Who Won The Holidays?

Bonus Round kicks off the year by turning to our esteemed panel to find out who won the Holidays? Was it Microsoft? Sony? Or did someone else steal Christmas?

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NewMonday1703d ago

PS4 1.1m
XB1 1m

So MS were lying, surprise surprise!

mewhy321702d ago

PS4 won the holidays by a mile and is still winning by a mile. the gap will continue to grow as time passes and PS4 supply becomes more readily available. Most all of my xbox 360 friends have already converted to PS4 as have I. The cost, the nsa camera, the 2013 E3, Don Mattrick, the "if you don't like DRM then get a 360" attitude, inferior tech, too much "TV", all drove me and millions of others to the mighty PS4.

dedicatedtogamers1703d ago

Last gen, 360 sold nearly twice what the PS3 sold in NA.

This gen, X1 and PS4 are neck-and-neck in the X1's last strong territory. Hmmm...

And these sales are the "low hanging fruit". What will be more interesting to see is sales of X1 and PS4 in the next few months, since early adopters would buy the console if it was $800 and labeled "Atari Jaguar 2.0". It's the not-so-early adopters that make the difference.

PygmelionHunter1703d ago

I won the holidays.

Can I haz actual gaming news nao?

GamerzElite1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Supply won... demand>supply

first1NFANTRY1703d ago

The people who bought either next gen consoles won!

Site down voted and story disliked

How many of these articles do we need to see a day? There's no silly war just fanboys beating their sticks.

chrissx1703d ago

I won because I got the console of my choice and enjoyed the games I played

mcstorm1702d ago

I agree I feel the same way. But it also depends on how people look at it to who won too in terms of sales etc. If you have been on here since the PS4 and Xbox one were shown off You would think that the Xbox one was be a massive flop but its not it sold far better than this site was saying it would esp with the £80 difference and crape Microsoft got for the DRM.

Sony also won as there console has hit the ground running too which the PS3 did not.

The Wii U sales are getting better but it is still got work to be done in term of sales as it now has the games out.

For me I'm loving the new gen the Wiiu has had the most games I want so fat the Xbox one has been great for me so far too as I'm loving Forza 5 and KI and I will be picking up a ps4 once driver club is out as this is the game I'm most interested in on the ps4 at the moment.

So back to what you said gamers are winners in this imo as we have 3 very good consoles on the market this timer round all offering us different ways to play games and it just depend on how you want to play them to which console you go for.

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The story is too old to be commented.