New J-Stars Victory VS Trailer

Characters from all sorts of Shonen Jump anime join forces in one game.

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Snookies121702d ago

I was hoping to see Madara in that trailer, but oh well lol.

tayz1702d ago

me too! i was ready for an epic nosebleed but he was nowhere to be found!

miyamoto1698d ago

This is how PlayStation All Stars should have been

Fun and festive and in 3D

DanielGearSolid1702d ago

This is gonna be great for the Vita

xfear2diex1702d ago

i hope they lower the graphics to have a stable framerate

xfear2diex1702d ago

i was hoping if naruto was excluded from this game
after what they did in the manga i will never want to see his face again really they fucked up everything about it the hell was he thinking when he draw this chapters
on topic i hope the localize it soon can,t wait to play as gintoki and oga

AKissFromDaddy1702d ago

The concept and idea is fun. I hope this is truly fun. However, I wish CyberConnect 2 developed or helped in this game's production because the animations are not as pleasant as The Ultimate Ninja Storm Series, in my opinion.

I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think I am.

Studio-YaMi1702d ago

Totally agree,the characters aren't that badly designed though aside from Naruto & Ichigo.

Rikuson11701d ago

I would rather CyberConnect keep their hands away from this game the gameplay > graphics

AKissFromDaddy1701d ago

I understand your concern. However, I'm referring to only the animations, not the graphics or gameplay.

Brazz1702d ago

i'm realy going to miss Kenshiro in this game... Hokuto no Ken need a place in this game! Kenshiro and Raoh!

johny51702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I hope that if they don't make it in the roster that they at least release them as DLC later.

I really wished they experimented more and had characters from anime movies or other shows like GUYVER or Tetsuo from AKIRA.

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