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Hardcore Droid: "You’ll notice pretty quickly upon entering the first hub city of the free-to-play action RPG Eternity Warriors 3 that the land of Udar has a counterproductive economy. Coins are plentiful, but don’t really buy you much, mostly skill updates. Any actual commodities you might want, on the other hand, you have to pay for with purple gems. Even though all your loot is sold for coins, things as basic as healing potions still have to be bought with the gems, which is strange, because you can only accumulate gems very, very slowly, with the first chapter of the game giving you only enough gems to buy one healing potion. It would be almost impossible to accumulate the resources to fight through the game’s single player campaign at that rate, let alone compete in PvP matches. Unless, of course, you buy the gems at 3-5 cents apiece."

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barb_wire1759d ago

I hate games like these with these hideous pay models.. unfortunately the App store and Google Play are full of "games" like these and more are released everyday.. at some point I can see this kind of model coming to console games.

MestreRothN4G1759d ago

This 'at some point' actually equals to 'consoles release date'.

Free to play is already there presenting the future of video gaming garbage.

ShowGun9011758d ago

See ruse and forza, both with rediculous micro transactions on a freaking $60 game, that's inexcusable to me... Leave it to ms