Review: OlliOlli (PSVita) (tpsukpodcast)

@Dsonicx reviews Roll7's OlliOlli

After meeting up with game designer John Ribbins, and Producer Tom Hegarty at Eurogamer Expo 2013 its fair to say I've been looking forward to this a fair bit for a while...and it almost doesn't disappoint.

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Bigkurz851642d ago

So its a great game the reviewer absolutely loves...and then he drops the score just because he can't see his friends scores on the leaderboard. Wow.

TpSUK1642d ago

Score chasing amongst friends for those bragging rights adds so much more to a game, showing your rank in the world and just who is number 1 adds no social interaction and no additional challenge (unless you want the number one spot) but let's be honest in a week someone will have an unrealistic score for each level, which is why we think challenge amongst friends is better. It's a very good score based game but the addition of friends score boards would of made it even better