New Fighting Game anounced

ORiGO GAMES, the team behind A.R.E.S. Extinction Agenda, and Rain Blood Chronicles Mirage, and Crazy Piranha Entertainment have announced a new fighting game which looks really intriguing. Check it out after the jump!

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CNCOMICS1666d ago

This looks really cool. Filling the Darkstalkers void.

HardcoreGamer1665d ago

im only giving my money to kung fury at the moment, nothing has me helping ppl on kickstarter apart from that one at the moment

Lionel_Hait1665d ago

What does a movie have to do with a game? Off topic much?

Studio-YaMi1665d ago

Daaamn those characters looked good!
Super interested with this game! :D

Stakalee1665d ago

This looks so dope i cant wait to play it, to bad it's not coming to the X1, Looks like the only fighting game thats gonna be on the X1 is Killer instinct lol. But ay what are you gonna do. PS4 here I come....When i find one.

Fireseed1665d ago

Implying that it's a bad thing lol

Hicken1665d ago

... yes, it is generally a bad thing when a console has a shortage of games. Isn't that what's always said? "PS4 has no games?" Isn't it all about the games? The more games, the better, right?

Which makes a shortage of fighting games a bad thing, doesn't it?

FamilyGuy1665d ago

MS dun' screwed up!
Killer Instinct looks great so don't get me wrong on that one but as far as indie dev support. MS is practically GIVING games away to Sony with that stupid parity/same day release clause.

This game looks cool af!

izumo_lee1665d ago

This is like if Darkstalkers + Skull Girls had a kid! The colors look great, the characters are interesting & unique.

The fighting game genre is growing on the PS4. First Guilty Gear & now this. Keep them coming.