Titanfall: An End To Rehashed Shooters

From the producers of Call of Duty, here is one game that will truly revolutionize the shooting game world. Here are exclusive insights into the pros and cons surrounding Titanfall.

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lifeisgamesok1669d ago

Titanfall has enormous potential it'll probably be hard to go back to the COD's after getting used to all of the wall climbing double jumping and huge epic mech battles

-Foxtrot1669d ago

Well I guess people who played on BRINK (despite it not being good overall) or Assassins Creed online must of found it really hard to get back into COD /s

What about those who got used to jetpacks/boosters in Halo Reach, must of been very difficult.

I find it very hard to believe this is going to put an end to rehashed shooters. It will change things up a bit but it's nothing mind blowing, not as much as people are being lead to believe.

Am I saying it's crap...No

Am I saying it won't be good...No

Am I saying people are over hyping something which will end up feeling like a shooter at it's core once the whole mech thing wears off...Yes.

NOTE: As I've said before I never got sucked into the hype BEFORE platforms were announced...just pointing that out since theres going to be the "Sony" related comment. You know the one.

mhunterjr1669d ago

Chill with the lame comparisons. Just because other games have implement ed certain items, doesn't mean they were executed anything like what we have in Titan Fall...

Will this game feel like a shooter at its core? Yes... Because it IS a shooter at its core. The question is Will it feel like a breath of fresh air after 8 years of shooters copying and pasting the COD formula? We hope so and the various hands-on previews we've seen suggest that it may be be true. THAT'S where the hype stems from.

Kayant1669d ago


Exactly that I for one am not that hyped for it but as someone who heavily played COD in the past especially MW2 it reminds me of how fun that game was even though it was broken to death. I mean it's not bad thing par say it's not reinventing the wheel but like you said it's being new gameplay to the table with inspiration from different places. If we are to see COD change or FPS's then we need a title to truly be A *COD killer* which this has the potential to be. Would have been more damaging if it was on more platforms but once the second comes out I think it could give COD a real run for it's money.

Bolts-N-Rays11091669d ago

Foxtrot, we all know you think this game is overhyped. You post it in every article regarding TF.

Hatsune-Miku1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Titanfall: the perpetuation of rehashed shooters.

I like Titanfall but wont buy it for the available platforms because i know at least two of the gaming platforms are holding back its potentials. I hate the bland graphics , low resolution and low player count with ai bots running around. This game should have been made on pc first then ported to the weaker consoles the xboxes.

The game seems like crysis to me in a lot of ways.

Baka-akaB1669d ago

I dont believe for a second it's new . however i like what i see (bare stuff like the AI) , because it looks like the return to something more akin to older fps like Quake , than the constant milking of military pseudo realistic bore fest .

Well to be fair , i did enjoy , and still enjoy a few of those , but i want far for the return of twitching fps with acrobatic and actual accurate aiming .

And no Halo while great in its own stuff , doesnt fullfill that need for me enough . I shall see if titan fall does

malokevi1669d ago

I've played brink, COD, Titanfall and A/C. All I have to say to you is....


That is all.

HugoDrax1669d ago

HATE ALL YOU WANT! On March 11, 2014 records will be broken again lol

Ducky1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Considering it is a shooter, I would expect that it will, at some point, feel like a shooter.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go re-play Brink and AssassinsCreed. Apparently, there were mech battles in those games that I've missed in my earlier playthroughs.

CrossingEden1669d ago

Ok, so let's do a comparison.
A match of AC online
A match of Brink
And a match of titanfall
Yea those three games totes look similar rite gais? -_-

ITPython1669d ago

Always makes me cringe to hear this game labeled as revolutionary.

Having mentally challenged bots at a 3:1 ratio to human players is not revolutionary. Also bots in mutiplayer are so 1990's.

Having mechs in a FPS isn't revolutionary, Killzone 3 did it many years ago. And Starhawk also says hi (although SH is a TPS).

Parkour wall climbing in an online game isn't revolutionary, Crysis did it several years ago.

720p resolution also isn't revolutionary, PS3 and 360 have been doing it for almost a decade now.

And everything else this game does, has been done to death by COD. This game is about as far from being revolutionary as a game can get.

Insomnia_841669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

50 players, only 12 are real people.

Bot generated action.

If they are still putting 50 "players" on a single map, why not make them all REAL PLAYERS? why only 12? What's the difference??? What's this "balance" they talk about??

I guess 50 real players would be chaos? Maybe the game can't handle 50 players online?? Or the "balance" they talk about is a lot of dumb bots who you can kill easily and who you will be killing a lot making you feel "bad ass" and making the game feel fast paced? Sounds to me like an illusion, a make believe online ""multiplayer"& quot;.

worldwidegaming1669d ago

I remember the cool things they said about a legendary game called

-Foxtrot1669d ago

For those saying I'm repeating myself on every

Oh so its fine for people to praise it on every article but the other way round is a no no. Hypocrites

MRMagoo1231669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

agree with you completely fox and gave you a well said bubble, the game isnt changing anything , its another [email protected] fps, i wish fps would just go die in a hole for a while so other genres would be the main focus.

nohopeinc1669d ago

Thank you Foxtrot. Why people are acting ape shit over this game confuses me. It looks like a rather normal FPS game. So it has a decent emphasis on vertical as well as horizontal map design. It has mechs. It has a, dumb ass AI in the fight to engage the battlefield, concept.

Okay now where is the holy shit the gaming world as we know it will be on its side features?

Other thought if it is such a total new concept why does the article refer it to being similar to CoD 4 times. In 3 of the only 8 paragraphs it makes a reference to how its like CoD. Yeah that sounds completely new and refreshing.

Can we not just call it what it is, a CoD clone by the OG's of FPS's?

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WeAreLegion1669d ago

Why are you guys disagreeing with foxtrot? He's right. This game is awesome, but it changes nothing. Starhawk did a lot of this already and then some. You built the battle around you. It was very good. It changed nothing. What about Tribes? Crysis? These are both awesome games with similar aspects, but changed nothing.

HugoDrax1669d ago

It changes nothing? You obviously aren't in the Alpha trial are you? Name another game where this happens....

Enemy Titan standing guard, I call down my Titan. It lands on the enemy Titan, shattering it to pieces. "INSTANT TITAN KILL" but you wouldn't know anything about how difficult it can be to battle a TITAN would you?

ThanatosDMC1669d ago


Starhawk = Actually, you can drop a building, turret, pod, wall, etc. on anything you feel like

FunAndGun1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )


Section 8 and Section 8: Prejudice

1669d ago
AceBlazer131669d ago

I've played, Gunz, S4 League, Armored Core, Mirrors Edge and a shit ton of other games that have different ways of movement. wasn't hard to get back into cod.

Thinking about it have any of you ever played wolf team? That game was freakin cool minus the hackers and pay to win.

cyguration1669d ago

Wolf Team was pretty cool. I remember that game. Man, it was kind of an underrated F2P FPS, though.

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WeAreLegion1669d ago

Love it, but no. It can't be an end if it just borrows a couple mechanics from other games. It has to redefine the genre.

Volkama1669d ago

It wont end rehashed shooters. If anything the most popular elements of Titanfall will be adopted and "rehashed" as well.

But I wouldn't consider Titanfall a rehash itself. Respawn are blending enough "new" (or borrowed if you like) elements to make Titanfall stand out as something different.

I don't want or need it to end COD or any other popular game. I just want it to be awesome. I want it to surpass Quake 3, or at least recapture the exhilaration of that era of FPS.

Kinda wish it had interesting guns like those games of my youth though.

HarryB1669d ago

Im getting it. I dont care if its 6v6 or its another fps. They made mw2. They know how to make fps games. Plus they threw in all their resources toward a good multiplayer. Forget the singleplayer.

JeffGUNZ1669d ago

More importantly, they made COD4MW, which is still hands down one of the best online shooters I have ever played.

ginsunuva1669d ago

DICE made BF2.

Bioware made ME2.

Then look what happened after.

HarryB1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

If dice concentrated more on bf3 it could of lasted another 2 years.

If they just remade bad company 2 maps in bf3 I would of bought them. num num what im sayin ?

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