Microsoft's Phil Spencer Wants Kingdom Hearts HD On Xbox, Signs The Petition

Microsoft's Phil Spencer Wants Kingdom Hearts HD On Xbox, Signs The Petition.

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DanielGearSolid1557d ago

It could happen, but I think Square would wait to see how KH3 performs

No point in putting forth the effort if nobodys gonna buy it

SlapHappyJesus1557d ago

I think it would make more sense to bring the originals to the system and then see if people will come for the new one instead of the other way around.
All you are doing is making the series itself less accessible to gamers, the way you are looking at it.

DanielGearSolid1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

That would make sense if they didn't already start development on the Xbox version without any plans for the remakes on Xbox consoles

Ratty1557d ago

I agree with Jesus. And I really like how that sounds.

But yeah. It makes more sense to bring the first games before the 3rd IMO.

itBourne1557d ago

How is this news lol? Pretty sure any console maker never minds if they can snag another consoles exclusive.

Plus I am sure if square could port it over they would have. Either A. its a pain with the past proprietary Sony architecture and possibly not worth the money spent to do it or B. it is some sort of contractual restriction.

mkis0071557d ago

Over 1 year after that petition started it has under 2,000 signatures. That is why they have no desire to do it. Not enough interest.

listenkids1556d ago

Like Mass Effect didn't?

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GamingNerd0131557d ago

U know this is one game I don't think it make sense to release KH3 on X1 or KH HD collection on 360 not because I don't want everybody to experience KH series but because hardly not enough people will buy it on xbox as it's proven that xbox players only care about FPS 3rd person shooter and western RPG like mass effect. Plus it would just end up wasting money and development time as well. If u want to play KH games then just get a PS3 as it's pretty cheap now and plus it has even more amazing games on it u can play.

Kavorklestein1557d ago

So, did you forget how well minecraft sold on Xbox? BEFORE PS3 ever got it? Did you forget how well Skylanders and Disney infinity sell? Obviously so.
I think there is a much bigger market for Kingdom Hearts on Xbox than you will ever comprehend.
Your statement is retarded... kind of like saying Mass Effect and Bioshock won't sell well on PS3, because people only wanna play JRPGs on a Sony console.
But wait? They Sold amazingly well.
OMFG that's impossible! <sarcasm>
You are the blindest bat in the cave if you think Square Enix doesn't want every cent they can get. I mean, look at the Wii U getting Deus Ex:HR long after the PS3, PC, and 360. And with Tomb Raider being released on PS4, AND XBOX ONE, it's evident that Square Enix wants money, and would probably be willing to do it. I may be wrong, but to say it wouldn't succeed or sell well on the Microsoft consoles, when that's one of the only Sony/Nintendo exclusive series Xbox fans have wanted for a decade? yeah.... Your point is dead in it's stinky troll tracks.

mkis0071557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

The difference Kavorklestein, is that Minecraft, Skylanders ( what was once Spyro), and Disney were never on playstation only, for a long period, exclusively. Most people, I was one of them, had no clue that Skylanders is Spyro or it would definitely be skewed. Kingdom hearts has been exclusive for over 12 years. If you played it you had to have a PS2. (or gameboy). Minecraft people played on pc well before xbox. Your comparison is extremely flawed.

Final Fantasy 13 sold a lot more on ps3. Most people that play those kinds of games own Playstation consoles.

Irishguy951557d ago (Edited 1556d ago )


FFXIII sold over 2 million copies on Xbox XD. And sure, the Ps3 had over 5 mill sold, but 2 million is 'nothing' Are you ****ing serious? 2 million sales alone is a huge achievement for any game. Forget 7 million. Really, some of the comments on this site are a joke. Is FFXIII on Xbox profitable? Yes or no? That's the only question that needs answering. The sales figures are right there.

And KH is not an exclusive franchise.

Also, i'd say there is a high chance for a Dev like SE to port over the HD version of it. For one, they're just Ps2 and handheld games upgraded to HD and made compatible with Ps3. It's not like they are as difficult to port as a Ps3 -> 360 game or vice versa. Now that KH3 is coming out on X1 the chance of a port is very high.

Edit - Lets not forget, now that Nintendo have lost the casuals, the casuals and their kids will divide between Sony and MS. KH3 will sell on either system this gen. As Disney is Disney.

XD Are you serious DarkZero? You really think 2 MILLION copied doesn't cover the cost of PORTING a game and then come back as profits tenfold? What a brilliant representative of the human race you are. Most devs can only dream of reaching 2 mill when developing for 3 platforms.

DarkHeroZX1556d ago


Point proven....

5 million>>>> 2 million. That's far less incentive to waste resources porting a game over to the console where nobody cares. It still cost money to port to a console especially one with different architecture. Then you gotta pay employees and you got pay to produce disk then eventually pay to ship out.

mkis0071556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

@ Irish guy

Don't put words in my mouth! I never said 2 million= nothing . Bad you! I fully expect a port sometime leading up to KH3 release. Barring any ps2 era exclusivity deal with Sony that is. You do make an intriguing point on the Disney characters being casual though.

@Kavorklestein I don't know if you were out of bubbles or whatnot but I posted your pm to me in full because I found it hilarious!
<<<<<<<& amp; amp; lt;<<<<<<&am p;lt ; <
Doesn't matter.
Doesn't matter dude. It doesn't EVER F****NG MATTER WHAT SYSTEM IT CAME OUT ON FIRST, Kojima's games abandoned being exclusive to Sony's whiny bitch asses for money before too, so get used to it. The difference between Xbox fans and Sony fans, is Sony fans throw a fit about EVERYTHING,even that that has nothing to do with their actual enjoyment of their playing games, and Xbox fans just man up and deal with what they get, and sure we all wish for some things, but you'd have to be a half-brain celled doofus to think less somehow equals more.... As far as Square Enix, It definitely would be seven thousand times more retarded for Square Enix to nerf their sales, and how many people get to enjoy the Kingdom Hearts franchise just to satisfy a bunch of spoiled Sony brats.
If you were running a business, would you actually be pompous/oblivious enough to believe that limiting your sales to placate allegiance to a group of X amount of people for the hell of it would be more beneficial to your overall bottom line than broadening your market and sales by at least half??

As far as it not being worth it, we're talking two generations ago these games were made, development costs are not anywhere near as his as last gen, or next gen. In fact, the hard part has already been done,and a simple port of the HD KH games would suffice, and we should all know by know, that it's harder to develop for PS3 than xbox 360, so that's automatically more likely to be profitable per copy than the PS3 version. You are wrong in so many ways, it's not even funny.

And yeah you whole argument about skylanders being spyro was a fail, and minecraft on pc has nothing to do with minecraft on xbox. In fact, if typical fanboy logic is to be used, shouldn't the xbox version of minecraft have sold ZERO copies since it was already out on pc?
>>>>>>>& amp; amp; gt;>>>>>>&am p;gt ; >>>

I think the petition actually makes Square more wary. in a year it was only able to gather 1,800 signatures!

JodyCones1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Exactly these games are also PS2 exclusives. He only wants to do this because he knows how poopular this game is on PlayStation and wants KH3 to sell well on Xbox (since PlayStation fans know the story). But there's no doubt that the JRPG fans are on PlayStation, and even Nintendo consoles for that matter. But man, it makes me feel weird even thinking about KH3 being on the Xbone. Ughh...

Apocalypso1556d ago


I think you're really missing the point here and your comparisons really don't apply. Yes saying xbox owners only want shooters and western RPGs is quite the oversimplification. Most multiplatform games sell pretty well on xbox, but the final fantasy XIII example just shows that the majority of the square-enix fans tend to own and, dare I say, prefer playing their games on playstation.

You really don't have to point out that Square Enix is in it to make money, it's the same for literally any other company out there. The fact is that it most likely just would not be profitable enough for the time and resources to port it over. The game has been out for 12 freaking years. Released exclusively on a playstation platform, and the remake again released only on a Playstation platform. If you're a fan of the series well then you've damn well already played it. I think the fanbase for Kingdom Hearts being on Xbox is far less than you can comprehend because of you're blind fanboyism and immaturity.

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Magicite1557d ago

so xbox finally wants something more than just FPS, oh wow lol.

BOLO1557d ago

Kingdom Hearts: Disney Warfare. Xbone exclusive published by EA.

LackTrue4K1557d ago

what Phil Spencer needs to sign is a big fat check!!!

badz1491557d ago

yeah, WTH is he thinking LOL! It's no like a petition cost anything. big fat check like how they secured Titanfall or it won't happen!

mewhy321556d ago

it could happen I guess.

andrewsqual1556d ago

Then why bother wasting resources and dumbing down the 3rd game for Xbox One? Why would somebody buy into the 3rd (yeah right, more like 8th) game in a franchise and the not the first or second HD ports then? If Phil Spencer wants it on Xbox then just get Microsoft to do what they always do and write a cheque.

Spenok1556d ago

Definitely is possible. Probably some exclusive deal worked out with Sony. Seeing as how the first 2 were exclusive to Sony.

I have a feeling kind of like how FFXIII sold better on PS3, KH will too on PS4. BUT you never know. We shall see when it finally launches.

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Baka-akaB1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

What a pointless load of bullcrap PR and shenanigans . If Spencer and co wanted it , they'd probably reach out to square enix . And chance are they maybe did with something in the work .

And if he didnt , maybe he should instead of this .

PS : got nothing against them getting the game , why not after all ? But it irks me seeing what i perceive as a pr machine from the involved xbox execs . They are in far better position than any fans to do something

hellzsupernova1557d ago

This exactly, they would just get their checkbook out and pay up whatever they need too

SilentNegotiator1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

It's all about getting fans to like them so that they get more personally attached to the brand.

It's like when they Major Windbag said that he wanted to bring back Futurama as an Xbox Exclusive. It's not going to happen, but that sentence or two secured many new fans and upped the adoration of the old.

adorie1557d ago

Sounds like they are copying Sony's approach towards the gamers. Not like it's a bad thing, but come on.. those boys didn't give a rats ass gamers existed until the huge backlash from those who know better, after the reveal of the X1.

Mystogan1557d ago

Until Don Mattrick left.*

seriously f*ck that guy. Phil Spencer was always friendly like this. Way before the X1 announcement. You could see that at all the previous E3's. He was always more gamer focused than Mattrick. Mattrick probably prevented him from doing what he wants to do for gamers. And now that he's in charge. He gets to do whatever the fuck he wants. He's been constantly hinting at remaking/rebooting games like Phantom Dust and Halo 2. If they murdered Sony in terms of quality games at E3 2013. E3 2014 is going to be a slaughterhouse because of this guy. Mark my words.

JasonKCK1557d ago

"What a pointless load of bullcrap PR and shenanigans . If Spencer and co wanted it , they'd probably reach out to square enix"

Isn't that kinda what this is, reaching out?

Baka-akaB1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

No it isnt . he's a figurehead of MS games , if he actually want to reach out to publisher know to be in business with them on occasion , both exclusively or as a third independant party , he just does . Without the need and pretense of a petition .

He's in a unique position of power , even if limited by potential greed of either his bosses or Square , or all of them .

If he just want to support and encourage fans , he can also just do that , i dont see in the process that , but mostly PR .

Just like i can't care much for Yoshida saying how nice it would be to have shenmue 3 ... Well they can do something about it , or at least truly try . Not just tweet or sign petitions

JasonKCK1557d ago

Don't the people here normally complain every time MS reaches out with money?

maniacmayhem1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

MS can't just simply tell Square to make a port of a game for their system. All they can do is either ask or show that they are interested in a port to their system, this is one way of showing it. How is this a PR stunt...or even shenanigans?

Square has a set schedule, projects in development and other factors that may not permit them time to port over a version to the 360/X1. But at least Phil is showing his interest in the game.

And yes Jason, everyone on this site complains that MS reaches out and steals exclusives or MS doesn't care about games. This site flip flops a lot.

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colonel1791557d ago

Obviously Microsoft will get the collection. I actually think that there will be a re-release of KH 1.5 and KH 2.5 on PS4 and Xbox One. If not, the Xbox One will get it at least digitally.

Microsoft won't allow to have KH 3 without releasing the entire collection, and if Spencer is already signing a petition, he might be in talks with Square Enix. So unless there is an exclusivity deal with Sony (which with Square Enix never matters) it will definitely come to the Xbox. (360 and/or One).

SoulSercher6201557d ago

Just because Phil Spencer wants it does not guarantee it will be coming to Xbox. If Square really wanted to do it they would've released it on 360 alongside the PS3.

Kavorklestein1557d ago

You are wrong, because it wasn't even considered until now, when KH3 has ALREADY been announced on the XB1. We are seeing the first signs of KH on xbox, and you are acting like it's not happening. When if you read the article, IS happening, for the first time..... DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH

SoulSercher6201556d ago


You obviously don't get my point. Square already made the decision to release this on PS3 exclusively and they have no plans on going back. KH 3 coming to XB1 don't mean squat except just that.

That's like saying because MGSV is coming to Xbox One, Konami should consider releasing MGS4 on 360 and XB1 as well to have Xbox gamers know the whole story. But we both know that's not going to happen either.

Yodagamer1557d ago

I wish I could find the interview, but I recall the Nomura saying it was because it was more convenient for people to buy it on ps3. I believe he was referring to the Japanese market with that interview. It'd be nice to get them one xbox 360, but it's not the first collection it has missed due presumable to dvd size.

colonel1791557d ago

But then why would they announce KH 3 for Xbox. It doesn't make sense. They have to do something so that people with Xbox can know the story. Otherwise, it would have been just a dirty deal from Microsoft just to make Sony not have the exclusive.

Yodagamer1556d ago

@colonel simply because they can fit it on one disc without compromising the game.

BelkingOfSony1556d ago

there should be a deluded button on this site for comments like that.

on topic - a psvita kingdom hearts would be epic