SideQuesting names Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag as Game of the Year 2013

Dali Dimovski of writes:

"After a painstaking process, weeks of debate and lead up, the game that we fell in love with most and most often was the latest Assassin's Creed. A return to form for the series, that excels on every platform it touches, it is the perfect game to usher out the end of one generation and the beginning of another."

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minimur121670d ago

Well, with a name like 'side questing' AC was the king of this without doubt. So I could've predicted that lol, oh the irony :)

g-nome1670d ago

Trying to beat those Legendary ships is more of a goal to me than getting to the end of the storyline at this moment.

stavrami-mk21670d ago

yea this was my game of the year ,good job guys

jegheist20141670d ago

goty no way u have bioshock infinite and last of us between those 2 game i pick bioshock had better story more action last of us required more patience good story but action wasnt there it was more stealth based with limited ammo resources u had to use your resoruces wisely

kewlrats1670d ago

That was the best longest run-on sentence I've ever read.

jegheist20141670d ago

sorry my keybord doesnt have autto punctuate