Europe Weekly Chart

3DS 129,881 (-52%) 11,902,475
PS4 124,534 (-43%) 1,698,496
PS3 77,168 (-43%) 31,764,117
XOne 47,528 (-32%) 782,530

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Bruce_Wayne1637d ago

The margin for Xbone and PS4 sales is unbelievable. I'm shocked. Certainly not accurate sales, but pretty close. Europeans are wise.

Snookies121637d ago

That shouldn't be too much of a shocker, Europe has always been PS central lol.

Bruce_Wayne1637d ago

Yep. Definitely true. But look at those estimates. If math doesn't fail me, PS4 sales are more than double. I thought that last gen they were almost neck and neck. By the way, PS4 had a one week late arrival.

Hatsune-Miku1637d ago

Europe loves sony playstation because its pure quality.

ps4 is the future and the future is ps4

GarrusVakarian1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

PS3 beat the X1? Wtf. I know Europe is Sony territory but that is unreal considering one is a next gen machine.

Actually, i guess it's not really too surprising considering how cheap you can get PS3's for these days and with an awesome backlog of exclusives....AND ps plus titles.

The gap between X1 and PS4 is huge in Europe, wow.

Bathyj1637d ago

The great thing about psplus is you pay for it once and it works for three platforms. Awesome value.

BarneyS1637d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus. Remember last gen? The PS2 outsold both PS3 and 360 in their first year so it's not that weird. Now is actually a good time to buy a PS3. There's a big library of games, it's relatively cheap and with PS+ you get free games every month.

truefan11637d ago

As usual no one even cares to think about the country availability disparity. I believe ps4 is still outselling the XB1 in Europe, but you guys over exaggerate the sales differences. Does anyone on this site look at the entire picture.

BarneyS1637d ago

@Truefan1. You're talking about people who don't see the entire picture, yet you fail to do so as well. Yes PS4 is available in more European countries. But the countries where Xone is not available only represent about 10-15% of the entire European market (my guess is that it's closer to 10 than 15%). Plus, and this is most important, in every country where both are available, the PS4 is outselling the Xone 2:1 (except for the UK where it's 1.5:1). So there's you're entire picture.

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Mister_Dawg1636d ago

No we aren't ;-)

Europe is in the crapper financially, yet people are blowing money on next gen systems. hmmmmmm.

DarkHeroZX1636d ago

Lol and they said the US is the biggest market. No console hit 70k in the US.

Evilsnuggle1637d ago

I see a problem for xbone in Europe PS4 is out selling the xBone in Europe 2 to 1 in the United Kingdom were the 360 beat PS3 PS4 is also out selling the xBone. This generation PS4 120-160 million X1 40-60 million wiiU 40-20

snookiegamer1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Lol at your lifetime estimates..

Sorry, but how could you think Xbox One will only max at 40-60 mil? XB1 can at least repeat 360's lifetime sales at around 75-85 mil or more.

It's possible for PS4 to achieve 100-120 mil or more, but this would be PS2 levels of success, and I personally believe PS2 will retain G.O.A.T in modern console sales.

Wii U is a difficult one, I would guess 30 mil max, unless something unimaginable happens in Nintendo's favour.

I would agree the PS4 is doing exceptionally well in UK/N.America. Europe has always been Sony.

MrBrookwood091637d ago

Everywhere has always been Sony since the time they entered the console market lol. The previous generation was an anomaly. Microsoft managed to steal a chunk of Sony's market share for various reasons(price, etc.) The people have spoken and will continue to speak this generation though. Greatness awaits!!

Prophet-Gamer1637d ago

No it can't unless MS is able to replicate their massive last gen advantage (nearly 2 to 1 in the US). Thatisn't happening

FriedGoat1637d ago

@Snookie, Why would XB1 increase from last gen? From what I'm seeing much more people are jumping ship from Xbox. I bought a 360 last gen and then a ps3 a bit later. This gen, I'm not going xbox at all.

snookiegamer1637d ago


The MS I know are arrogant, stubborn and must get their way.

Do not underestimate MS. They excel at marketing, and we all know people are gullible as F. A few adverts later, and the odd significant paid for exclusive, and suddenly everyone's interested in Xbox One again.

...I say everyone, but I mean anyone taken in by bright lights and big cities!

MasterCornholio1637d ago


What a huge difference between the XB1 and PS4.

pyramidshead1637d ago

The XB1 is only just getting started though. XB1 and its launch games are more than enough to win over Europe. People just don't want to face the facts of truth.


torchic1637d ago


Xbox One will only lag further and further behind, gap will widen and at this rate might even get to 3:1 lifetime.

Gran Touring1637d ago

"XB1 and its launch games are more than enough to win over Europe"

Then why isn't X1 and its launch games winning over Europe?

Nathaniel_Drake1637d ago

Ummm I guess y'all didn't get pyramids joke with that hashtag lol

pyramidshead1637d ago

@nathaniel was the only one who got my post.

+bubbs for that, bud :P

*protip: it was a joke post from recent news*

Stedron1637d ago

"People just don't want to face the facts of truth."

We are facing Facts right now....

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urwifeminder1637d ago

Nice well done MS and Nintendo.

WeAreLegion1637d ago ShowReplies(1)
FlunkinMonkey1637d ago

Quite simply the most repetitive commentator on N4G. Not insightful at all. What deserves a well done with regards to MS getting battered by Sony with this info?

urwifeminder1637d ago

Thankyou my friend that was great insight into my lack of insight, getting battered what like a piece of fish or something ? Sorry for being repetitive my comments must be similar to titanfall hate or xb1 hate.

FlunkinMonkey1637d ago

At least I actually try and back up what I say instead of your cut and paste jobs followed childish, passive aggressive non sensical rubbish (or let me guess 'trash', will you understand that?!).

Anymore comments about my use of language that people happen to use where I live, or are you actually going to answer a question?

Didn't think so.

urwifeminder1637d ago

Yeah I think you have said this to me before what was the question again ?oh they deserve a well done cause I like them hope that helps enjoy your day.

FlunkinMonkey1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

*slow clap*

No I haven't asked you before this conversation, way to beat around the bush. Insightful as ever. Weak sauce.

urwifeminder1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Thanks for the applause it is much appreciated try Worcestershire OR Wasabi sauce packs quite a nice punch avoid getting it on the bush friendly insight for ya Bubs up.

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Hicken1637d ago

No, your comments are similar to spam. They're pointless space-wasters that contribute NOTHING to the discussion at hand.

urwifeminder1637d ago

You may no be aware of the ignore options on this site they are in the top right hand corner SOMETHING you may not have know being new to n4g thanks for adding so much to the discussion.

a08andan1637d ago

This is for last week. Why submit this now :P?

a08andan1637d ago

I meant for last weeks chart as in january 4th. Thats the chart I see when I click the link :)

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