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Namco Bandai Named Most “Powerful” Japanese Game Company, Sony Drops Sharply, Nintendo Collapses

Every year Japan’s prominent business and economy magazine Toyo Keizai publishes the New – Corporate Power Ranking where it grades Japanese companies on four parameters: growth, profitability, safety and scale.

Namco Bandai was the first ranked between video game companies. Sony dropped sharply, while Nintendo literally collapsed by more than 1400 positions in the overall ranking. (Industry, Namco Bandai, Nintendo, Sony)

MultiConsoleGamer  +   627d ago
Very happy for Namco Bandai. I love me some Pac-Man!
Magicite  +   627d ago
More RPGs please! Tales games FTW!
djplonker  +   627d ago
I agree who needs a decent ff game when there is tales games!
Spenok  +   626d ago
Absolutely. Just picked up Tales of Xillia on the PSN for $10. Already excited for Xillia 2 :D
Magicite  +   626d ago
Tales are great on its own, but they cant replace Final Fantasy ever.
RandomGamer  +   626d ago
I agree and unlike like Square Enix with Final Fantasy Namco Bandai doesn't always try to change the formula so much they alienate large portions of the fan base .
GameNameFame  +   626d ago
Well. I just check stock. Sony market cap is over 17 billion dollars.

Namco Bandai is 4 billion... So Sony is over 4 times bigger. Not sure if the author read 4 billion in yen or something lol. Kinda bad journalism. Namcos stock have been rising though.

Still,completely false article. Author needs better homework
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Skip_Bayless  +   626d ago
PS4>PS3 , so this subjective ranking system is gonna change come next year :)
truefan1  +   627d ago
Are they including the complete Sony company? I can understand if they are including the other struggling departments, but if its ps4 only why did it fall? ps4 has had a pretty successful launch with sales and reviews, so why the drop?
R0ver0ff   626d ago | Spam
Snookies12  +   626d ago
@R0ver0ff - If they're 'betting everything on the PS4', then they're going to be absolutely fine. That thing is taking off.
Gamer1982  +   626d ago
Its the complete Sony company yeah. Not just gaming division even though the article is slightly misleading but they put Sony in there as they do make games. It doesn't say SEJ it says Sony. So that includes there TV and entertainment divisions which have taken massive hits over the past few years especially there TV department thanks to warehouse floods and 3D not taking off etc..
ShinMaster  +   626d ago
@ R0ver0ff

That's a good bit of stealth trolling right there.
Chrono  +   627d ago
Namco is probably one of the few old Japanese video game companies that are still doing as good as before or even better.
Concertoine  +   627d ago
Most of it probably isnt even games too...
They own all those animes and stuff.
YellowTempes  +   626d ago
And they're doing a great job for all their products, that's for sure.
mewhy32  +   627d ago
Nintendo is really in need of some redirection.
JodyCones  +   626d ago
Ni No Kuni
Volkama  +   627d ago
With great power comes great.... earning potential?

Good for them keeping up with the industry where others are struggling to adapt.

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Silly gameAr  +   627d ago
Grrrr, Heeey! This isn't a TitanFall or X1 article! What are you doing here?!
Volkama  +   627d ago

I stick to articles that interest me :) Titanfall and X1 are on that list (on separate lines, as I'm getting Titanfall for the PC), but there are many other things on it too!

Japanese companies of influence are only moderately interesting though, so perhaps I should leave.
MrWonderful  +   627d ago
with great power comes releasing more of the Tales series outside of the East.
mii-gamer  +   627d ago
Nintendo has a safety rating of 998 which is almost close to perfect. But Nintendo's growth is poor, which is expected since the 3DS has been selling steadily well while the wii u has been struggling. Nintendo only needs to work on the profitability this year (which will be hard) to get back to the where they were in 2012.

Good find Abriael
abzdine  +   627d ago
no surprise about that, Namco have been delivering for the past years.
I don't know what's wrong with SCEJ
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ZodTheRipper  +   627d ago
Read this

Short version: They were struggling with the PS3 and their old fashioned approach to game development but the future looks promising thanks to some internal restructuring done by the former head of Sony Santa Monica.
abzdine  +   627d ago
i still think it's strange we haven't seen any announcement other than Knack. Let's wait and see what they are up to but i really hope they release something for the oldschool fans.

thanks 4 the link
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ZodTheRipper  +   627d ago
Well it's strange because you're wrong. They released Soul Sacrifice, Rain, Puppeteer, and Knack in the last 12 months. They are currently working on Destiny of Spirits, Soul Sacrifice Delta, Gravity Rush 2, Deep Down and The Last Guardian.
majiebeast  +   627d ago
They are also working on freedom wars together with the developer of Gods eater 2. The rumoured Demons souls 2/spiritual succesor and probably some other stuff we havent heard of. Allan Becker is telling Fumito Ueda to get of his ass and finish Last Guardian.
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torchic  +   627d ago
Namco Bandai should have bought Atlus, that would've been the be-all & end-all of all the gaming industry.

btw where the hell is Square Enix on that list?
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TomahawkX  +   627d ago
I would think that GungHo would make the list considering the popularity of Puzzles & Dragons.
WeAreLegion  +   627d ago
Capcom managed to climb the chart while losing tons of money over the past year? I don't understand this.
iceman1346  +   627d ago
poor Nintendo
Eonjay  +   627d ago
Sony fell 129 spots. Ouch!
Nintendo fell 1428 spots. Really?

@OP... thanks for explaining how the ratings work. Otherwise I would really be scratching my head.

Also, its important to keep in mind that a lower rank may simply mean that other companies are simply performing better. Its not an indication of doom.
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Agent_hitman  +   627d ago
Hell yeah i want new tekken game, harada.
PurpHerbison  +   627d ago
Only thing I want from Namco.
DCfan  +   627d ago
Im pretty sure TTT2 would serve everyone for generations.
Dehnus  +   627d ago
As never ending growth on the short term is the only thing what is important. For that reason Value act was so right in how they butchered Motorola... the great company behind so many technologies... now just a slave to Google.

After all Short term growth is best growth!

And now Value Act is looking at you Microsoft, short term growth, selling off all R&D and new product lines, so the profits increase. After which MS can become a nice slave to some other company.

After all who needs a steady company with a slower growth and long term plan. That's for wusses DAMNIT!
MightyNoX  +   627d ago
They were the Capcom of this Gen for me. Bless 'em.
SoulSercher620  +   627d ago
Namco Bandai only got better this gen. They deserve this for their hard work.
Darkfist  +   627d ago
then Namco should localize Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Hicken  +   626d ago
They need to localize the Tales games on Vita.
PurpHerbison  +   625d ago
Namco is quite possibly the worst when it comes to localization.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   627d ago
Guess SE are gonna have to rely on FFXV and KH3 to bring them up.
NaAsAr  +   627d ago
congrats namco. I just hope you(namco) never hand off a rigde racer or any other game to bug bear. NEVER!!!


please release a rigde racer 8 when the ps4 releases in japan. ;)
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modesign  +   627d ago
wtf is broccoli. how are they second.

im sure if sony made hentai, tentacle porn games, they would be in the top 5.
KillrateOmega  +   627d ago
Nintendo fell by more than 1400 positions? Jeez...
Majin Uchiha  +   626d ago
Dat Naruto domination :)
jonboi24  +   626d ago
Two words why the are so powerful: DARK SOULS
GentlemenRUs  +   626d ago
This will change once the PS4 starts shipping in Japan.
MadMen  +   626d ago
Nintendo just got B Slapped.
AceBlazer13  +   626d ago
Good to see one of my favorite devs/publishers doing great.
Phil32  +   626d ago
Dualshockers continues their agenda.
R00bot  +   626d ago
I thought it would be clear because of their name that they're actually not in favour of Nintendo.
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Geobros  +   626d ago
Respect for Namco, I am playing the games of the company from the NES era, how many hours of Galaxian when I was a kid.....??
parkesy78  +   626d ago
Not surprised there doing so well i work for namco in uk and nobody has had a payrise in 3 years not even inflation

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