Titanfall, and Why Bigger Isn't Always Better - Sessler's ...Something

This week on Sessler's ...Something, Adam tackles the Titanfall multiplayer match size, and discusses why bigger isn't always better. Plus: why you shouldn't be okay with working for free.

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Omar911587d ago

I agree with Sessler with this one. BIgger isn't always better and I prefer the more private 6v6 instead of 32v32 or something like that where you can't even walk 3 feet before getting shot.

TLOU, Gears 3 come to mind as great multiplayer games that don't involve a large amount of players and were still very engaging and insane battles.

lastofgen1587d ago

I agree.
Even when it comes to Halo, it's always nice to jump into a big team 8v8 match on occasion, but Halo will always be perfect when it's 4v4.
And after having played titanfall for a few quick hours at my friend's place, 6v6 seems just the right amount for that game as well.

badboy7761586d ago Show
Mikefizzled1586d ago

If you had read up on the story this is after the allocated time. Unless they have renewed the offer this is now on no longer sponsored .

n4rc1586d ago

I go back to my cs days.. Everyone always played 6v6 for competitive matches.. Maybe 5v5 for cal.. Even if our servers would run 32 players..

I played the same damn game for over 5 years..Lol.. Must have done something right

Fishy Fingers1586d ago

I agree, but CS was a "simple" competitive player vs player kind of FPS. It was as stripped back as possible. It didn't have an army of AI populating the maps.

I'm not saying Titanfall needs more players at all, it's the shooter I'm most interested in and my friends in the alpha love it and that's all that matters.

bobsmith1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

wouldnt that make walking 3 feet in titanfall and getting shot by bots

Jeedai Infidel1586d ago

The grunts are the more prevalent of the A.I. and don't pose a threat to the Titans. The more elite types (I forgot their name) pack cannons and can be more problematic, but they are not seen as much. I got my ass kicked over the weekend by a few of those types, in my Titan as well as on foot. The A.I. gives it a "story mode" feel in my opinion, which is cool while hunting down pilots (real players) and Titans. I'm sold on this game, and after four days of playing I'm already lamenting the loss. Come on beta, march is a long ways away.

hulk_bash19871586d ago

6v6 may seem small at first but looking at the game in motion and all that chaos happening on screen, I think it's gonna be fine.

JackVagina1586d ago

You prefer 6v6 to 32v32 because you "can't even walk 3 feet before getting shot"

Well i don't see how 6v6 will help because the game has tons of A.I opponents...

Omar911586d ago

I didn't say I prefer it, I just don't think its a problem the Titanfall has 6v6 because as Sessler said, bigger isn't always better.

The A.I isn't as smart as a actual player so my guess it'll be fine.

dedicatedtogamers1586d ago

Sessler Something: I Heard Something Negative About Xbox One, And Now I'm Here to Set The Record Straight #44.

Seriously, since E3, he's been on a freakin' crusade.

Volkama1586d ago

So have you. He just gets more attention.

Death1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

So who hasmore credability, the person who is paid for his gaming opinion or the person who has an agenda other than making money? The developer that is creating the game says they went with 6v6 to make their game more fun and balanced. Sessler has been around for quite some time and has been pretty well respected agrees with the people making the game. You are telling us you know better than the developer and Sessler.

I guess two questions come to mind. What games have you created and do you own an Xbox?

What has more value?


InTheLab1586d ago

I'm sure he has a video somewhere of why small player counts are terrible for next gen and someone will be posting a video of his hypocrisy sooner or later.

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PSjesus1586d ago

Sessler's Something: Your Negative Opinion on an Xbox One Thing.......... and Why You're Wrong.

dumahim1586d ago

Agreed. It was funny this came up because I wanted to make some progress in Dead Rising 3 this weekend, and only played for a couple hours on Sunday and just got frustrated with how big the place was and no quick way of getting around. I was wishing for a smaller mall again.

bunfighterii1586d ago

It's all about the map design. As long as you aren't running around for long periods of time without seeing a human player, and the maps are designed to cater for the amount of players, then 6 vs 6 will be fine. I don't know what the fuss is about really.

Too bad I'll be waiting for the sequel to appear on PS4...

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TheFutureIsBlue1587d ago

The problem with Titanfall isn't the 6v6. It's the fact that they included a lot of bots with the 6v6 instead of upping the player cap or at least making it manageable. The AI looks like it could ruin this game imo.

Fireseed1586d ago

The AI is there to make you feel awesome and powerful, striding around a corner and blowing away a group of soldiers feels great... but that WOULD NOT happen if they were all players. Plus it Titans were powerful enough to take out that many players... the game would just be imbalanced. Think of the bots more as minions from League of Legends rather than competitors in Forza.

Loadedklip1586d ago

"The AI is there to make you feel awesome and powerful" ... against BOTS. That is the problem people are concerned about. We want to feel awesome and powerful against people, not Bots.

Fireseed1586d ago

You simply would not be able to give players the power they have if their were as many of them as their are bots now, it simply would NOT work. A few soldiers firing their anti titan weapons at a Titan right now will tear the thing to shreds in a matter of minutes. Can you imagine 18 players having that? O_O I don't care what you say or think you know, or even what you want... that wouldn't work. Period.

Jeedai Infidel1586d ago

Loadedklip, There are different types of A.I., some more powerful than others. And during the domination-like game type, they come in handy to help guard the "flag". Plus, walking up to a group of grunts and pounding them with your Titan's fist is nothing short of awesome. Imagine playing Call of Duty's story mode while having to worry about six other dudes with giant robots (which can roam around and fight without you in it) trying to kill you and your squad.

Fireseed, Totally agree with the player count; Can you imagine the post-game escape event with more people trying to stop you? Wouldn't be as fun, it would be far too frustrating.

TheFutureIsBlue1586d ago

I think letting the Titans roam around as a BOT makes sense so it can defend itself, but I do not agree with soldier AI running around just to get in the way and pretty much = easy kills.

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DeathOfTheFanBoy1586d ago

I think having two tiers is cool... ai-grunts=lower tier. human-soldier=upper tier.

Jeedai Infidel1586d ago

Plus, the A.I. has more tiers than just grunts, three that I recall seeing. Grunts are the lowest level of the A.I. types. And if you leave your Titan, or choose to drop it and not get in, it can also be considered another A.I. type, as it can roam around in guard mode and fight as well.

maniacmayhem1587d ago

I definitely agree with this edition of Sessler. Instead of these promises of bigger, bigger, bigger,how about tighter design, progressive AI, a new experience in gameplay, concept art that actually translates 99% to the finish product.

But I don't agree with The Killer and Hard Boiled, the Killer was okay but was pretty slow and the ending was crap, Hard Boiled was a master piece and right up there with classics like Die hard.

Riderz13371586d ago

If you had been reading some of the news lately, you would know that the AI in Titanfall is hardly "progressive". It's an utter mess. You can walk into their spawn and they can barely manage to put a bullet into you.

maniacmayhem1586d ago

If you would have read my comment I wasn't specifically talking about Titanfall, I was talking about next gen games in general.

H0RSE1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


And if you had been reading some of the news lately, you would know that one of the purposes for the AI in Titanfall, is to act as cannon fodder for players, providing quick/easy points to put towards earning your titan. The AI is not supposed to be reliable teammates or challenging opponents - they are not acting as bots. The only challenging players in the game, are human.

When you say something like, "You can walk into their spawn and they can barely manage to put a bullet into you," that isn't a flaw you're pointing out, it is describing the AI working as intended.

beerzombie1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

6 disagrees freaking Hard Boiled is one of the greatest HK action movies of all time. There is just to many uneducated people on this site or they are just children who haven't watched anything but Twilight.

SpiralTear1586d ago

It's terrible how so many developers think that by making a game bigger, they're magically improving the game. Making a game bigger can lead to a huge amount of problems, specifically the downtime. This is especially problematic in recent open-world games, where there's so much emptiness, that it makes any time between missions dull and uninteresting. By making a game bigger, developers add holes in the patchwork; it just ruins the pacing.

Bigger isn't better. Better is better.

TheSaint1586d ago

The AI is what is odd, I think the developer wanted more players, otherwise why the AI, other than to fabricate the feeling of more players.

It's a kind of contradictory thing IMO.

6 v 6 with a ton of bots because we wanted more players, that's how it comes across, to me at least.

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