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User Makes Super Mario Bros. Themed Custom Paintjob On His Car In Forza 5

GearNuke: "Forza Motorsport 5 is the next generation Forza title for the Xbox One. It launched alongside with the Xbox One and has sold pretty well to-date. A user of Forza Motorsport 5 has managed to create a perfect custom themed Super Mario Bros. car in the game." (Culture, Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

Eonjay  +   587d ago
3-4-5  +   586d ago
People will pay a lot for that in the AH.

I saw a really cool Bruce Lee one in Forza 2 that was extremely detailed.
MCTJim  +   587d ago
That is pretty neat!!
BTBuck1   587d ago | Trolling | show
JohnnyTower  +   587d ago
Looking good, kid. That'll turn some heads in the starting que.
level 360  +   587d ago
And from Sony - LittleBigPlanet's sackboy is next..
WickedLester  +   587d ago
See, why can't Polyphony implement this level of customization in Gran Turismo?
Relientk77  +   587d ago
air1  +   586d ago
I didnt know you can do that..
Mkai28  +   586d ago
You can do sweet vynls in the world of Forza :)
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