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Respawn: Titanfall "AI Is Processed In The Cloud"

Respawn: Titanfall "AI Is Processed In The Cloud". (PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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NewMonday  +   560d ago
after what we have seen of the AI is that supposed to be impressive?
Hatsune-Miku  +   560d ago | Funny
Lol, this cloud bit again. Seems like the lack of player count, lack of proper graphics and resolution were lost in the cloud. They need to send goku on flying nimbus to retrieve them
GameNameFame  +   560d ago
And other game uses AI from Cloud too.
Counter Strike 1 custom games had AI from dedicated servers.10 YEARS AGO. LOL

PS3 and Xbox 360 already had games that had AI from server.

Now they are just trying to use cloud as jargon to make it somehow impressive.

Dedicated servers good, but everyone else have it. That includes Sony, EA, Activision and etc.
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FITgamer  +   560d ago
Yeah the AI is pretty bad. The AI, lack of knowledge of game modes, and number of maps still have me on the fence with this game.
truefan1  +   560d ago
I have the most ingenious idea, lets wait until March when the final game is released and then it open season. You guys sound stupid basing all of your opinions based off an alpha build they probably used at E3 or before. If you don't believe Microsoft has the cloud feature available you are just in denial, especially when you all actual believe in ps now.
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JokesOnYou  +   560d ago
lol the jealousy is strong in yet another Titanfall thread. As usuall many want to jump the gun and downplay the game as if its releasing tommorrow lol the whole point was to test the backend infrastructure and fix bugs nothing more.

Still the leaked vids demonstrate that the game is fluid, the gameplay kicks azz, but of course once again the haters want to insist leaked test gameplay is meant to reflect the final product, based on player feedback the AI will be much better, plus we haven't seen all th AI as Respawn said there are different types= it will only get better from now to the full blown release, yet all those with hands on love the game already.

That said, continue the desperation it's pretty comical watching all the "Try Hards" led by NewMonday/Maria.
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lolCHILLbro  +   560d ago
Cant wait for Titanfall, it going to be a great game! some people from school are getting X1's just for Titanfall lol
MeknSence  +   560d ago
Hate on what? All the bashing on TitanFail may not be just Sony fans. The game is coming out on 360 right? Ok then! What you put out is what you get!

Fact #1: "The Cloud" suppose to be revolutionary (base on PR) therefore, why do we have to be stuck with uncontrollable AI that can hamper your strategy while playing?

Fact #2: 6 vs 6 might be acceptable on the 360 (last gen) but yet it's the same for Xbox 1, and PC which is next gen?

Being controlled by EA is just another fail. Don't get me wrong, I'm getting this game for my 360, but I'm just not keeping my expectations high!
MysticStrummer  +   560d ago
"The reality is that with the AI being cloud based it means the AI will constantly grow smarter and get better. That is what it does in Forza 5."

Reality is that it may or may not do that. This is a completely different game from a completely different company.
ZodTheRipper  +   560d ago
If the cloud or AI is supposed to be a selling point it certainly didn't work for me. Game looks fun but some design decisions are simply ridiculous ...just make it 12v12+ without any AI and I'm sold.
5eriously  +   560d ago

Read this

bennissimo  +   560d ago
None of this contrarian BS matters.

The game is fun.

I haven't yet met anyone who has played the game and not completely loved it.
bryam1982  +   560d ago
the best ai in a cloud is lakitu from mario bros man i.remember when i.was a.kid how i hated it when he throw a spike on top of me lol microsoft should hire him so he can show them the real power of d clouds
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DigitalRaptor  +   560d ago
Is there any technical reason why they can't provide more than 6 vs 6, or is Microsoft just trying to peddle the cloud and insist publishers who have signed contracts with them support it?

I'm sure people would prefer to have a larger player count than AI that is lackluster, at best. But here there is no choice. They simply cannot provide people the option to have larger player count modes? Or they just trying to find the right balance using the cloud?

The game is not visually demanding, so it really doesn't hold much weight. Why can they just not let players take control of the bots, and battle it out?
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DragonKnight  +   560d ago
Jokes, why would anyone be jealous of Titanfall?

I'm serious here. You know that this is Call of Duty with mechs, and you also know that in 2 years you're going to be complaining about how it hasn't changed just like Call of Duty.

Who's jealous of a game that processes AI through a network with a latency problem? How can AI being processed through "da klowd" be in any way a good idea? You know you're going to see many instances of AI controlled characters just standing still waiting for the cloud to process their actions right?

So who's jealous Jokes? Because I'm not. If I wanted to play a mech game, there are better ones that are older than Titanfall to play. If I wanted to play Call of Duty, I'd shoot myself.

Don't mistake people criticizing this game for wanting it. We have enough to choose from, we don't need Call of Duty Reskinned.

Pfft, jealous. Yeah, ok. /s
Hellsvacancy  +   560d ago
Jokes - Why does someone have to be jealous just because they don't like something? your pathetic "sometimes"

You telling me I'M jealous because I have no interest in Ryse, Dead Rising 3 or TitanFall? i'm also not interested in Killzone 4 or inFamous Second Son so what now?
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Prime157  +   560d ago
Truefan1 and jokesonyou...

Most are not bashing the game, they are bashing the PR. I bash the PR because of the gullible people like you who believe it. This is only dedicated servers as we have known them since the 90s even. Maybe even earlier.

I want to play titanfall, but I also want this ploy to stop our prove us wrong. Thus, our heavy skepticism.

Edit: I also realize this is a moba, and the ai are cannon fodder, which also has me skeptical in fps terms.
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nukeitall  +   560d ago
you people can discuss all the negative and be critical, while loving all the PS4 games. Go play KillZone with essentially p2p with proxy servers.

Us others on Xbox One excited about Titanfalls will enjoy it come this march.

Full dedicated serverf, and no P2P with proxy server crap masqerading. Powah of the cloud baby!
DragonKnight  +   560d ago
@nukeitall: Nah, we'll be too busy playing good games the way the devs actually wanted them to be on consoles rather than making compromises and using a high latency network to create unresponsive AI, all while having our own dedicated servers (because dedicated servers have been a part of the PS3 since launch and are nothing new) and actual first party titles to choose from.

Enjoy the bread crumbs you're given though, it's all you.
TheRedButterfly  +   559d ago
You give Miku a bad name.
mediate-this  +   559d ago
Lack of player count? Whats wrong with 6v6?? Titans fighting anything more would get overwhelming. Cod is 6v6
mewhy32  +   559d ago
What is the resolution of this game? How many players can play in a match? What if my internet goes out, can I still play?
Patrick_pk44  +   559d ago
The AI's heads are in the cloud, this explain why they are terrible.
SilentNegotiator  +   559d ago
"Bu but it'll get better!"

How is the AI going to get smarter if its based on players actions and players are spending a lot of time going around using what little strategy is required for unresponsive, brain-dead AI?
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Lior  +   560d ago
What about pc?
Volkama  +   560d ago
Also uses the Live cloud.

People are saying the AI is unresponsive, but these are infrastructure tests. It's quite possible the AI are one of the things being tested. They could just be data-crunching to see how frequently the AI can poll the environment or just how much data they can crunch in the decision making process.

I'm not saying the AI will definitely be great, but there is just no way you can see it will definitely be bad either.
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DragonKnight  +   560d ago
The AI are unresponsive because of the cloud and that's it. What else do you expect from a high latency network?
Volkama  +   559d ago
Sigh it's DragonKnight.

Quick question, are other players responsive enough for you?

AI hosted on the server will be subject to less latency than a human opponent, so if you really think the latency makes the AI inadequate you should probably avoid online play altogether.
Goku781  +   560d ago
Not one bit. Touting that the AI is produced in the cloud is still so gimmicky but not surprising since MS is paying people just to say nice things about Xbox One. That's not kool or acceptable. Wonder how many of these guys are getting paid like I always suspected?

BG11579  +   560d ago
Someone knows where to get a job like that?
I could use more money. ^^
Akuma07  +   559d ago
After all this news about MS paying Youtube people for mentions, I will never ever believe any Youtuber he says good things about the Xbox One. And will unsub them if they do.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   560d ago
I don't think you trolls even know what you're talking about. Just wait for the full game to come out before you start your mentally ill troll bouts. The beta was for catching bugs for goodness sake, wasn't designed to give the full experience hence the barebones build of the game.
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aceitman  +   560d ago
My question is do they want 60$for online only game . Not worth it. And how do they have it on preorder is it going to be disc based or online download codes
MysticStrummer  +   560d ago
So the AI in the alpha were not connected to the cloud? MS fans should hope that's the case.
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n4gamingm  +   560d ago
there not even telling you the cloud is all mighty, he literally answered a question to a article link about the ai which was so off. Whoever wrote this is just trying to destroy respawn imagine.
Pricey  +   560d ago
Number of Jokes on You comments on N4G is relative to the number of positive MS articals on N4G. Not seen him as much this gen, Ignorance is bliss i guess. If Balmer shat in his living room he'd find a silver lining. You got to tell me how you got on their payroll.

On topic Titanfal looks good might need to upgrade though pc is a bit old.
MRMagoo123  +   560d ago
exactly what i was going to say lol , they should have just not said anything at all really , it would have been better that way.
Prime157  +   560d ago
I'm going to count how many ai is on my ps4's screen in assassin's creed multiplayer then be like, "I'm pretty sure it's cloud powered."
H0RSE  +   559d ago
Lots of misinformed people in here when discussing the AI. The AI in Titanfall is supposed to be stupid - it has been talked about in numerous articles. One of their functions is to serve as cannon fodder so players have targets they can grind for points to earn there Titans faster.

"They’re (AI) meant to serve several different functions. On one level, the AI characters are there as fodder for players who simply aren’t good enough to kill other player-controlled characters. They also serve as an easier way to load up on the experience needed to call in a Titan."

- Justn Hendry, Respawn Entertainment; Lead Designer


The AI are not functioning as "bots." They are not supposed to function as formidable teammates/opponents.
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mrpsychoticstalker  +   559d ago
This game is awesome, everything i have seen so far has the next generation feel.
Im sure you want it @newmonday.

You are showing it on every single comment you have made in the last week.

I cant wait for titanfall.
Harmy666  +   559d ago
Have you forgot this is still in ALPHA development?
DeadlyFire  +   560d ago
So AI will be 3 seconds behind noticing my incoming bullets? Free kills = Awesome.
The_Infected  +   560d ago
If Playstation Now can stream entire games over the internet I'm pretty sure you could stream AI just fine.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   560d ago
I do agree with you what's wrong with MS. PS Now is actually more impressive than Cloud Compute it's actually proof of true cloud power.
The_Infected  +   560d ago

Yea I agree and Playstation Now looks more interesting to me and from what I've seen more proof than concept unlike Xbox cloud compute.
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Irishguy95  +   560d ago
hahaha, you fanboys, steaming <<<< Compute. Regardless of how much you want it to be. Compute is NOT streaming AI. Learn the difference. Compute does NOT have latency issues that Streaming will always have.

MS will unveil their own streaming and eventually Sony will be using Compute too.

Let me ask you. Would you prefer the Ps4 to be completely streaming or would you prefer if it had it's own power to run the games? Do you even know what the difference is between the two?

Compute is the next step to streaming. Deal with it.

Now, with that said - Titanfall has **** Ai. Regardless of the reason as to why it had bad Ai(It's clearly for gameplay reasons like the last of us), this is a bad example of the system. Unless they have a gametype that has the Ai upped like a horde mode or something, it's a bad example. Since they aren't showing the Ai as something formidable.

Either way, cloud compute is limited to whatever MS want to limit too. Which means its power can be above the consoles.

@ infected, really its pretty funny the **** you are spewing. Streaming a full game is a shoddy answer. It has latency issues and always will. < Nothing to do with power. It's to do with physics. Thats why its being reserved to last gen games and previous. It's for BC. Not for new games. You are better off playing games on their original console than with Streaming. ANd sure, streaming is good enough without the option of BC.

But it is not better than BC by a long shot. Compute is completely different. Since you don't have to rely on something miles away to stream your game. You can have the base code on your system, and have 'upgrades' streamed to your game. We'll have to see how far devs take it.
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scott182  +   560d ago

There is latency in compute, that's why they can't do any GPU tasks, they can only do minor CPU tasks. Such as random AI running out of a room shooting mindlessly.

Playstation now is extremely impressive, just the fact it is looking so good pre beta, that's why so many in the media are so excited for it.
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DeadlyFire  +   560d ago
Do you guys even know if AI is in the firefights? So easy to stir yall up. :)

In reality AI will get a delay either way. Streaming a whole game like on PSNow the whole game gets that matched latency delay. Streaming just the AI puts it at a slower rate than the game. I am sure it will be fine for most gamers. For experienced players the bots will still be dumb as rocks with slower reaction times. I expect it to be similar to this.
Volkama  +   560d ago
In theory the AI will respond in half the time a real player does, and that's if you only consider latency and not actual human reaction times.

It's absolutely practical to offload AI, even for single players games if a connection is available.
MysticStrummer  +   560d ago
What I read is that background AI is suitable for the cloud, which means stuff like how the citizens of Skyrim act whether you're there or not, but I don't think this qualifies as background AI. We shall see.
ion53  +   559d ago
But, I'm not an expert but, TLoU let us say woukd be easier because you're processing the whole thing... And relaying the images back. Where as when there are 12 different people doing their own thing and they try and plonck Cloud AI would it nit be harder? I am not an expert somplease inform me if I am incorect
n4rc  +   560d ago
When AI is run on the same network as the server.. It has less latency then a player does..

Good try tho ;)
The_Infected  +   560d ago
How does it have less latency when the AI has to react to real time player actions from who knows how far away? Just curious?
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Charybdis  +   560d ago
Its simple the AI has the host advantage as it is running on the host (dedicated server 'cloud').

However AI does need to be calculated, which ofcourse does take time and resources. So why use the cloud for AI (in an online game): Simply because its easier too create a larger amount of AI of higher quality, without needing to worry over local resources.

Having the AI run in the cloud on dedicated servers removes the amount of (AI) data that needs to be calculated on home console and information send back and forwards to server (by different users). Which when using cloud happens on cloud (dedicated servers).

So AI in cloud on dedicated servers have less latency than using p2p solution for the AI.
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n4rc  +   560d ago
Sums it up well..

I think that's why so many can't understand how this will all work.. Because they are so used to p2p setups..

All the cloud means is dedicated servers with extra resources to do more then simply run the game world..

Nobody wanted to pay for the servers required, hosting the games were expensive enough.. Its why everything gets done locally.. Until now
AceBlazer13  +   560d ago

Get your shit in order respawn
Godmars290  +   560d ago
What the deuce?

So server and cloud aren't the same thing or something?
jackanderson1985  +   560d ago
i'd trust the company rather than the community manager in the whole aspect... maybe she was just referring to the alpha not utilizing the "cloud"

also technically she never said it wasn't on the cloud could have easily been a missed question (the guy did ask two) and both were asked in a yes or no question
-Foxtrot  +   560d ago
I honestly feel the AI is there just to cover the whole 6v6 thing.

Can you imagine them trying to make trailers as impressive and "epic" like with just 12 players on the map. Tumbleweed just floating past a Titan with his legs up...
H0RSE  +   559d ago
You apparently have never played a competition level match...

Even at 5v5, (which was the limit for competition games I played) action can be intense and players still need to be aware of their surrounds, and this was in a game that supported 64 players.

You guys can joke and high five one another all you want over the low player limit, but unless you have actually spent a significant amount of time playing in such an environment, your opinions are little more than s*** talking.

If you want a skill-based shooter, low player count is the way you go, which is why comp matches are always low, usually 8v8 being around the highest. If you're more casual or the "adrenaline junkie" sort, who needs the extra stimulation, then by all means continue on your journey in your 32 and 64 player pub stomps.

Seeing how virtually every single person who has played the game, including both players and critics, has had nothing but positive things to say about the game, coupled with the record breaking amount of awards it has received, the term "don't knock it till you try it" seems fitting here.
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Erudito87  +   560d ago
I hate all this talk of the cloud and the cloud
corroios  +   560d ago
So even with the help of «duncan mcCLOUD» its still 6vs6, its simple amazing. Next Gen stuff.
N0gg1nsh0tz  +   560d ago
TomahawkX  +   560d ago
All this AI cloud talk, it better be amazing and revolutionary, otherwise what's the point?
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djplonker  +   560d ago
6v6 non destructable maps oh the power of the cloud is frightening :/
staticdash22  +   560d ago
" lets wait until March when the final game is released and then it open season. You guys sound stupid basing all of your opinions based off an alpha build they probably used at E3 or before"

The game is coming out in just over a month. Most if the core gameplay systems are already in place and they are testing through the alpha. You can't seriously expect major changes this late in the development cycle. Graphical assets are really the only thing yet to be fully inserted, everything else else including AI is nearing Gold status.
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djplonker  +   560d ago
This is the only major exclusive game to hit the bone this year (as far as I know) and people will have to play it for a long time and will believe it will change and on release they will be the first to say it sucked because they deluded themselves!

How many people are worried about infamious ss?
none because its not a new ip and people know what they are getting!
LightofDarkness  +   560d ago
This test isn't about making major changes to the game. This build is designated as alpha, meaning it is likely months old and is not feature complete. It was released only to test the network functionality. Looks to me like it's near the same build used at trade shows, minus a great deal of texture resolution. They would have made significant advances in many areas in internal builds since this build was created. Just because it was released a few days ago does not mean it's only a few days old.

There is not likely to be a beta test as they are not looking for customer feedback about the features or balance of the game.
jackanderson1985  +   560d ago
but what if they did with the AI something like the did with forza? took the key aspects from say the top 100 gamers overall or say your friends and implemented their traits and abilities into the AI.. it'd constantly change the AI throughout the game and would introduce some sort of random acts to it

@djplonker halo 5 (although not confirmed is rumored to be by the end of the year), fable legends and quantum break are all to hit 2014 and depending on your taste and preference they could be regarded as major exclusives
djplonker  +   560d ago
Oh yeah forgot about quantum and fable although the fables series has gotten worse with every new game!

fable oldest and best and what was the last one the xbla game or that kinect title?
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H0RSE  +   559d ago
It's less about expecting changes as it is about expecting content. The alpha did not have access to all the content available in the game, and players won't see it all till the game launches.


"but what if they did with the AI something like the did with forza? took the key aspects from say the top 100 gamers overall or say your friends and implemented their traits and abilities into the AI.. it'd constantly change the AI throughout the game and would introduce some sort of random acts to it."

- that likely won't happen, because the AI is not meant to serve as formidable teammates/opponents. They serve their own purpose, and offering a challenge to players isn't one them.
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N0gg1nsh0tz  +   560d ago
In a video of the Alpha, the guy was playing, went into a room full of AI and he killed every single one of them and took very minimal damage. Some shit tier AI programming i'd think.
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Hercules189  +   560d ago
Just like everyone else is saying, with the cloud the ai doesnt stay the same like the other ai from generations ago. This cloud ai will adapt learning from other players over time. So the ai 2 weeks after launch will act much more like other players just like it is in Forza. Did I make myself clear or do i need to do some more explaining.
liquidhalos  +   560d ago
Hey hercules respawn said it doesn't, but anyway I'm up for a laugh, please make your incorrect theory clearer
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snookiegamer  +   560d ago
I agree that Titan Fall should be judged upon release. PS Now is cloud based, and I have no issue believing that is a viable technology.

It would make me extremely hypocritical to discount/discredit MS' A.I. cloud solution...and I've heard positive things about its use in Forza 5.

So I won't :)


I know it would only affect SP titles...But, what happens if the internet goes down? What happens to the A.I.? Will the Xbox One/PS4 CPU take over in that scenario? So many questions ikr lol ....but, I'm a little concerned both MS/Sony are perhaps too reliant on internet/server technology.
#11 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jackanderson1985  +   560d ago
i thought they'd keep some data cached on the system to be deleted when necessary (xbox's self management)
snookiegamer   560d ago | Immature | show
parentsbasement   560d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
Veni Vidi Vici  +   560d ago
The more video I see of the "grunts", the more I hate the fact that it's only 6 vs 6. This was one of my most anticipated game releases but the recent videos have me worried. I'll wait till I've played it or it's released to make a final judgement but Respawn are doing a poor job explaining why the use of grunts is a better option than just increasing the player count.
Dlacy13g  +   560d ago
From my thoughts on the Alpha in a different thread:

9) Team sizes feel more than fine for this size map given the AI on the field as well. If it was just pilots then I would be definitely be saying this game could use more human players, however once you are start getting Titans on to the map you quickly understand why more than 6 a side would begin to degrade the experience. The mechs are big, and they do take up a large chunk of real-estate for some of the streets and pathways. Two or more mechs in the same area leads to a type of congestion that can be borderline not fun as everyone tries to navigate the streets. Unless they create some really open maps, which wont be terribly great for pilots on the ground, I don't see that player count changing much.

My overall thoughts on this game are in a word: Glowing. Don't get caught up in the player count, I can assure you that you wont care once in a match.
Veni Vidi Vici  +   560d ago
When they first announced the player count, I was one who didn't really think much of it. Some games play better with fewer people. I don't really care that it's 6v6. What I don't get is the reason to have AI bots that are borderline retarded. It just feels like they're throwing them in there to fill the map without having it use up bandwidth/resources/etc.

Don't you get mechs for getting points? Don't you get points for killing grunts(among other things)? Wouldn't there be fewer mechs if there wasn't so much cannon fodder? If it was, say, 8v8 with no bots, it would be harder to get so many kills so fast so there would be fewer mechs. If that's not how you get mechs, then I'm obviously wrong. Like I said, I haven't played it and I'll reserve judgement until I do but those are the questions running through my head when I watch the videos. They could even limit the number of mechs deployed at a time so it wouldn't be a clusterF. I just haven't heard a good reason yet as to why they need the grunts at all.
Dlacy13g  +   560d ago
So first off, every human pilot gets a mech on the battlefield, and only human pilots get mechs.

Your mech will spawn faster as you accumulate more kills, cature points... basically the more you do in game to help your team the faster the mech will spawn or respawn if destroyed.

more mechs on the field of battle (due to the map design mind you) makes things more clogged if you will on streets. they could try and open the maps up to allow for more mechs on map but that means opening up the lanes of the streets from what they are now and would be frankly unusually wide streets. On top of that the more narrow pathways allow pilots to have better success at seeking refuge from Mechs. The bot AI acts as a distraction to both pilots and mechs. You cant ignore them but you cant focus on them as the human players are ever present. The bot AI will help keep on foot pilots from just staying indoors. I mean honestly if there were no bots you could easily just sit inside and guerilla attack mechs given the lower player count. it would be much harder to find you given how much of a maze these maps are for pilots.

Like I said in another thread the 6v6 feels good especially once the mechs start dropping. And I like that everyone gets a mech not just the guys doing really well (hello kill streaks).
Dlacy13g  +   560d ago
If you have played the game you will understand why 6v6 is a pretty good sweet spot for player count. If you haven't, your opinion is meaningless.

As for the cloud processed AI vs hardware processed AI...in a competitive online game, AI on the field 100% has to be done in the cloud otherwise all users will experience it differently and likely creates major synch issues.
ssj27  +   560d ago
Yes that is why they had to add bots because 6vs6 is perfect lol

This fanboys are forgetting that this devs did two cool games but introduced a IP that ruined last gen experience and ips for most players.
H0RSE  +   559d ago
You completely missed his points when addressing the AI...

The AI are not meant to serve as replacements or "filler" for actual players - they have their own role. They are not acting as "bots." Think of a MOBA like LoL. It is a 5v5 game, with lots of AI on both teams known as "minions." The minions are not designed to serve as teammates in the way adding bots to a game would.
ssj27  +   559d ago
believe what you want to believe h0rse but it's a fact that their a independent new small studio.. and are doing a good job passing them self as a AAA game developer when they are not and you can see that when you see how small simple.. short in features their game is.. and visually looks like a PS3 game.

and that is not a bad thing.. they game seem fun but it will get boring and repetitive very fast.. mark my words.

I'm sure part two will better but there are many better games and will be by that time comes out.

stop acting like it will be the new cod4 LOL
H0RSE  +   558d ago
It's not about about "believing what I want to believe," it's about what is and what isn't. What I stated about the AI, is indeed it's purpose, at least in part. They are not designed to act as teammates, which explains why if a game starts and teams are unbalanced, they aren't filled with bots. They have their own purpose, they even have their own spawn points.

The whole part of your rant about Respawn being a small, independent studio, had nothing to do anything. It definitely wasn't in response to anything I stated.

And excuse me if I don't "mark your words," but I'll be my own judge on what's fun/repetitive and what's not...

I never acted or even insulated that the game would be the next cod4, which I assume is supposed to mean the next big thing? I don't like COD, so I would never make such a comparison.

My comment had to do with the AI, and nothing else. No claim of greatness, or the next big thing - oddly enough, your reply to my comment, had virtually nothing to do with anything I said.
#14.1.3 (Edited 558d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
KNWS  +   560d ago
AI is not meant to be difficult, this was a choice by Respawn. Its a online game. And who wants to be killed by the

Sony fans are in denial, the only games on the PSN Network, using dedicated belong to EA or someone else. Sony doesn't provide dedicated for any games.

Microsoft Azure servers are great, why you think people are all saying its lag free and smooth as butter? Of course Sony fans who've never played games that use Azure will never understand why that is.
#15 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(10) | Report | Reply
neoMAXMLC  +   559d ago
"Sony doesn't provide dedicated for any games."

Oh right, so I guess the 2000 player Planetside 2 will run on P2P networks? You Microsoft fanboys sure are delusional.
snookiegamer  +   560d ago
Well, I am secretly envious Titan Fall will not be coming to PS4. I say 'secretly'

...but you all know now lool :)))
ssj27  +   560d ago
Titanfall 2 most likely will. Pkua if you want a titanfall lile experience go and play killzone 3 I bet you did not even give it a try and if you did and did not kike the titans and jetpacks then mostlikely you will not like this.
SliceOfTruth888  +   560d ago
Its unbelievable that Sony trolls can not even grasp the concept of an alpha build. All hd textures were left out, all cloud ai hasn't even started yet, and most of the people complaining haven't even played the game yet. As an owner of all 3 next Gen systems I can honestly say my ps4 hasn't been touched since xbone came out. I own knack and killzone and both were below average. You just have to accept ps4 stinks right now. We have infamous to look forward to thankfully, but after playing this titanfall alpha I can't even think of anything but getting this game asap. In the retail version the grunts will become smarter to your own game play.
jackdaddy  +   560d ago
Even if I didn't have a PS4 or PS3, I would still rip the shit out of microsoft.
Deal with it.
neoMAXMLC  +   559d ago
Not exactly sure what makes the X1 any better besides maybe one decent exclusive and inferior multiplats.

Hang on scratch that last part.
#17.2 (Edited 559d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
H0RSE  +   558d ago
The thing is, there are people that don't find them "inferior" at all - It's all about perspective.

For example, all my friends play xbox, so any MP/co-op multiplat that comes out, I will find infinitely better on Xbox, since I have my friends to play with. And when I say "friends," I mean people I've known for awhile and socialize with in the real world, so it wouldn't even be case of simply finding new friends on PSN to play with. For SP games, I also find multiplats better on Xbox, because I despise the PlayStation controller.

It isn't all about pretty graphics and famerates - I simply don't have fun playing games on PlayStation, regardless of their resolution and framerate, and regardless which one (PS, PS2, PS3, etc.) You seem to be looking at a game as simply a program, and judging one's enjoyment or opinion on that program based on technical stats. I see games as an experience, And I have the greatest experience playing games on Xbox and PC.

And if and when the situation arises when I really want to enjoy a game at it's absolute best looking, I have a PC for that.
#17.2.1 (Edited 558d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
alti   560d ago | Trolling | show
jackdaddy  +   560d ago
Call of Duty: Titanfall....yawn
darksky  +   560d ago
I hate this cloud bullshit and online only gameplay. In 5 years time when I will still be able to play COD:Ghosts campaign or even Battlefield 4 , Titanfall will probably have no servers and no way to play it offline..
Niv  +   560d ago
OMG the LAG will be insane. Gonna be easy XP
corvusmd  +   560d ago
WOW...look at all the scared hate on this thread. The more the "hate" the more we all know it's just jealousy. This game looks amazing...PERIOD. Come up with whatever little problems you think it has and tell yourself they are real issues...the bottom line is that this game looks to be the first true system seller, and even in Alpha looks better than EVERY game out there. Certain fans are just mad that it's not on THEIR system, plain and simple...then they have the nerve to call themselves "gamers". If you guys are so worried about AI and cloud...why don't you take a trip over to a KZ thread or a COD on PSN thread and complain about why the two most popular games on PS4 don't even get true dedicated server support now that PSN has been "upgraded" and you pay for it now. The jealousy and rage hate is SO OBVIOUS in this thread it's laughable. Just because some people swore their soul to Sony, doesn't mean we all have to go blind to what an amazing game looks like...gaming is about having fun...this game will do that...get over it. If this game isn't for you, just move on quietly, I thought I really wanted to play deep down, but then the more I learned about it, the less I like...I don't troll the pages because it's a game that I don't want to play...I let those that DO want to play it have their fun. If your system is so great...go on your system's threads and spread positive messages instead of trolling your competition because you're scared....I know it stings...but only cause it's true.
christocolus  +   560d ago
Lol. I keep seeing people hating on titanfall but i dont think ms or respawn are forcing the game on anyone. If you dont like it then move on and stop being so bitter .if you do, then hook me up on march 11th. My pals and i will be waiting with our titans to take you down.. lol
#22.1 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
denero1  +   560d ago
all i have is a ps3 and soon ps4 yet even I see the hate titanfall is getting over small things and don't kid yourself people it's mostly sony fans -_-

the problem is your outnumbered by these religious fanatical nuts
#22.1.1 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
blackmanone  +   560d ago
I can tell you believe this... I just don't see how you expect any rational person to agree with you.
Audiggity  +   560d ago
Wow... unbelievably long, sad, uneducated string of assumption based comments. Is this all based on the Alpha leaks? Or is it based on all of you pretending to understand how cloud based processing can be applied in near-real-time? Or have you all managed to magically play Titanfall?

I'm not saying it will be good or bad... frankly, it reminds me of Call of Duty a bit, which is a huge turn-off. However* it looks pretty unique, with a lot of room to grow.

Let's all wait until the game comes out to make any sort of meaningful decisions. Argue about the use of the cloud AI, that's fine, but immediately jumping to a final conclusion every time ANY Titanfall article is published is kind of silly. No?
jcampanozzi87  +   560d ago
So if you have a bad connection then the enemy will walk into the wall or in circles? Hmmmm.
christocolus  +   560d ago
Getting this day one..cant wait.
Pinkdolphinyfg  +   560d ago
Nobody complained when uncharted 3, gears of war, or halo had 6vs6 but now all of a sudden that its titanfall this game is going to be terrible. Lol sony fanboys grasping at straws to anything negative.
blackmanone  +   560d ago
I bought all those games for the single player. What's your real point?
SwiftArsonist  +   560d ago
the point is that you come to an xbox post to complain about a game you aint never gonna be able to play on your console. that's the point, that's the jelly that drives you to bash and critique any good news that come out for xone. shouldn't you clowns be playing knack or killzone instead of waiting for any single piece of info of titanfall?
SwiftArsonist  +   560d ago
i see some drones came to troll this article. you guys come here and in detail complain what you don't like about the game, yet here you are. let me ask you this: what flavor is that jelly you guys having right now?
denero1  +   560d ago
lmaoo they've been jelly since the announcement so at this point it's stale jelly probably taste like paste
Kujii  +   560d ago
lol I've never seen so much hate over one word "cloud". He could have replaced it with "online-server" and no one would have cared.

The game looks fun no doubt but some of you xbox guys are praising the "cloud" like its the best thing since sliced bread. Everyone should remember it was a 1 year exclusive until a couple of months ago so I'm pretty sure they would have been confident in using the same server side AI on PSN.

I'll wait till the game comes out before I pull the trigger on picking up an xbox one or building a PC for it.

this is my delimma

Titanfall / Forza or Titanfall / Dota 2
#28 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SwiftArsonist  +   560d ago
social media is the one exaggerating the cloud thing. its a feature thats there for developers and ms to use, if they use it or not is their business, they are the experts. cloud tech is still a long way to go but its where most companies are heading. a little research do wonders.

now about titanfall. you go to twitter and all this sites and everyone is happy about how the game looks and feels even though the games is like at 25% in terms of graphics or something like that. Its the Sony drones that simply cannot resist to bash any article xbox related. The game is not coming to your console, the game WILL sell A LOT of copies, get over it. Enjoy your "Killzone" and wait for your "Infamous".
Pricey  +   560d ago
I hate the term cloud. Neanderthals gather around an xbox one playing titanfall, one asks how this is possible... another responds "... ugg ugg it come from cloud... ugg..." Its just patranising BS marketing. Why not say the AI is done on a server, see just as easy.
#30 (Edited 560d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Pricey  +   559d ago
To the prat who disagreed. You think its some magical new piece of technology do you. I hope they take all your money.
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