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GI - "Seeing a game demo is one thing, but actually getting your hands on it is quite another. Anyone can tell you that a game’s controls are responsive or that co-op is fun – especially when they’re on the development team. Turtle Rock let us play Evolve for ourselves when we visited the studio, so we were able to make up our own minds. Did they deliver what the developer promised? Here are our thoughts on the game, based on our hands-on impressions."

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1671d ago
Evilsnuggle1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I loved left 4 dead on 360. This game looks much cooler I will probably get it for my Playstation 4. can't wait to see some gameplay footage though can't see pre ordering a game without seeing games play footage first.

twdll1671d ago

This game sounds like a cool idea. Kinda like Borderlands2 Terramorphous. Except a human is controlling the Terramorphous. Crazy!

Pherros1671d ago

Can't wait to play this game. Loved the Left 4 Dead series!

Conzul1671d ago

Reminds me of Tremulous.
Almost identical, except instead of 1:1 teams it's 4:1 teams.

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