Why The PC Is the Dominant MMO Platform

IT is often been heard lately that the era of MMOs on the PC is coming to an end. MMO-Play thinks otherwise and explains why the PC is the dominant mmo platform.

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This is like making an article about why a car is the dominant transportation platform. It goes without saying I think

k3x1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"Yet every year I hear how the demise of the PC is imminent and it's time to be realistic and make the switch to a non-PC platform, be it a Mac or a console device."

I almost chocked on my croissant. So I'm guessing it went something like this, "PC is on its last dying breath, but worry not, Jeff. What you need to do is get yourself a Mac. That's where all the gaming's at!" rofl. Who the hell does this guy talk to?

Hicken1639d ago

... Um, maybe because PCs were CAPABLE of internet before consoles were? And that's kinda extremely necessary for an MMO?

Online didn't become a MUST for consoles until the 8th generation, really, as the Wii's online was laughable at best, meaning just 2/3 of the console offerings had capable enough networks for MMOs to function on(though, even then, there's at least Dragon Quest on the Wii, but it hasn't been very well-received).

Not really seeing where this article ever needed to be made. It's pretty much common sense.