"Dozens" of Indie Devs Making Games for Xbox One; First Wave in March from "Established Developers"

Attracting indie developers has been a strong focus for Sony and the PS4, but Microsoft is moving as well with its [email protected] project, that apparently is just a couple months away to bear fruit and has a lot to come in the future.

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NYC_Gamer1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

"Actually, all applications to [email protected] are accepted into the program."

I hope they have some type of system in place that only allows quality titles to be put on XBL..There's no need to have a whole bunch of clones/mediocre games being thrown in the market.

Abriael1669d ago

I don't see why not to be honest. They're already thrown on the PC market, and no one bats an eyelid.

All that's needed is a solid user rating system, and the market will decide by itself on what's good and bad.

JohnnyTower1669d ago

I dunno man, the apple store is a mess because everyone can publish anything. Even if a game is stellar, it will probably be forgotten in all the crap that gets released.
I do hope you're right and they put a rating system or even a green light program in there.

Abriael1669d ago

@JhonnyTower: i see stellar games doing quite well on the apple store.

nukeitall1669d ago

they probably have a popularity ranking in place or even rating so the best sellers or most played gets to the top.

annus1669d ago


Think of all the complete crap on youtube. It's not hard to find the good from the bad provided there are measures taken to be able to do so.

Pogmathoin1669d ago

Apps get pushed at you left right and centre on Ipad.... Hope nothing like that ever happens on consoles.

BlackCarrot1669d ago

Exactly right, the market decides. I still think that, with its mod abilities and natural flexibility, most games will still be making their name on PC/steam and then porting it over to the consoles. Thankfully, with the consoles closer to PC architectures than ever, this will be a simple process.

Consoles won't be at the forefront of innovation in the indie market, they'll undoubtedly see some, but it will be easier to share in the fruits of that innovation with the consoles than in previous years.

cyclindk1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )


Agree there definitely, it seems, for me, unique to Apple though (not sure of android market), but Steam does a good job of sieving through the mediocre stuff and showing me what I like with a few clicks and of course the rest is available if I feel like digging around a little for one of those niche titles or something to take a chance on.

It's all in the implementation I suppose and that UI.

MRMagoo1231669d ago


I think you have apple confused with android right? Apple doesnt just let any old crap through, i know there is some crap on the appstore but android is completely overtaken with rubbish.

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GarrusVakarian1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Last thing we want is another 360 indie situation, most of those games were so bad, it's like they were made on MS paint. No wonder they only cost 80msp.

I wonder why MS decided to call it the 'arcade' section and not the 'indie' section also.....because i bet that most peoples views on indies are pretty skewed after seeing the 360 indie games. They probably think that games like Resogun, Don't starve, Warthunder and warframe are similar in size and quality to those crappy 80msp games, when in actuality, they are exactly the same in terms of size and quality to what you would find in the 'arcade' section.

fanboybeatdown1669d ago

gotta agree with you there, lukas, about quality of indie games on consoles.

I encountered a similar situation with those sorts of games on the ps3. I got tired of wading through yet another shovelware indie/arcade on the ps3 and getting slugged extra for add on packs.

It was horrible and was one thing that really turned me off the ps3.

In the end I only played HD stardust and Savage Moon on ps3 because the other 'arcadey' titles on PSN just simply didn't excite.

Really hope Sony fixes that. Last thing we want is a repeat of the psn failings of the ps3.

AceBlazer131669d ago

@fanboy it's sad that you took his comment about indies and made it a ps vs xbox comparison.Nice try at doing it stealthily though.

BALLBAGS1669d ago

@ace it wasn't a nice try

everyone knows fanboybeatdown has never had a ps3

Its just sad

fanboybeatdown1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Holy cow, what's wrong with you PS fanboys.

I have a PS3 and I love HDstardust and Savage Moon.

Can't I have an opinion that is totally on topic with what's being said without you guys attacking me?

What is wrong with you guys?
Are you that scared and insecure about the PS brand that you gotta protect it at all costs 24/7?

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Volkama1669d ago

It's a pretty important point when you're talking about indie self publishing. Sometimes it's pretty painful wading through the garbage in the Steam store if you're looking to discover quality titles.

Conversely if they all get stuck to one side like the XBox Live indie corner then nobody even goes looking for the good ones.

MS have said they will use a mix of community trending, user ratings, your friends activities and their own 'spotlighting' to bring quality to the forefront, and those same rules apply to all games on the store regardless of how they got there.

Sony haven't really spoken about their own store front. I expect that they have a big revamp in the works though, and it'll probably use much the same ideas to highlight good content.

hazardman1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I cant believe you got 9 agrees. Are you truly expecting all games to be AAA. Its Indies for a reason. Some devs will have more resources, experience than others. Some have big teams some probably work from home. Still the main goal is to make games. Eventually all shitty games get phased out. Doesnt mean an indie devs shitty game shouldnt make the cut! Your obviously not a supporter of Indies with a comment like that!

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Belking1669d ago

Not surprised by that. indies will support xbox-one just like xbox360. remember who had the only indie games section last gen. the max game on xb1 is also from a indie developer.

Game0N1669d ago

PS3 also had and still has an indie section as well. Try harder bro.

SpiralTear1669d ago

To be fair, PS3 didn't get recognized as an indie supportive system until after Xbox 360 did. However, PS3's indie offerings were legitimately good, as opposed to what you saw in the XBLIG section on XBLA.

Volkama1669d ago

But PS3's indie section was more akin to XBLA, not XB Indie Corner. They were published games (usually published by Sony).

XBLA and Sony's Indie listings were decent quality, properly tested and certified games.

XB Indie Corner was a dark, horrible place. With an odd smell.

Self-publishing to the 'real' digital store is a new initiative for both platforms.

DigitalRaptor1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

You really need to check up on your surroundings before commenting.

PS3 has had an indie category for years.

@ PostMesmeric

PS3 was releasing indie games from Day one. But like you say, it wasn't recognised as so until a bit later on, when the popular 360 indie games like Braid and Castle Crashers came to PS3, and the PS3 exclusive ones like Super Stardust, PixelJunk, and Fat Princess, became hits. Sony have always been supportive of the indie concept internally - Naughty Dog on Media Molecule were once independent studios, and have now flourished. And Thatgamecompany and other indie studios are now branching out after having been incubated at Sony Santa Monica.

GarrusVakarian1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

"remember who had the only indie games section last gen"

Like DigitalRaptor said, probably a good idea to check up on things before you post. Ive called you out on this numerous times, but you never seem to listen lol.

And the 360's indie games were awful, 80mps MS paint games. The arcade section was where it was at.

ainsleyharriott1669d ago

Some of the XBLIG were pretty good, like 'I made a game with zombies in it'. But I agree a lot of them shouldn't of even been there.... Silver dollar games.

BanginBiscuitz1669d ago

Cant wait, SOOOOOOOOO many games coming for X1 lol. My wallet will be empty :( but so worth it! I really cannot believe how amazing the exclusive game lineup is for X1 it blows me away to see how much they have improved with exclusives coming from the 360.

DigitalRaptor1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Ah, and as expected... out come the Xbox fanboys doing the exact opposite of that which they were completely and utterly trashing a couple months ago.

BanginBiscuitz, I could handpick a number of comments from your history, that downplays indie games, calling them unworthy, and that teams of 4 people are unlikely to be able to make a really great game.

Oh, but look. Xbox is getting indie games again.... so now they're not trash?

@ Austacker

Great and innovative, unique, creative (whatever...) indie games are always popping up on all platforms. This discussion has been done a thousand times over. There are infinite possibilities to low overheads and unlimited creativity. Sure there are some awful indie games out there, but there are also some really awful retail games out there. The ratio is roughly the same. Indie games do deserve the time of day, as gamers everywhere have proven that they love indie games, and what was the downplaying of indie games, has now become the welcoming of more games to the platform regardless of past statements. I was just pointing out the irony.

@ BlackCarrot

I don't hide my biases. However, I have my reasons for disliking Microsoft, as much as a lot of people across the internet do for the things they do and the things they have attempted not only over the past few months with the Xbox one, but over many years. I've given them chances, I've enjoyed many an Xbox game, and I've given credit where its due, but I still stand my ground that they are a despicable company. And I would be valid in my right to say so.

I've justified myself, but that is beside the point I was making here. You could check out my Steam library and my love for Sega, Nintendo and Sony consoles and games if you were able to see that it's possible for a person to be passionate about the output of a company more than others. I was merely pointing out irony here where it decides to flaunt itself.

Austacker1669d ago

Whilst it's fair to say there's a collection of indie titles that are honestly a sub par experience, you couldn't say all indie work doesn't deserve the light of day.

Some of the best, most innovative and enjoyable games of the last few years have grown from the indie scene and deserve the place on all platforms (not just Playstation and Xbox) to grow their support and encourage new developers into the scene.

Downplaying anyone's support for this indie drive is counter productive, and not a mark of fanboy flavour.

There's plenty of indie games that are out there today on other platforms that I'd love to see on the Xbox one and the more we can do to encourage them to publish here, the better.

It's good for everyone involved!

BlackCarrot1669d ago

@DigitalRaptor, Looking through your history, it's difficult to see when you've ever had anything positive to say about Microsoft's direction. Whether it be (currently untapped) innovative possibilities with the Kinect, the centralisation of the living room, or the withdrawal of physical disc restrictions.

I think a fanboy like yourself has got a bit of a cheek pulling that kind of remark.

BlackCarrot1669d ago

"I have my reasons for disliking Microsoft."

Then you are not interested in what a particular device, direction or technology brings to the industry. You are simply making comments on the basis of a bias.

"I don't hide my biases."

Then it's best to leave off attacking others for their own, isn't it?

"I was merely pointing out irony here where it decides to flaunt itself."

As am I.

DigitalRaptor1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

@ BlackCarrot

Of course I care about the direction and influence any company in the gaming industry has upon it. I care how the decisions of a company affects consumers, gamers, developers and the industry overall. Good or bad. When a company makes consistently disgraceful decisions, including ones that are blatantly anti-consumer, I have the right to comment on it, and have discussions on it.

I am interested in Xbox, as hard as that might be to believe. I've played many of its games, and many of them on PC. Microsoft is the one who consistently frustrates me with their constant lies, deceitful advertising and PR statements, smoke and mirrors presentations, and horrible non-gaming direction in a gaming industry.

They have brought some great things to this industry, some great games, things that include online play and gameplay - but they have brought along with them a noticeably large number of negative trends and horrible decisions that i cannot simply let them slip, like the majority of loyalists and apologists on here. They are slimy and deserve to be called out for it. Many fanboys are ignorant and hypocritical and deserve to be called out for it.

The irony you find in my 'persona' or my history on here is not related to the point at hand, which discusses indie games that were trashed a few months ago, when a huge number of people on here saw that Sony were making fantastic strides to get developers to make games with no greedy restrictions. PS3 was trashed for years for having "no games" etc etc. and the fanboy lies and misinformation continues.... as will I to debunk and discuss. PS4 is in a very, very strong position and certain people don't like that. They are threatened by a gaming company focusing on games, gamers, developers and taking the industry in positive directions. See the problem there? So there's nothing wrong with attacking the BS, for another generation running.

I see your perspective, I really do. But I'm allowed to discuss what interests me.

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Game0N1669d ago

Xbox One. The Mr. Me too of consoles. 2014.

CrossingEden1669d ago

So is this what you are gonna say from now on whenever you don't have a legitimate reason to say that something xbox or microsoft related is bad? -_-

Hicken1669d ago

Holy crap, look at the hypocrisy in here. You, CrossingEden, were among the many Xbox fans(or fanboys) that berated Sony and the PS4 for their indie focus. But now it's okay. No names given, but it's awwwright! Cuz it's happening on Xbox, right?

Austacker1669d ago

'Me too' is what the market delivers through competition and why Nintendo are having issues right now because they're not following the same path.

You need to understand that comparable functionality across multiple platforms is the breeding ground for further innovation and design boundaries being pushed.

It's a POSITIVE for all gamers, no matter who your chosen platform champion is.

True_Samurai1669d ago

Though MS were the first to help out indies with the 360 ok

PFFT1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

YEP, So its safe to say that Sony is the Mr.Me too in 2014. First Indies and now TV. Whats next, Cloud Computing? Ohh wait....nah not yet all they can do is Stream.

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