Precursor Games says that Shadow of the Eternals is not cancelled


Shadow of the Eternals has had quite a tumultuous development cycle, ending in its indefinite delay last September. Today, we’ve heard that the project isn’t properly “dead”, but we shouldn’t expect anything new to come out about it any time soon.

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1403d ago
Lord_Sloth1402d ago

Agreed. So it's not CANCELED canceled but it might as well be for the forseeable future.

Bimkoblerutso1402d ago (Edited 1402d ago )

...I hear ya. I'm not getting involved in this crap again. If they ever release a worthy successor to Eternal Darkness, then happy, happy day.

Until then, though, I have no expectations for anything noteworthy to come from this team ever again.

Ac7iVe1403d ago

I really want this game. ..

Yodagamer1403d ago

I really wish nintendo would pick this up as well. If they advertised it as survival horror they might just get a couple console sales as people who want survival would probably want it. The first eternal darkness didn't hugely, but i don't think it was a priority for the big n at the time.

Ac7iVe1403d ago

I think this game would really help the Wii u , ppl want this game it'll sell some consoles. Not a lot but it'll only help

cleft51403d ago

I agree, it's not really fair to demonize Denis because he was enthusiastic and brash about the game he was making years and years ago. Some people really need to let it go. The footage of Shadows of the Eternal looked solid, so I hope they do end up bringing the game to production. This guy has had a terrible run of bad luck and he has apologized more than once for his past behavior, I hope he gets to move forward with his game.

mydyingparadiselost1403d ago

I hope this game lives to see the light of day, the horror genre could always use a new title.

CrossingEden1403d ago

This game would be good for Wii U because it really shows off the graphical capabilities of the console.

Neonridr1403d ago

Fingers crossed Nintendo is paying attention. It wouldn't cost them very much to help publish this game.

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