Vita which can set you back how ever much cause prices can very from dealer to dealer.

D) Last but not least the Wii U comes with a game where as the PS4 you have to spend another $59.99.

Not bashing on the PS4 one bit. Sony has done a great job with the launch of the PS4 compared to last gen with the PS3. But facts are facts. Its A LOT more money to get the full Sony experience where's with the Wii U right out of the box your gaming. Granted I know Sony put a little more tech under the hood so it is more powerful then the Wii U so that's where the $100 difference comes into play but to sit there and say its ONLY a $100 difference between both systems is a little off.

clouds51637d ago

Two points:
-so you think its nice to pay for online services? MiiWorld is good enough and its free. And online games work flawlessly, voice chat.. There is also a friend system i just don't get what people want. Achievements?
-The gamepad is the core of the system, everything is based around it andit is simply amazing. Menus, browse the web, watch videos while you browse for the next. If you take that away tthe wii u is just another console. The gamepad makes it unique. MS is trying to do the same thing only the gamepad works alot better than kinect..

tigertron1637d ago

I would rather not pay, but if I had to for a service like PS Plus then I don't mind, as long as Nintendo make it appealing by giving us games monthly and making sure the service is stable, giving us trophies/achievements etc etc.

As for voice chat, I read it is only a feature in a select few games? I read an article about it on IGN. Not sure if that's still the case.

The Wii won't be just another console if they continue to make compelling games that justify a purchase of the Wii. Just look at the PS4 for example:- the Vita functionality is optional.

What I said Nintendo should do, is to introduce pro controller SKUs and to make it mandatory for developers to make use of the pad i.e. remote play - otherwise Nintendo would alienate and anger those who already have a Wii U. One of the reasons why the Wii U is pricey is because of the controller. Take that away and Nintendo will save money on manufacturing. People are more likely to buy it as it wouldn't look like a peripheral to the Wii; it would be cheaper. I'm not saying Nintendo should discontinue it, but rather they should sell it as an add on, much like how Sony are promoting the Vita for remote play.

clouds51636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@Tiger yeah but if they take away the gamepad the games would be designed differently. A game like wonderful 101 wouldn't be made at all. No 3rd party dev would take the time to add menus/maps to the gamepad when it's just an addon and only 10% of users have it.
I guess this comes down to personal preference but as a PC gamer I don't want another system that does exactly the same thing as my PC, gives me the same experience. I expect something different from a console. And WiiU delivers because of the gamepad. You really can't compare the WiiU to Vita remote play. It's something completely different and so much more ;)
For me that is well worth the money, and IMHO the WiiU is not pricy at all. It's a great deal, especially after the price cut.

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