PS4 Group Messaging Bug Could Corrupt Console

NowGamer: "PS4 user warns that a group messaging bug could corrupt your PS4 and suggests fixes if you happen to encounter it."

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MasterCornholio1610d ago


Good thing I don't bother with messaging.

truefan11610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

No way this is possible, the ps4 is perfect and PSN is great. The guy was probably sitting his ps4 on carpet or digging into his controller with his fingernails.

In all seriousness it's probably an isolated incident.

GarrusVakarian1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Was there any need to troll?

"or digging into his controller with his fingernails. "

I have the issue of the left analogues outer coating wearing down myself and i can tell you right now that there is no way that the reports i saw on this website were legit. The pictures looked like the sticks were cut, not worn down, they didn't have a smooth worn down look. You don't CUT into rubber with the surface of your thumb, it's just not possible.

Im not saying it doesn't happen, because it does. But that dude either cut it deliberately or literally plays with thumbnails that have been cut into a V shape.

On topic: Im glad i don't group message.

MestreRothN4G1610d ago

^ To be fair, the rubber is not cut by the finger, but by the hard plastic below, from the stick itself summed with the thumbs' pressure.

I have not had this issue in any of my DS4s, but it doesn't look like it's gonna last a long time as my DS3s did.

MasterCornholio1610d ago

I can't believe this guy replied to me.

How disgusting.

UnholyLight1609d ago

Yeah, PSN may be good, but it surely is not flawless. I've had my fair share of problems and it is to be expected in my eyes. Xbox Live was always a more solid service and Microsoft probably has way more money to throw at it to keep it as solid as possible since they've had subscription base from the very beginning whereas Sony did not.

But for what PSN and the PS4 do for me, I've been very happy with my purchase decision and it's seen a lot more play time than my Xbox One..probably because so far I've chosen the PS4 as my multiplat console.

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LordMaim1610d ago

What's weird is that I didn't see anything in that article about messaging causing your console to be corrupted.

FamilyGuy1610d ago

lmmfao!, I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets disgusted when trolls reply to my post.

It's like a big ass fly buzzing around your head. "Just go away!"

JohnnyTower1610d ago

That's pretty crazy. Has this happened to anyone yet?

AceBlazer131610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Never happened to me.

@truefan you fail so hard it ain't even funny.

BattleTorn1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

I haven't had any issue nearly as severe, but I have experienced this:

I had a group chat on PS4, that went on and on between other group members.

When I sign into my PS3 every single group-message was in my PS3 inbox as if each one was individually written to my ID, by each group member. This has made my PS3 inbox a massive cluster fk.

It initially had me change my password, because it lead me to believe my PSN ID had been hacked and overtaken because it appeared as though someone was conversing with various IDs from my PS3. (namely because I wasn't familiar with half the IDs involved in the PS4 group-chat)

This took a minute of figuring out.

NukaCola1610d ago

Yeah the PS4 and Vita run group chat seamlessly but when you log onto the PS3 you get bombarded with every message as a single email..even if it was you who wrote it. Wish it translated into the PS3 group messenger better.

adventureghost1241610d ago

I wouldn't be too sure of this, like they said in the article Sony support said its a PSN side issue, If thats true then I highly doubt that it could do that much damage to your console

Bdub20001610d ago

Oh no, X1 just won the console war...

Bdub20001610d ago

I like this comment and the one below. Negative ps4 article = fake, otherwise the world will end.

MasterCornholio1610d ago

When did Microsoft get ahead with their sales?

I'm serious I thought Sony was ahead by 1.2 million consoles.

1610d ago
IRetrouk1610d ago

@ sour, look at the world wide numbers my friend.

Edward751610d ago


The software numbers are out on this site... exclusives are not doing as well as the ones exclusives. Even with that huge console lead.

IRetrouk1609d ago

What? Look at the overall worldwide software sales, more games sold overall on the ps4, as for exclusives, again overall killzone takes the lead, you can add up all the x1s exclusives (4 or 5 vs 2 or 3 for ps4) all you want but it wont change the fact that killzone has sold better than any x1 exclusive, in fact you could add two or 3 of those exclusive for the x1 together and killzone will still come out on top.

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moujahed1610d ago

I never had this happen but there were two occasions when I would switch from message to games, and or message to music unlimited and the messages would crash... then it ask for a report. This only happened twice so far and I got mines in Dec 20th

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