The Immersion Gaming Headset Tries to Frustrate You into Staying Calm While Gaming

A headset that frustrates you and tries to keep you calm? Sounds like a handful if you ask me.... However this could work. The purpose is to try and help gamers perform while under pressure. Can this possibly live up to the standards it is trying to live up for?

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BattleTorn1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

It's a device that increases your game difficulty according to your fustration.

I don't see how it'll teach that remaining calm makes working easier, when it actually adjusts the difficulty.

Most people should be able to learn this on their own. Get angry, you get less productive - remain calm, you work better. Seems common sense, to me....

It's not like these raging adolesents are "raging" in order to increase their skills.

TrueJerseyDevil1672d ago

I agree completely this will make people more angry. This is a stupid idea

1672d ago
_FantasmA_1672d ago

I love pressure. Its when I do not just my best, but its when I do even remotely good. I need pressure when it comes to school and work or hobbies. But the only place I don't like pressure is in gaming. It makes me play worse and it frustrates me, especially in online shooters.