Games That Deserve a Sequel: Bully

Bully has been a game in that should have had a sequel a long time ago. Since Rockstar Vancouver went under, another Rockstar division will have to pick it up. However I do believe it can happen one day as the Rockstar company has talked about a potential sequel after they are done with their current stuff is out of the way.

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Kal8531668d ago

A Bully sequel? Yes please!

Mister_Dawg1668d ago

Bully. Sequel?

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO. And in case you didn't get what I'm trying to say, NO!

Drivel of the most drivellest kind. Yeah I know that's a totally made up word ;-)

WeAreLegion1668d ago

I want it NOW! Bully is still my favorite Rockstar game.

Kurisu1668d ago

I want Bully on PlayStation Now. I never got to play it but it was always a game that I wanted to try out.

WeAreLegion1668d ago

It's available in the US PS Store for $9.99. :)

Sithlord-Gamble1668d ago

I was literally just thinking this last night.
Hopefully it's a sign of good things to come.

bigboss19901667d ago

I would love to see this back again!!!!!! Way better than GTA