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Parallax Play: "The Metal Gear franchise has always been known best for its stealth action, smart enemy tactics, deep storyline and incredible cinematic value that rival’s blockbuster pictures. So, you would imagine that putting this solid formula of ‘cunning sneakiness’ in a genre of game that is renowned for its crazy sense of physics and over the top action would jeopardize the Metal Gear’s image. Earliest trailers released demonstrating the use of slicing enemies as well as the creative dynamic use of precision attacks and ‘Blade Mode’. Despite anticipation from trailers alone, Hideo Kojima cancelled the project and eventually handed over the project to Platinum Games, developers of ‘Bayonetta’ and ‘Vanquish’. With this new concept, Rising was sure to be an interesting release compared to its predecessors."

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skydragoonity1671d ago

Isn't this coming a bit late

Sly-Lupin1671d ago

Nope. Game came out on Steam last week.

Venox20081670d ago

good game and greatly optimized port