Reporter apologises for crude comments to female dev

Reporter Josh Mattingly has apologized for making "inappropriate" comments to a female game developer after they were made public earlier today, saying he was drunk.

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gravelchalice1583d ago

It's tough because you don't know what kind of relationship the two had. There are people who can exchange that dialogue between each other, & there are those who can't. I'd be interested to see her feelings on this.

cleft51582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Getting drunk isn't an excuse for inappropriate behavior. A lot of people become super nice and fun to be around when they are drunk, this guy turned into a creepy scumbag. The only thing being drunk does is remove your inhibitions, meaning this is really the sort of person he is when he doesn't remember not to be a scumbag.

Oh and regardless of her feelings on this matter, Facebook, Twitter, etc are public forums. Even if he was just talking to a friend, doing so in this environment opens him up to public review of his actions, remember the Adam Orth situation.

nukeitall1582d ago

This is the sort of behavior that paints men in a bad light with feminists!

There is no excuse to act like that, and if he was really drunk, he wouldn't be able to type coherently!

Fact of the matter, he is @sshole and I won't be buying his game!

gravelchalice1582d ago

I do agree with most of what you say. He did over step the mark, that's why I posted the article. I don't like the way so many guys in the gaming industry make us men look so bad. We're not all terrible at treating people right. There are people I can engage with in a much more liberal manner than others but there's always a limit. Looking at the conversation, she wasn't interested in his very direct advances.

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