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Xbox One User Uses Kinect And Upload Studio For Cooking Show, Phil Spencer Is Impressed

Xbox One User Uses Kinect And Upload Studo For Cooking Show, Phil Spencer Is Impressed (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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XiSasukeUchiha  +   191d ago
Cooking show man more entertainment for the Xbox
Death  +   191d ago
You must have missed this.

Deathdeliverer  +   191d ago
Death I clicked on that link and almost spit out my cereal. Nice response to what Sasuke wrote lol.
DeathOfTheFanBoy  +   191d ago
people falling asleep... the height of entertainment, not to worry though, games are coming... eventually.
FunAndGun  +   191d ago
a lot of death up there.
liquidhalos  +   191d ago
LOL that was so funny. I never ever seem to find weird stuff like this on the PS4, maybe im looking in the wrong place. Where abouts on the dash is it? I spend too much time gaming and watching music videos.
HiddenMission  +   191d ago

You link to a video of people falling asleep while playing a game...oh snap because that has never ever happened before the entire time that any form of video or audio media has existed.

Try harder troll...
Death  +   191d ago

Way too sensitive my friend. I was replying to the OP that is under the impression the only thing people do on the Xbox is entertainment. I would think most people are aware cooking shows and people sleeping in front of their console hardly represents what people do with them. The Xbox One and PS4 are primarily game consoles with other entertainment and social features. It's the whole people living in glasses houses throwing stones thing. Not recommended unless you have a lot of Bandaids.
Dlacy13g  +   191d ago
@Death, holy crap that is too funny.
HiddenMission  +   191d ago

No not too sensitive just seen you since prior to the PS4's launch throwing salt on the console any chance you can.

Both are consoles it's just that they approach the business aspect from very different ends MS from the TV/Entertainment side with gaming coming in second and Sony with the Gaming 1st and TV/Entertainment 2nd.

This is evident in how the UI's are laid out which is why MS is doing an overhaul of the UI to make the gaming feature sets that were strengths for the 360 become strengths for the XBI.

Maybe your too sensitive...your like a child who does the whole well he/she did it too.

Just saying
Death  +   191d ago
Here's the thing Hidden, just because you want the Xbox One to focus first on media, it doesn't make it true. Nothing to this point supports what you claim, and much of what has happened says the opposite. PSNow includes a paid tv subscription plan. This shouldn't be a shock since Sony made a deal with Viacom over the summer to bring more tv to their consoles. VitaTV was not created to bring Vita games to the tv, it's a set top box like Roku or AppleTV that also streams games along with playing retail copies. Sony's focus judging from these announcements and their first party launch games tell a different tale then "games first" like you claim. Microsoft was prepared with more first party games which is odd since you say they are all about media. The HDMI input that can be used for your cable box is "free" and can be used as an input for another game console or PC. The app for Time Warner is also "free". SO yeah, the media content is available, but there is no business model around it unlike Sony's plans. Look at apps like Netflix and Hulu. Sony offers access to them for free while Xbox hides them behind their online gaming services "paywall". So who is "gaming first" in your eyes? I'm under the impression both companies are gaming first, but Sony is looking at other applications and business models more aggresively.

As for the personal digs, I'm most likely old enough to be your father. I have found in my lifetime that people resort to personal attacks when they have nothing intelligent to back up what they say. Your time would be better served giving examples to back what you claim then simply rely on intimidation to get your point across. I love learning and try to learn something every day. By all means prove to me what you say is true so I can pass it on to others that are interested.
christocolus  +   191d ago

FamilyGuy  +   191d ago
Wow, this guy is eeeeextremely bland and booooring.
I'd rather watch a couple sleep on a couch for an hour than watch this guy explain cooking for five minutes.

I'm sure people are using upload studio for more helpful or entertaining videos than this, why highlight this schmuck?
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NeoTribe  +   191d ago
That was funny lol. I remember seeing those idiots sleeping when i was looking through the live streams. Couldnt believe how many people were in there watching that crap.
Mega24  +   191d ago
Nothing new, anyone can do this on a digital camera, or even a smartphone, and upload it to youtube... anyway, is this really impressive? or even news worthy?

Its like going to the bathroom and taking a dump while recording it with Kinect...
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jackanderson1985  +   191d ago
that'd be because the console isn't out in Japan yet... don't worry those bathroom videos are coming

but yeah this isn't really newsworthy at all... i'm surprised they haven't started grabbing random tweets from industry professionals yet
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Mr Pumblechook  +   191d ago
This guy has got as much personality as the Xbox execs.
Patrick_pk44  +   191d ago
I think you mean, "more entertaining than the Xbox itself."
ThePope  +   191d ago

That is so funny. Gosh forbid someone be creative.


Of course it happens all the time, especially with no games to play!
Sephiroushin  +   191d ago
"Creative use of Kinect and XBOX One."
Yeah he is very impressed! /s

That sentence alone cannot tell anyone if he is or not impressed ...
parentsbasement  +   191d ago
Not as impressive as the PS4 guy stripping his wife's clothes off though.....
iceman1346  +   191d ago
majiebeast  +   191d ago
Or this guy, who got so wasted and then got pranked by one of the viewers. R.I.P twitch Playroom so much fun while it lasted.

harrisk954  +   191d ago
you can still use Playroom on UStream.
-wub-  +   191d ago
Saturday night some dude was fingering his naked girlfriend, they almost had 5k viewers...
Axios2  +   191d ago
Now I can get "buy-in" and justify the purchase to my wife.

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snookiegamer  +   191d ago
DiRtY  +   191d ago
That is one of the more productive ways to use the streaming / upload functions of the Xbox One / PS4.

We have seen worse...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   191d ago
If you go on 'Live from PlayStation' late at night (US) or early in the morning (UK) you see some F'd up S***. Constant naked chicks, sometimes naked dudes -_-, Japanese girls dressed in kinky outfits eating food and giggling lol, people having full blown parties, full blown sex/sexual acts, high/drunk people making fools out of themselves...so yeah, much worse.

The idea of cooking shows and other helpful/interesting streams is actually pretty cool. I would watch those. Unfortunately they are rare on PS4. It's mostly just what i mentioned above mixed with regular people streaming videogames.
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Mega24  +   191d ago
Hey Lukas, there's this website for cooking shows and many other DIY things, idk if you the name but here http://www.youtube.com/ you can find many people doing DYI stuff, because If I can remember correctly, the PS4/X1 are gaming consoles, and not cooking show equipment...


No problem, I'm glad I could help man, there are way to many people that get easily impressed with content that has existed on the web, There are many other sites showing people ******* each other too, just search anything you want on this website called www.google.com that can find almost anything...
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   191d ago

Wow, thanks. Ive never heard of You...tube before. I'll be sure to check it out!

"the PS4/X1 are gaming consoles, and not cooking show equipment..."

I didn't know this either! Man, you are just full of knowledge, here's me thinking i bought a £350 PS4 to watch people **** each other and fry eggs.


Edit: Ok, stop. It's not funny anymore.
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snookiegamer  +   191d ago

Somebody decided to make use of Kinect productively and you don't like it, but Lukas does....is that so bad?

Since you can't find anything positive to comment, Why bother commenting at all?

Instead of sour grapes, go checkout the gaming sections on this very site..maybe ;)
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sinspirit  +   191d ago

I thought n4g was the only site. Thank you, Mr.

And on topic it was cool to hear about video recording stuff when it was new but we don't need hyping of someone recording cooking on a Kinect when they could have used a regular webcam with better software.
JokesOnYou  +   191d ago
mmmm Kinect won't make you breakfast but it will make you some Apple Nut Salad. What will they think of next. lol
McScroggz  +   191d ago
Pretty cool. Always good to see somebody share their passion with others.
snookiegamer  +   191d ago
^^ This
mcstorm  +   191d ago
I agree. People will always come up with a way to hate a product but its always good to see somebody share their passion with others as you said.
Dlacy13g  +   191d ago
I agree... I have no issue with this story. I thought the people making the call in talk show on PS4 was also very creative. I really wish Sony had figured out a better way of dealing with the idiots that decided it would be a porn cam but oh well. Lets hope we see more things like this kind of video from both systems even if its not something you are into, its a good creative use.

Lastly, why do so many here have to hate on others? Its so mind boggling to me just reading some of the back and forth on N4G.
djplonker  +   191d ago
What is the story?

anyone can do this with a £10 webcam and access to the internet.....
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Mega24  +   191d ago
Apparently is a revolution when a lone guy does it with his $500 gaming console, so I guess everyone in youtube is doing it wrong...
Cherchez La Ghost  +   191d ago
Whelp..! I love good cigars and tequila and as a man that loves to cook. I say this is not bad idea at all. Man vs. Food! LoL!
Mikefizzled  +   191d ago
Hang on. Thats my tweet!
donnieboy  +   191d ago
You can't do that...Or make it game related like a halo cake...
mochachino  +   191d ago
Ps4 had inebriation and nudity. I prefer that.
babis1974  +   191d ago
everyone with xbox1 will learn how to cook , stop playing games and star cooking!!!
MasterCornholio  +   191d ago

Blue Sky is delicious.

MasterCornholio  +   191d ago
Anyone seen Nekkid stream today?

It was really disturbing.........
koolaid251  +   191d ago
They be goin Ham on there lol
MasterCornholio  +   190d ago
It was bad real bad.


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