UK Weekly Chart

PS4 31,583 (-43%) 563,083
XOne24,650 (-27%) 393,398
3DS 18,340 (-52%) 2,298,821
X36012,802 (-42%) 8,753,232
PS3 8,544 (-50%) 5,801,816

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Evilsnuggle1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Said it many times that Europe was going to be m$ Achilles heel even before both systems launched. Americans have a lot more brand loyalty than Europeans they will buy x1 because of brand loyalty. Xbone is selling well in the USA less than the PS4. But it a different story in Europe PS4 is out selling the xBone 3 to 1 and in the United Kingdom were the 360 beat PS3 PS4 is also out selling the xBone more than 2 to 1. If m$ can't change these trends in Europe than the x1 will be less successful than the 360 worldwide. PS4 120-160 million X1 40-60 million wiiU 40-20 million. Last gen 360 sold about 80 million ps3 85 million wii 100 million. The PS4 will take a large amount of market share from m$ and wiiU.
I don't know we're you learned mathematics but 1.4 million consoles is a huge amount that is almost one and a half times more self And that with A supply shortage. PS4 has not launch in Japan PS4 is going to be sold out for a longtime.

DanielGearSolid1583d ago

I mean... Predicting MS would be weaker in EU was pretty obvious in the first place... Nothing to really brag about

Edward751583d ago

Evil... how is 563k to 393k 2-1?

I am shocked! Amazed... and baffled!

RIP_Weazel1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Selling 2 - 1.38 sounds less catchy I'm guessing.

ABizzel11583d ago


There's more than just brand loyalty at work in EU (although I agree Brand Loyalty is a strong selling point). There are multiple reason why the PS4 is outselling the XBO.

The common excuse is it's in more countries, which is true, but looking at the sales of even larger European markets and it nearly proves those smaller markets are probably selling at most 10,000 console each, since MUCH LARGER places like France and Germany are just over 15,000 console. Every bit helps, but it's not causing a blow out.

The main reasons are:

1. Price : Performance ($400 and more powerful > $500 ans less powerful).
2. PS3 support has increased in the las few years compared to XB360 support decreasing.
3. Many of the features of XBO still don't work in EU like they do in NA.

It's just not the time to buy an XBO in EU, because you're not getting the full benefits of the console, while they have the better launch line-up (yes they ported former 360 games) there's nothing there that's a Day 1 must have (same for PS4), and it cost too much for what you're getting.

As long as those 3 problems exist they're going to continue to be outsold, and it's going to be harder and harder for them to catch up, which is unlikely to begin with, because Europe as a country has brand loyalty to PlayStation not Xbox.

BelkingOfSony1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

PS4 dominating in the (previously known to be pro-Microsoft) UK

Edward751583d ago

I really thought ps4 would be doing better. Look a bit deeper in these numbers. Knack and killings exclusives aren't doing that well at all now. Especially with the console lead that the PS4 has. Glad to see the hype for both systems isn't fueling people buying the subpar knack. I expect Xbox one to creep past PS4 for a few reasons... quality of games early on, and then titanfall.

But I have to stress the first statement. .. I really thought PS4 as a system and its first party titles would be selling leaps and bounds more. Look at those exclusives. ....

GarrusVakarian1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

"I really thought ps4 would be doing better."

What? The fact it's already doing that good WITH supply constraints isn't good enough for you? You can't sell consoles that haven't been made. Sony are still outselling the X1 despite being supply constrained, while MS have no such constraints. Think about that....Sony spread their supply worldwide, took away units from important territories such as US and Europe to sell elsewhere in the world and they are STILL selling more than the X1 in Europe and the US, while MS focused all their units into their most important territories. The demand simply isn't there for the X1 like it is for the PS4. It's as simple as that.

Some people say it was a bad idea for them to spread themselves thin and thus limit supply to certain "key territories"....but they are still managing to outsell MS. It's just crazy demand.

"Look at those exclusives. ...."

Oh, you're a troll. Never mind.

Edward751583d ago

What about the exclusives? No restraints on those.

@ Lukas

Edward751583d ago

Id like to hear reasons why PS4 exclusives aren't doing that well. This is a real question. Please if disagree is hit write what you think the reason is.

GarrusVakarian1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Who said they aren't doing very well? You haven't provided any numbers to back up that statement. They are doing just a matter of fact, Killzone SF is the best selling launch exclusive:

Here are the VGchartz numbers:

Killzone SF - 1.2 million globally as of 4th Jan

Ryse - 0.64 million as of 4th Jan

Forza 5 - 0.92 million as of 4th Jan

Dead Rising 3 - 0.64 million as of 4th Jan

Knack - 0.50 million as of 4th Jan

"What about the exclusives? No restraints on those."

Lmao. You might as well just stop replying now. You made silly assumptions based on no evidence, i then destroyed those assumptions with actual evidence. Lol. Face it, it's complete domination in every aspect.

Edward751583d ago

Both charts are out Lukas. On both this the UK (click the link) and worldwide numbers (click the link on n4g site) say otherwise. Bi th have the exclusives way down on the list. Just pointing out these new numbers if true.

Seafort1583d ago

I just don't see Titanfall selling as well as some people are expecting.

It's not going to be CoD numbers anyway as there aren't enough Xbones out there to sell that well.

On PC EA Origin may dissuade PC gamers from getting Titanfall. If it was on steam it might do better but not the premium price you have to pay for EA Origin exclusive games.

Big mistakes by EA and Respawn to not have this game multiplat. Only party who will benefit from the exclusivity is MS.