The Elder Scrolls Online Inviting Players to Learn More About the Game in Coming Weeks

The Elder Scrolls Online has invited players to participate in their upcoming events to learn more about the game.

The next few weeks will be all about gameplay videos, developer questions & answer, In-Game screenshots and new Beta information.

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Excalibur1672d ago

I learned all I needed to when the game was announced, such as
Not only would I be paying $60.00 (+ Tax) for the game, I'd be paying a monthly fee to play as well, not only that, I'm on XBL so I already pay a annual fee to play online.

The operative words here are pay and fee, Ummm not gonna happen so....

ThePope1672d ago

That's $300 in one year. That IS a lot!

Austacker1672d ago

The World of Warcraft has been running on a sub model now for the best part of a decade.

It comes back to bang for buck. I personally don't have an issue with a subscription model at all if :

1 - Content delivery is regular and fresh
2 - Back end support is solid
3 - Service for the multiplayer environment is solid (as in server up time etc)

I played WoW for about 8 years and it changed completely from vanilla to the later expansions.

We never had to deal with cheaters in the game and the content was ever changing with new adventures and seasonally based events making it exciting and new.

A sub model CAN work, but the development house in charge cannot pull punches with a half arsed product.

Many have tried to take on the Blizz champ and nearly have all failed because they didn't consider the core aspects that made WoW what it is.

The only MMO that seems to be developing a strong supporter base today (that's a sub model too ironically enough) is Final Fantasy : A realm reborn.

It CAN be done (even now), but it has to be done RIGHT!

Bigpappy1672d ago

Yeap. Love ES series. But monthly fees is a non starter. NOT interested.

gcolley1672d ago

Then it is not for you, why are you here? N4G just can't seem to discuss the article and people just comment to whine, like they are some VIP gamers or something. We have heard it 1000 times already. There are plenty of successes and failures in the MMO genre, and it comes down to value, gameplay and interaction here. Like I said, if you are not even interested in this genre, why are you here?

I won't be getting it, but I am still interested in how it goes. I can understand the series is entering a genre I doubt I'll play (because of cost) but I still realise other games have succeeded here and there is obviously a market there. What I don't feel the need to do is have a cry every time an article is written about it.

Excalibur1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

@ gcolley
You won't be getting it either but yet you are here, what gives you the right be be here and not me?

So you come here to agree with me about the cost but you complain about me because I complain about it? Hmmmm..
So instead of discussing the article you complain about me complaining.
Pot meet Kettle..

BTW I too am interested, I love the Elder scroll series, I'm here in hopes that maybe with enough "complaining" Bethesda might see how many people would like to play their game but aren't interested in a monthly fee.

1672d ago
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il-JumperMT1672d ago

I learned all I need in BETA.

It was left a sour taste

Austacker1672d ago

Can you elaborate on that?

Early beta tested reported a lacklustre experience, but the most recent ones say the game has turned around and seem to be on the right path...

il-JumperMT1672d ago

All quests are the same. Its too repetitive

ThePope1672d ago

I've been invited to the beta twice. But on PC only IF I play this game it will be on the Xbox One. Please expand the beta to consoles. Thank you,.

KrisButtar1672d ago

They are bringing the Beta to consoles, PS4 gets the beta exclusive for X amount of day as whatever there agreement was then the the beta opens on X1.

Sony mentioned getting the beta 1st at E3

Austacker1672d ago

I'm on the Xbox one and cannot begin to tell you how positive it is for us console based players.

Whilst the Playstation platform has enjoyed the MMO genre now for some time, it's been almost exlusively off limits for the Microsoft platform until this generation.

If they can get this right, ESO can create a solid fanbase on the X1 where there's pretty much no competition at all for a 'true MMO' today and won't be for quite a while.

Fingers crossed they don't do a half arsed effort here, they have a golden opportunity!

BABY-JEDI1672d ago

I really have enjoyed the Elder Scroll games. But I am worried about the finance model that this game is taking. I really am looking to hear more about the subscription & what is being offered by the dev's. Also, I'm expecting far better visuals than what I've seen.

Nocando1672d ago

I have been looking forward to the next installment of the Elder Scrolls, looks like I will have a very long wait.