Rust Sells Over 500,000 Copies in 5 Weeks

Rust, the multiplayer survival game that started out as a DayZ clone has sold over 500,000 copies. The news came from Garry Newman during an interesting interview with

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PotatoClock1461d ago

For good reason.
An excellent game, despite the accusations that it is merely a DayZ clone.

WarZ was a DayZ clone and that ended up nowhere. Rust is too much of a unique experience to share the same fate.

Pandamobile1461d ago

It's the same genre (survival), but is not even close to being the same game. Those comparisons are ridiculous.

Madusha1461d ago

It started out as a DayZ clone which has been recognized by the developers (see official website). DayZ was the inspiration for the game.

It has definitely come a long way and is a different experience from DayZ.

Koopdogg1460d ago Show
_QQ_1461d ago (Edited 1461d ago )

But i thought PC gamers were all pirates?!?

MestreRothN4G1460d ago

Don't be fooled. PC gamers love and DEMAND DRM/always-on to buy a game. They're just 'selective'.

Kind of 'no DRM, no buy', if you know what I mean.

annus1460d ago

Oh, like how Starbound early access hit over 1 million sales despite having no proper DRM?

Tiqila1460d ago

also, rust is not that expensive

TekoIie1461d ago

I have seen a lot of talk about this game! I'll have to check it out :)

If possible could anyone give me a good rundown of the game?

jackanderson19851461d ago

very short synopsis.. you start naked (pants on if you pick censored mode) with just a rock... you've to survive while dealing with your hunger, building shelter, radiation, scavenging for parts/materials and fending off other human players

there is also period "drops" that drop the good stuff but generally players swarm towards it and if you've no weapon you're likely going to die.

watch the "let's play" by eurogamer, Ian Higton is a laugh to watch and does silly roleplays in the game which makes it more enjoyable... personal opinion of course

Dazel1460d ago

If you like cock, your loved Rust lol.

Seafort1460d ago

Yes for £15 or $20-25. It's #1 on bestsellers chart atm.