France Weekly Chart - Week Ending January 4th, 2014

3DS 23,356 (-64%) 2,766,997
PS4 15,302 (-49%) 251,177
PS3 9,769 (-48%) 5,051,407
XOne 7,878 (-36%) 133,160

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NatureOfLogic1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Wow, PS3 sold more than Xbone in France and Germany. Xbone is struggling to take US from Sony while getting outsold big worldwide. Keep in mind this is with Sony supply issues too. I wonder how long Xbox One can stay relevant by only going neck and neck with Sony in the US.

MysticStrummer1644d ago

"I wonder how long Xbox One can stay relevant by only going neck and neck with Sony in the US."

Well even with low PS4 supply XB1 only sold about 10k more units for the week. If Sony can pick up production they'll pull away even in the US but when Titanfall comes out MS will get a boost, though how much of a boost remains to be seen since it's a three platform game.

Evilsnuggle1644d ago

I see a bad trend for m$ the are not doing very well in Europe. Last gen 360 did well in Europe and beat PS3 in the U.K . This generation PS4 is out selling the xBone 2 to 1 in the United Kingdom and 3 to 1 in Europe. In the US xbone is doing well but worldwide PS4 is destroying xbone

Death1644d ago

This is huge news. I can't believe there are only a couple replies. Last gen the 360 sold 13.7 million consoles in Europe comapared to Sony only selling 30 million in a shorter time frame. Now we find out the Xbox One is being outsold in Europe by the PS4! Surely they are doomed and won't be dominating which is required to be successful. This console gen has gone long enough to know it's over.

Here's a couple links to reality.

BelkingOfSony1644d ago

wikipedia can be edited by anyone. use better sources to back up your argument.

jackanderson19851644d ago

well using everyone's new favourite, vgchartz (despise the site personally, they're god awful), they have the PS3 as more than 7mil ahead in europe.... MS never sold well in europe beyond ireland and the UK and everyone knows it so not sure why people are shocked that the PS4 is outselling it in mainland europe... yeah it has an advantage in the UK of around 150k maybe a bit more but it's week 7/8 of the consoles, unless the consoles stop next week then it means little to nothing in the long run

Death1644d ago

I suppose it's possible that Wiki was altered to show sales being less by the 360 in anticipation the PS4 would be successful.

The little (2) and (30) next to Wiki's wild accusations are sources.

Keep in mind the numbers are a bit out of date, but google it and you will see it was never close.