Major Retailers Raising Prices For Next-Gen Games In Canada

Folks in Canada may have to start breaking their piggy banks to buy games. Major retailers are raising the prices of next-gen games throughout the country

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cl19831705d ago

I wonder if there's a new tax/fee that went into effect in Canada since it appears to be "nation" wide

DualWielding1704d ago

well it may had something to do with USD recovering strength against the CAD

CyberCam1704d ago Show
cl19831704d ago

Didn't know that the CAD was dropping. Thanks for letting me know.

Kivespussi1704d ago

N4G - the best economy news source.

Merrill1704d ago

Pretty sure it has to do with CDN/US dollar disparity at the moment.

Anon19741704d ago

No new taxes or fees to report from the Canadian front. It's most likely to do with currency fluctuations. The Cdn dollar was trading above the US dollar for quite some time but now that the US dollar is improving and investors aren't quite as spooked about the state of the US economy (even if some would have you believe the US is on the verge of economic armageddon). Cdn dollar is back down around 0.90 US and expected to dip a bit lower as the US dollar strengthens.

Still sucks though.

KingDadXVI1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

No new taxes. The other retailers in my city are still at $59.99. Costco is at $54.99.

Apparently software sales were down for EB/GameStop in December so they are probably trying to make up the short fall.

Just a note for those claiming that it is due to the dip in the Canadian Dollar, they may use that excuse but in reality it is not due to that. Most businesses hedge their currency at least one year ahead if not longer. This means that even though most retailers in Canada purchase foreign goods with the American dollar, due to hedging they purchased those US dollars at par and will not be affected until 2015.

It is very common in Canada for prices to rise right away when the Loonie drops in comparison to the US dollar but it takes forever for the prices to come down once the Loonie is at par or above against the US dollar, due to hedging again.

So yes they may say that is the reason but technically it is just a good excuse to increase prices.

n4rc1704d ago

Still $59.99 here in Canada.. No idea what the article is saying..

minimur121704d ago

Can't believe that price! In UK the retail for current/last gen is £40 whereas for next green it's £50. I would switch to an American account but it wouldn't work on remote play: (

JaredH1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


Ebgames only has games that are months out priced at $65. The new Final Fantasy and castlevania, for ps3, are both $65 on their website for example. I'm guessing they're implementing it for games released after January or something.

n4rc1704d ago

Well damn.. I don't shop there anymore and this is a good reason to continue going elsewhere..

Future shop and Walmart etc are still $59.99 as well as the cdn xbl marketplace.. So GameStop is going to suffer huge.. Probably on the verge of pulling out of Canada or something

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JaredH1704d ago

If this happens and the online stores don't follow suit I'll seriously consider going digital only. Or if amazon Canada doesn't do the same thing I'll get prime and only use them. I'm not paying more of my money to the companies that "forget" to give preorder bonuses yet always ask you preorder something and plead ignorance for anything negative you have to say.

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creeping judas1704d ago

Considering the loonie is in a free fall at the moment it doesn't surprise me.

JohnnyTower1704d ago

It's just a correction in our Canadian currency against the American dollar.

Grimhammer001704d ago

All this. ^
I call around. Only EB seems to be doing this now....that may change.

I know if this keeps going - the retailer (looking st you Walmart) who stays at $59.99 wins.

KrisButtar1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

So much for keeping current on my Video Game collection. I thought $59.99 was too much most of the time and feel most games are not worth that to begin with. There are a ton of older games I have yet to finish or play. I can wait it out until a price drop happens on the games I want, over a year if I have to. I'm not going to be happy about it.

New games here plus tax are $69 already, jacking up the price another $5 is not helping. Might just go digital as you save the tax on XBL/PSN and no word if the price changes are happening to them. Retailers might be making a digital future happen faster. So PSN/XBL games might be 59.99 and at the retailers be $75.

n4rc1704d ago

I dunno.. What does entertainment cost?

Its nothing to blow $100 at the bar.. Or drop $60 to take a date to a movie..

For a game I'll get 100+ hours out of.. I feel its well worth $60..

Not to say all games are worth $60.. But the good ones are imo

KrisButtar1704d ago

I see what your saying, I spent $1600 over the weekend just so I could have a Hotel party after the club.

I have no problem with paying the full price if the game is worth it. Problem is out of the thousands of titles released on the 360/PS3/Wii last gen, my guess is only about 10% were worth it. In the Xbox/PS2/GC days, I was paying full price weekly on games. I make more money now and I have no problem paying if the value is there.

Now they are raising the price for all games while holding content back to release as DLC, Micro Transactions have now started showing up in full priced retail games and you might as well say games require a subscription because you need Gold/Plus to access all the features.

360/PS3/Wii gen has watched myself and my friends go from always day one purchasers, to waiting for a sale or the Goty version most of the time. We just don't see the value in paying full price when you have to spend more on it later and now the price increases.

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