6 Things I Want From The Next 'Fatal Frame'

BD writes: "It’s hard to believe that ten long years have passed since Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly — my favorite entry in Tecmo’s supernatural survival horror series — scared the crap out of me. An entire decade has gone by since the broken neck woman fell down screaming in front of me, causing me to fear-pee (just a little and in an extremely manly way) and run away screaming (okay, that was less masculine).

Now that my favorite game in the moderately influential survival horror franchise has turned ten, I’ve decided to celebrate that with a list of things I’d like to see from the next game, should Tecmo Koei ever decide to get around to producing one."

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ho0lee0h1642d ago

Fatal Frame III was alright

Pozzle1642d ago

I thought they were all great games, tbh. Fatal Frame 3 might have had a lot of backtracking (like the author said) but it was still a really fun and creepy game. FF is a very underrated series imo.

Pozzle1642d ago

Just bring them to the West please!

higgins781641d ago

They do come to the west, sadly the audience is never great enough that what games we have received sell in such poor numbers. I personally think a Wii U version with the Gamepad used as the camera is a no-brainer.

Pozzle1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Fatal Frame 4 didn't make it to the West. And the Crimson Butterfly remake didn't make it to America. I have a horrible feeling any future FF games wont either.

It's a shame too. Sure, they're niche games. But I think they would sell more if they had better marketing strategies in the West and more coverage on game sites. A Wii U version with the gamepad would be awesome....though I'd be happy with any new FF game at this point.

higgins781641d ago

@Pozzle Sorry, I wasn't specifically talking about Fatal Frame III, more just games in the series. Disagree however with even the right marketing these games would sell much better, videogame history is full of great, great games which only reached a small portion of people. Okami is surely a perfect example of this.