EB Games raises prices on upcoming PS4, XB1, PS3 titles to $64.99

Prepare for the cost of next-gen gaming to increase. EB Games is now advertising prices of $64.99 for multiple titles, both next-gen and current-gen like Watch Dogs, Lightning Returns, Wolfenstein, and Destiny.

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KrisButtar1519d ago

I cancelled my pre-orders there and I'm just going to go to Best Buy and Future Shop as they are still $59.99 there and only across the street from EB Games.

Shadonic1519d ago

I stopped going to EB games a while ago and just went to best buy now I 20% off all new games for the entire year I believe just for being a reward zone unlocked member.

KrisButtar1519d ago

Yea I am a rewards member as well, Just sometimes BB doesn't carry the game I'm looking for and have to go to EB Games. So I just started skipping BB completely but looks like I'm going back there for all my gaming needs

GameSpawn1519d ago

Is EB still independent in Canada or did GameStop buy them out up there too, but keep the name?

If it is the latter, I'm not surprised one iota. This reeks of GameStop-esk douche-baggery.

At least there are online retailers like Amazon to fall back on and vote NO to these guys with your wallets.

RTetro1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Gamestop = EB Games in Canada. Same company.

Crazay1519d ago

Get bent EB. Don't pass your sales shortcomings on to us. We don't appreciate it and will continue to tell you so with our wallets.

Kurisu1519d ago

*sigh* $65 is £39. Next gen games in the UK are about £50... $82! You're still having a bargain!

Damn you 20% VAT.

Lord_Sloth1519d ago

Just because they aren't ripping us off as much doesn't change the fact that it's still happening.

DarkHeroZX1516d ago


Eww I'm playing Persona 4 right now and when you said get "bent it" reminded me of Kanji

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1519d ago

i guess the rise of digital will make the cost go up?

if so ill stick to digital

Bdub20001519d ago

I liked digital.... Until I sold my 360 and found out all my money was just lost in digital Wonderland because I couldn't sell my digital media, and I couldn't use it on my x1, what a waste of money. But I got at least some money for my physical games from games top. . I'll never buy a digital game again if I'm not forced to.

LAWSON721519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

It was kind of obvious how digital games work. Don't know how it took you that long to realize you can't sell your digital games at GS for $2

Bdub20001519d ago

@Lawson: seriously? This is your response? Total douchebaggery? I had hoped, along with many others, that my digital content could be transferred from 360 to x1. Yeah... I just figured out I can't sell my digital content... Run along cupcake...

Hicken1519d ago

You... I hope you're still in school. Elementary school.

An adult- a wise one, anyway- would RESEARCH something like that beforehand. Hell, he'd at least ask at GameStop before committing. While "many others" may have HOPED your digital content would carry over to the new consoles, the rest of that many was actually smart enough to MAKE SURE before they got rid of their old system.

sprinterboy1519d ago

Agree mainly digital this gen, £55 so far for a ps4 game, if the prices dont drop i will just join boomerangrentals

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The story is too old to be commented.