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PlayStation Now, What Is It, and Is It Worth the Hype? | The Game Fanatics

Charles of The Game Fanatics reflects on his time with PlayStation Now, and tells you everything you need to know about the service.

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lawgone1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

It needs to be a reasonable price per game, not a subscription model. I'm not paying a monthly fee on top of PS PLUS. But, with net neutrality likely going away it seems like streaming a game could become very expensive.

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joel_c171458d ago

Nah i would rather an extra 15 dollars a year ontop of my psn+. Im not to worried though - im in australia and our internet sucks so much ass we wont have the DL speed fro a long time.

nukeitall1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I don't think too many people would pay for Playstation Now when they discover heavy compression artifacts and laggy controlls on top of slowing down the internet for the rest of the family.

Reality is that, streaming on a local network and on the internet is immensely different. At home a ping time is around 3 ms, on the internet a super fast one is at 30ms. It is not uncommon to have 100-150ms. A frame at 30fps is 133ms in comparison.

Think that online game is laggy? Think again.

This is technology that is going to take years of internet infrastructure to make happen.

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ThaBx1458d ago

I hope it fails because the future of console gaming is at stake..... Picture playing street fighter with this service, it would suck! Because u need dead on accuracy to play games like that..... Plus then Sony won't need to make hardware if it's successful.... So please let's help kill this thing!!!! #4ThePlayer

admiralvic1458d ago

Why must everything be in terms of absolutes?

Just because streaming exists, doesn't mean the download and disc market will instantaneously die. It will be an option, similar to how you can stream movies, download movies, get bluray movies and even still get DVD's. Streaming is just a service that will allow gamers to play various games under set conditions. It isn't set to destroy the current market, nor is it even set to act as BC. It's simply another service, which will allow gamers a chance to have their games best.

Finally, since you brought up fighting games, you have to remember that fighting games still make money from arcades and fighting game tournaments. They will fight and make sure that their market share is not threatened and will probably opt out of the PS5 if they can't ensure quality gameplay.

maniacmayhem1458d ago

Only the Sith deals in absolutes.

JohnnyTower1458d ago

There will always be consoles guy. Internet worldwide isn't even close to have full time game streaming. That being said, you still need a device to stream to and a controller. Games on discs aren't even threatened. The masses have the option of going digital download with their games and physical media is still going strong.
I am really excited for what PS now has to offer. Hopefully they can pull it off at a reasonable price. I will be watching with great interest.

DualWielding1458d ago

I agree this thing is gonna be the future but the future is not as close as people seem to think, in 5 years or so the world would be ready for this thing..... I don't mind Sony trying to get a head start on the future but I wish they didn't abandon local emulation for ps0ne and ps2 titles, I think in the short term there's more money on selling PS2 classics as downloadable PSN games than in this streaming thing only a few would be able to really enjoy

Maxor1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

The idea of a game streaming service to is sell content regardless of platform. The fact that this is limited to Sony hardware completely killed Playstation Now. Just imagine how popular Netflix would be if you have to own a Netflix tablet, a Netflix box and a Netflix phone to enjoy.

Minato-Namikaze1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

But it's not limited to Sony Hardware.......

Ninte1458d ago

Well I'm glad I didn't buy a PS4 at $600NZ.

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