Nintendo Download: 23rd January (Europe)

European Nintendo fans once again have the download update to bring some cheer to a dreary Monday morning. This time around we have a new Wii U eShop title that's already earned an 8 in our review, along with some retro goodies and a lengthy list of 3DS eShop discounts.

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RosweeSon1761d ago

Poor on the virtual console side of things... Again. How about metal gear solid for the gameboy colour, or do some more nes Like boy his blob double dragon 2, duck tales ( no update just the original) micro machines or any of the simpsons nes games, Star Wars, mc Donald land, and they need to start getting the SNES games on the 3DS also, but how about some game boy advance games got the 10 ambassador ones and they've not seemed to release any so far to the public? Get on with it nintendo, stop so severely drip feeding the games back out, it's not like people can't just go out and emulate them and when nintendo are this slow I don't blame them, 3DS Has been out long enough now I think they should have had most of the nes games done by this point and should be moving onto the SNES/GBA.... Wii U could do with some GameCube classics and if all else fails please just re release the Nes Teenage mutant ninja turtles game that was EPIC!!!

linkenski1761d ago

Virtual Console is the reason I keep resorting to unendorsed emulators and ROMs on my PC and Smartphone. I really like the crispness and smoothness of playing VC gameboy games on the 3DS but I don't care when I have to wait several years or forever just to play certain games.