Bird Mania 3D Saw Better Success in the Nintendo eShop Than in the Apple App Store

Teyon, a Polish video game developer, producer, and online publisher who entered the video game spectrum back in 2006 has revealed to Nintendo Enthusiast fourms that, compared to Bird Mania's debut in the Apple App Store, Bird Mania 3D was a hit in the Nintendo eShop.

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Rockefellow1790d ago

Omar Taylor's editing skills are so terrible, you'd almost think he was a writer for Kotaku.

Yep1790d ago

Care to point out a problem?

Rockefellow1790d ago

Well, I see some slight work has been done to some of the more obvious errors, but the tracks haven't been covered enough.

For one, there's a comma missing in the first paragraph (a necessary part of the non-restrictive clause dictating Teyon's pedigree), and the actual game title is misspelled in the concluding paragraph-- that is, unless "Bid Mania" is a spinoff I'm unaware of.

I'm sure I could find a few more, especially judging the quality of other articles on the site, but I prefer getting paid for editorial work.