Battlefield 4 Second Assault Release Date? - EA Support Chat

According to EA support chat Battlefield 4 Second Assault should be available in the month of February 2014 for the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. Check out this EA support chat about the release of Second Assault.

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Az1mov1638d ago

Will the game be fixed by then, that is another fight!

GreenGamers1638d ago

Yes that is the big question! No more crashes anymore but the only problem i have right now is joining servers.

Az1mov1638d ago

Rubberbanding and killtrade among other issues are killing this game

I haven't played for more than a week :(

I've never experienced such a negligence in any previous Battlefield game, and I've been playing since 1942

I don't want a refund, I want a proper battlefield experience! DICE you reached rock bottom there's only shame from now on

how can you you redeem yourself DICE?!!! I don't know.

jdiggitty1638d ago

I've been crashing SP and in observer mode regularly on PC now. Lost Sp saves too. Probably ought to check my unlocks...

XiSasukeUchiha1638d ago

Just EA fix BF before DLCing it!

dazzrazz1638d ago

EA Chat ahhhhh such a reliable source ! They know better than DICE :D

qu1ckset1638d ago (Edited 1638d ago )

Fix the hit recognition and kill trading that they fucked up with the last update on Tuesdays before they add the next expansion , the game was near perfect before the last update for ps4 other then SP saves disappearing.

Akuma071638d ago

It was far far far far from near perfect.

The game has many issues, and Tuesdays patch just added more.

n4rc1638d ago

Works fine for me at least..

Netcode is decent.. However you get doorknobs from Australia playing on us servers and vice versa.. Ever since black ops, people now think lag is good... And that screws things up..

Had my saves disappear twice.. But its been fine for weeks now..

Now the damn server queue... Lol.. Gotta admit that pisses me off when a 12/20 server has a queue.. But meh.. Not really gameplay related..

The rest of my complaints are design choices.. Not bugs or glitches

Bio_Mod1638d ago

Good to see it coming but the last patch has caused me to have more issues than before on ps4.

Az1mov1638d ago

same here! PS4 version was getting stable finally

swishersweets200311638d ago

I'm on ps4

has crashed over 15 times for me since the 14th and i have had my save corrupted right along with it every time.

The game plays worse and in game battlelog is broken, it freezes inviting players or doesnt function at all.

I highly recommend to anyone, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANYMORE OF YOUR MONEY. Do not buy servers, or DLC until they can prove they can live up to what they promised.

BlingBlaine1638d ago

Vote with your wallet.

Gamefly DONT buy EA

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The story is too old to be commented.