17 Video game characters scarier than Richard Sherman

GameZone writes, "Richard Sherman is a scary man. He might be the best cornerback in the NFL; he certainly thinks so. That look and reaction from Erin Andrews, I've seen it before on the face of many gamers when they encounter a scary boss that they're not prepared to handle. Armed with a controller instead of a microphone, it's common to have panic strike you when you encounter that scary of a character. And so, here's 17 characters scarier than Richard Sherman from last night's post-game interview."

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isarai1616d ago ShowReplies(1)
punisher991616d ago

Sherman might be the best cornerback in the league right now. But as a person, he is complete trash.

Maxor1616d ago

This clown and his antics is the reason why everyone hate the Seahawks right now.

punisher991616d ago


Exactly. Dont worry though. What goes around, comes around. And he will have his day. He wants to go to twitter and whine about Crabtree pushing him in his face? lol Please. If I was Crabtree, I would have socked him right in his jaw.

Outside_ofthe_Box1616d ago

I like Sherman as a player, but he talks so much 5h!+.

I hope Peyton Manning and company light him up in the Super Bowl.

xHeavYx1616d ago

He may talk a bit too much, but the Seahawks get no respect regardless

Metallox1616d ago

lol I'm confident that Seahawks will win the Super Bowl. Peyton will be literally destroyed.

thereapersson1616d ago

Ha, the hypocrisy displayed here is astounding...

Guess that's what sports does to people.

mikeslemonade1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

If you referring to my comment then there's difference between being public and acting disgraceful, and stuff that happens behind closed doors like the internet. You guys probaly don't follow sports like I do. Richard Sherman almost does this on a weekly basis and who knows what actually goes on behind close doors. On the internet there's nothing wrong with wanting something to happen.

thereapersson1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

@ maxor

actually the reason why people hate the hawks is because they have been the NFL's easy target punching bag for so long and now are finally doing something with themselves, having built a team that rivals the NFL's greatest and now have something to show for it. When you have been a loser consecutively for so long, you are going to do what it takes to display a dominant force on the field. People are just disappointed that they can't talk s*** on the Hawks' overall performance anymore and have to contend with a crazy, passionate fan base who are taking advantage of all that pent up frustration and letting it loose on the opposition. Football is a smash-mouth sport, both verbally and physically; many major players have made some comments to each other that would make others crnge. That's just the way the game works. It happens every sport, we just don't hear about it very often unless there's some major controversy.

U MAD? You damn right you are mad!!!

@ mikeslemonade

oh really, so what happens on the internet doesn't matter in real life? The people that say things on the internet can be excused because they said it on the internet and not to someone's face in person? The people that get confronted about the things they say on Twitter or Facebook can be excused for just f****** around?

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KwietStorm1616d ago

Really? How often y'all hang out?

CrossingEden1616d ago

I'm not a fan of football, so I don't get the context. But will read the list anyway.

GreatnessAwaits1616d ago

Half of y'all never even heard of Sherm until last night. Stop being fake. I've been saying for the past 2 years that Sherm was the best CB in the NFL.

Outside_ofthe_Box1616d ago

If you're a football fan you already knew who he was.

In my opinion he wasn't the best CB until this year. Revis has been the best CB in the league prior to this year imo. I couldn't give Sherman the crown last year because Revis was injured. He was only the best by default, but after this season Sherman is the best CB in the NFL no doubt.

Highlife1616d ago

Sorry but no, most fans do know. Can't wait till the Super Bowl and Manning puts him "on tape". He is a great CB but he talks way to much.

Pennywise1381616d ago

Why all the sherman hate? His trash talk is hilarious and its all the hate that fuels him. Ever see his real interviews? He's a really charming and funny guy who give respect where its deserved. Its nice to see a player with passion for the game and speaks his mind instead of cookie cutter sound bites. Go hawks!!!

thereapersson1616d ago

I've seen him be down to Earth and give praise plenty of times in interviewsI know that Crabtree and him have a rivalry, so that's expected that there is going to be some brashness. Yeah, he probably could have worded things better, or not let the feud get in the way of the interview and taking it out of the team, but it's still understandable. Sherman apparently has been waiting for this moment (to destroy Crabtree) for the last couple years.

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