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Submitted by Septic 754d ago | opinion piece

GTA 5 vs The Last of Us: Game of the Generation Debate

Gameondaily discusses which game deserves the Game of the Generation award.

Gameondaily's Gaz and Ilyas battle it out and argue over which game, GTA 5 or The Last of Us deserves the award.

Skip the video to 6:45 to see the debate rage on or watch the whole video to see everyone's choice for Game of the Generation. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, The Last Of Us, Xbox 360)

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Neonridr  +   754d ago
Game of the Generation would have to go to a game that was responsible for changing the landscape of gaming as we know it.

No offense to either GTA V or TLOU as I am sure they are both fantastic games, but a game like Super Mario 64 would be my vote. It ushered in a whole new era of games, and was responsible for bringing gaming successfully into the 3rd dimension.
SuperDan-Dare  +   754d ago
I think that is a fair shout, but I think that would have been the game for the previous generation. If we're going across all generations, why not go back a generation even further - I'm talking MarioKart on the SNES. I still have good memories from that. Not to mention F Zero which is worthy of a mention. Let us not forget Street Fighter 2 which I think laid some serious groundwork in terms of fighting games, but then we would be straying into a 'Best game/most groundbreaking ever' territory. The focus for this discussion was purely looking at the PS3/XBox 360/Wii consoles.
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Neonridr  +   754d ago
Yeah, I guess when I think of generation I am thinking more of all time. Fair enough debate for this console generation that GTA V and TLOU are the ones being considered as they were definitely two of the best games to release from the PS3/360/Wii class.
BALLBAGS  +   754d ago
This generation I could never give it to gta after the broken multiplayer,it was that frustrating losing all your progress because rockstar felt fit to release a broken game.

the last of us sticks with me,the intro was unbelievable and ill never forget the way naughty dog broke up the play calming the nerves with a rabbit playing in the snow only to then be arrowed to death by Ellie,was like ND said enough of that back to the action.

so many moments in that game

then there's uncharted 2,another game that pushed boundaries

I tip my hat to you naughty dog
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DarthZoolu  +   754d ago
SKYRIM. Its insane to say GTA5 or LOU was better. Laughable in fact. That just my opinion tho.
ZodTheRipper  +   754d ago
For me it's either one of those
- Demon's Souls
- Metal Gear Solid 4
- The Last Of Us

Those are the only games i finished 3-7 times and enjoyed every playthough.

@above me: Yeah Skyrim with mods is also one of my favourite games of the last 10 years ...but the normal vanilla version isn't worth to be crowned GOTG, sry ;)
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Skip_Bayless  +   754d ago
Call of Duty 4 is the Game of Last Generation. And that's a fact!
moujahed  +   754d ago
Right, only problem is that Super Mario 64 is a "Last Generation" game... I think they are talking about the present.
Ezz2013  +   754d ago
SM64 was last gen though

as for this gen
this gen have been amazing and i have a long list of GOTG but for me TLOU will be something i will never forget
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MestreRothN4G  +   754d ago
Actually, using your logic Red Dead Redemption is the Game of the generation.

In all truth, it should be the choice by any logic.

By far the most influent and well done game of the gen.
MysticStrummer  +   754d ago
RDR was definitely one of the greatest games last gen, but it was GTA in the old west. It didn't change the gaming landscape any more than GTA4 did.
jacksjus  +   754d ago
Had open sand box games been the most dominant I would agree. However shooters ruled. But I agree Red Dead was a blast with an excellent story.
creatchee  +   754d ago
As much as I loved TLOU, Uncharted 2 is still my favorite game of the generation.
Old_Boss  +   754d ago
Hellsvacancy  +   754d ago
Although MGS4 was was MGS, it wasn't anything new, it didn't make me drop a tear or two like the TLOU did, same for GTAV
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theshredded  +   754d ago
if GTAV made u tear and not MGS4 then u must be either a kid or have not played it
Hellsvacancy  +   754d ago
GTAV didn't make me cry, I meant GTA was the same as MGS, same old formula
cell989  +   754d ago
MGS4 did in fact make me cry Big Boss' dead was not something to take light
il-JumperMT  +   754d ago
GTA5 made me cry with disappointment
goldwyncq  +   754d ago
It's severely overrated. And this is coming from a huge MGS fan. It doesn't live up to the glory of its predecessor MGS3, at all.
djplonker  +   754d ago
I played them in this order mgs1 > mgs2 > mgs4 > mgs3

and while the 3rd was a good game it doesnt hold a candle to the epicness of 4 although both have very good main themes!

returning to shadow moses in 4 is one of my fav mgs moments

and from 3 erm the giant ladder!?

the piggy woman who eats every two seconds!?

ocelot spinning his gun around all the time...

they just don't compare
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goldwyncq  +   754d ago
@dj plonker

I disagree. The Shadow Moses chapter was the only great chapter in the game, the rest were kinda meh. The boss battles, I found to be a huge letdown after MGS3's epic ones. The final battle of MGS4 irked me because it was too over the top that I couldn't take it seriously at all. What might had been the most epic fight in MGS history ended up like a bad martial arts film parody.

MGS4 is far from a bad game but it's a disappointing conclusion to a legendary franchise.
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stavrami-mk2  +   754d ago
g1 jockey
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g-nome  +   754d ago
Dark Souls
MysticStrummer  +   754d ago
Yeah I'd put Demon's Souls or Dark Souls over TLoU or GTA5. I think I'd put Demon's over Dark, personally, but both were my favorite gaming experiences last gen and maybe ever.
OMNlPOTENT  +   754d ago
Mario Galaxy, The Witcher 2, AC4, Skyward Sword, Uncharted 2. These games are far more deserving in my eyes. TLOU and GTAV are still riding on the hype train because they were the latest entries (minus AC4 but everyone is tired of AC, still a damn great game).
babis1974  +   754d ago
Of all the games i have played the last 10 years TLOU was the one game that i didn't "play" it. It was more that i participate in something fantastic...thank you naughty dog for this opportunity and i would like to say that i wish everyone should experience TLOU.
CapsLocke   754d ago | Offensive
skydragoonity  +   754d ago
Anybody that has played last of us will easily pick it as game of the generation
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KR1ST0F3R  +   754d ago
Going to get a lot of hate for this but.... I did not like TLOU at all. To me it was very repetitive, over-long and just not fun or enjoyable to play. I know this is just my opinion but I am sick of hearing about it. The game was gorgeous, but I found it dull to play and a grind. I was willing it to just end.

I hate that naughty dog will not be able to ignore the hype and may focus on making sequels etc.

I loved the great bits of GTA V, it was amazing at its best, but also contained some of the most boring moments of gaming I have ever suffered - finding submarine parts/toxic waste side missions. As a whole, it offered little new.

It pains me to say it, but we all know, the most defining game of the generation is COD: modern warfare. That is the game that history will always remember in relation to 360/ps3
MonChiChi  +   754d ago
I was very excited for GTA5 from being such a fan from previous installments, but the story did not do it for me, I still need to finish it lol. Online was a good idea but again I lost interest pretty fast.

TLOU was a new IP I was eager to check out, and boy was I glad I did. TLOU was really the only game that had me throwing my PS3 at friends without one to experience it.

So between the two in my opinion is TLOU, but the best thing about gaming is its so vast in gamers and genres, a game that is special to one person may not be for another person. Gotta love gaming!
jacksjus  +   754d ago
Neither of these two games are game of the generation however TLOU should when last year simply because there really isn't any other game like it.

Modern Warfare 1 is the best game of last generation in my opinion. Last gen was dominated by shooters and this one was king.
KR1ST0F3R  +   754d ago
Modern warfare changed gaming. For better or worse, no other game had an impact anywhere near that level. Almost every game now has an awful multiplayer tacked on, directly because of modern warfare (including TLOU).

I am not some mega COD fan by the way. Just looking at it objectively.
Septic  +   754d ago
Agreed. COD MW had a MASSIVE impact on the industry. In fact, its influence spread beyond FPS' to even third person shooters like Uncharted 3 etc.
djplonker  +   754d ago
tlou had me up and down alot during the sotry wondering where it would go next.

Gta 5 made me laugh a little but it was so predictable how the story played out the only character I liked was mike because everyone would just bitch at him 24/7.

tlou for sure!
LoveOfTheGame  +   754d ago
GOTG should be a game that influenced the entire industry or had some type of huge impact, it should not just be what the best game was.

In, what I believe, could be a viable spot for both cases, GOTG should be given to COD 4. It can be considered as one of the best games of all time, and is still the blueprint for just about every FPS in the market afterwards.
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KillrateOmega  +   754d ago
I would consider:
- Bioshock
- CoD4
(Say what you will about CoD as a series, but you cannot deny that CoD4 had a massive impact on the military FPS genre)
- Dead Space
- The Last of Us
- Batman: Arkham Asylum
- Braid
- Dark Souls
- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
- Fallout 3
- Gears of War
- Journey
- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
- Mirror's Edge
- Red Dead Redemption
- Super Mario Galaxy
- The Witcher 2
- Telltale's the Walking Dead
- Uncharted 2
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cell989  +   754d ago
COD4 did great for games I have to agree with that one, still The Last Of Us married everything that was great about last generation into one sexy epic package a conglomerate if you will of the best mechanics, gameplay and story telling
TheFallenAngel  +   754d ago
God of War 3. What an amazing game.
MikeGdaGod  +   754d ago
Volitiel  +   754d ago
For me..
TLOU is Game of the Year 2013
Fallout 3 is the Game of the Generation
mrdxpr2  +   754d ago
It's very hard to choose a game of generation. To be able to wind down a choice it just can't be done alone u need at least 10 of your friends or people that are very in to games. And from there the group puts in their 10 cents and compare games.. cause how can u choose honestly.. ok the last of us is that game but skyrim was also it.

Some might say mgs4 was bleh but I say it couldn't have been any better.. the amount of time I spent playing and enjoying the game shows the hard work and dedication that kojima put In it..

Gears of war isn't a game of generation But it should have a mention just cause the sheer impact that game had socially and mechanicly. U had developers trying to mimic it every step of the way at times..

God of war 3 umm yeah nuff said..

List of games that to this day I still can't forget ( these are the games that anybody talking about next generation games should atleast include somewhat a detail of it..

Gears of war
Nba 2k12
Red dead redemption
Left for dead
Heavy rain
Wii sports ( it opened a door to another way to play sports)

There's way more out there but just cause u don't like a certain game it doesn't already mean that it isnt game of a generation

For a game to even be considered that requires a lot of investigation and discotion within the gaming world not 1 person should be allowed to make that decision. I say the industry should make a group that specializes in that decision..
SuperDan-Dare  +   754d ago
I agree with some of your points. Some great points. I think Gears of War, is definately a classic.Personally it was the first game I ever bought for the Xbox 360. I wouldn't be surprised to see a remastered Gears of War 1 make a reappearance on the Xbox One. But I think it's fair to say that Gears of War borrowed a lot 'character' from unreal tournament.

Red Dead Redemption was definately another classic, a fantastic successor to Red Dead Revolver.

I liked Skyrim - an improvement over Oblivion's flaws (top of mind: using half a dozen voice actors for the entire population of the game - one of which was Patrick Stewart) and the endless trapsing through portal after portal. In fact it was truly fun - you felt like, at the time, you were almost living it. Still it didn't quite seem as immersive as it could have been. Beyond questing, speech was limited when interacting with characters. How often did you have to hear about the guy and his taking an arrow in the knee? How often did you at least follow shooting him in the knee. Great Game. Immersive but not the best of generation, for me.

I loved Fallout 3 - I played Fallout 1, 2, Tactics on the PC and Brotherhood on the Xbox - so big fan. It was really nice that they'd stayed close to the style of the game. The moment I heard Ron Pearlmans voice at the start of the game, I knew I would enjoy it. Yet, even with NPCs, I still felt I was alone in the game and for the same reasons above the interaction seemed limited.Lets also not forget, your character's face looked like it was designed using an etcher-sketch.

Speaking as someone who exclusively owned an Xbox 360, TLOU was the one game I wished we had on Xbox.
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LoveSpuds  +   754d ago
Its impossible to award any game a title like 'game of the generation', what one person likes another will not.

Just for my personal taste though, nobody loved the Last of Us as much as I did......I adored that game.

However, if I had to pick a game of the generation I think Bioshock (the original) or Mass Effect 2 would just pip The Last of Us....just!
il-JumperMT  +   754d ago
GTA5 should not even be nominated for GOTY espically when this year there are top titles like Ni No Kuni let alone of the generation.
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SneakyDoo  +   749d ago

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