Reliving the Past – How 1993: Space Machine is the First Truly Retro Game

The Koalition: "As we enter 2014 on the cusp of new console releases and the most cutting-edge technology mankind has ever seen, a trend has taken control of the gaming industry that no one could have expected. Many retro-style indie games are, without question, some of the most popular games of the last generation and it seems to be a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future. There is something relaxing, charming, and almost hypnotic about the way a well-made old-school inspired game can make you feel. However, this isn't an article about a retro-style game or an old-school inspired game; this is the story about a game made in 1993 and released in 2014."

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rbailey1702d ago

Never heard of this game before but I definitely intend to check it out.