Don't Starve Suprasses One Million Brave Souls

Randomly generated survival title Don't Starve has officially hit it big, with developer Klei Entertainment revealing that more than one million players have taken the name literally and tried not to starve in-game.

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ibrake4naps1338d ago

I got bored quickly with it :-(

imtheman20131338d ago

Ryan Gosling... doesn't like cereal?

NeoTribe1338d ago

Game is extremely addicting. Cant wait for dlc to support it. Would love a sequel with coop.

Bloodjunkie1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )

Very good game. Me and my wive are addicted to it.

mgszelda11338d ago

still have to try this. A buddy of mine with similar taste said it just reminded him of minecraft a bit. I have mixed feelings about indie games. On one hand they bring new ideas, on the other they tend to be just filler or time passers imo. for the times I can't play a "real" game

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