Respawn: Titanfall's AI Difficulty Can't Be Changed, Has Different AI Types And Is Not Server Based

Respawn: Titanfall's AI Difficulty Can't Be Changed, Has Different AI Types And Is Not Server Based

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AngelicIceDiamond1340d ago

So are we stuck with dumb AI? Come on at least tweak them to make them challenging or not so obvious.

From the video they don't look very smart at all.

Eonjay1340d ago

Maybe they can't focus because their heads are... in the cloudz?

AngelicIceDiamond1340d ago

@Eonjay Well I'm not gonna troll it but its an issue that Respawn needs to fix and can't ignore.

georgeenoob1340d ago Show
Eonjay1340d ago (Edited 1339d ago )


Its a joke. Lets not forget to have a sense of humor. After all those bright grunts are only possible with the processing power of 300,000 servers.

Without the cloud it could probably only be 32 vs 32 with other humans.

lolCHILLbro1340d ago

Yet im sure if this game was coming to PS4 this wouldnt be a problem, and im sure Killzone is a much better shooter according to many of you on this site (not all) lol the hypocrisy, its going to be a good if not great game guys, and im sure PS4 will have many good games aswell, just not Titanfall, so let it go please

GuruMeditation1339d ago

Aye, good job skynet wasn't powered by cloud ai, otherwise John Connor could've just stood still and beaten a t800 to death with a shoe.

Skip_Bayless1339d ago


Ever heard of a negative preview?? Usually doesn't happen because that could prevent the previewer from having access to the final game for free.

It could be bad or it could be good. You haven't played it either but I bet you think it's gonna be a great game because you're biased just like any X1 fan.

abzdine1339d ago

i remember in Streets of Rage i could put a better AI for the enemies and i dont think SEGA was using powah of da clawwd at that time.

JohnnyBadfinger1339d ago

And like all ps fans your completely not bias to any extent....

Never played titanfall barely watched any videos of it, but from what I see it lookalike cod with robots. I will wait for a friends review before I take to it.

ITPython1339d ago

@lolCHILLbro - While I did enjoy Killzone 2 for many months, hated KZ3 (online), and enjoyed KZ:SF, Titanfall is going to suffer the same fate.

It's a game that will be hyped pretty good by the underdog console owners and many will love it. But the game will generally be regarded as a failure among the online FPS community.

I'm sorry to have to break this to you XB1 console owners, but Titanfall is simply Killzone's brother from another mother.

admiralvic1339d ago

@ Skip_Bayless

"Ever heard of a negative preview?? Usually doesn't happen because that could prevent the previewer from having access to the final game for free."

It has a lot more to do with the nature of a preview, than anything else. Similar to an alpha or beta, a preview is almost always based off an incomplete version of the game, which may have various problems or issues. Since people know that they're still working on the game, it doesn't make a lot of sense to call out problems like you would see in a review.

If I was to say Titanfall had too many popins and graphical glitches in my preview, people would probably reply "It's an incomplete product, of course there are going to be problems". Preview builds can also change vastly between conventions, with big fixes or key differences implemented. So to sum it up, it has less (I would surprised if it had any) to do with messing with their free copy and everything to do with the fact you typically expect problems and things to change between the preview and finished product, so most writers try to focus on what it did right and readers are expected to know that a preview is just an idea of what to expect (similar to a demo).

BlackCarrot1339d ago

I'm pretty sure everyone was excited about this game when it was assumed that it was a timed exclusive.

Oh how opinion changes...

MysticStrummer1339d ago

@george - "Everyone complaining about bots have never played Titanfall."

That's not what I saw here on N4G from the MS fans. What I saw was a lot of "It's only an alpha so the AI will get better". People liked the game but definitely made note of the bad AI. I'm pretty sure you were one of them but I'm not going to look back at your comments and confirm that.

MysticStrummer1339d ago

I'm also curious about the cloud's role in all this, since just a few days ago it was claimed that the cloud made the AI possible… or something to that effect anyway.

Oh I see… they didn't claim it made the AI better, but the cloud supposedly let's them have the AI in everyone's game… or something like that.

Bigpappy1339d ago

The rep did not say that the Ai will remain dumb. The AI difficulty can not be adjusted by the human players, but there will be different types of Ai. This is an Alpha build. Could go either way.

Volkama1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

The AI is server-side. They've said that before now.

The community manager is only answering the question on whether or not you can change the difficulty. Yes it's a little ambiguous, because there were 2 questions asked and only one answer given. But this headline is presenting it as fact, rather than getting confirmation.

pompombrum1339d ago

I don't care if you can change the difficulty, just let the ai be something that can be turned off by server admins and a search filter to only find servers running no ai.

Prime1571339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Moba, fps, cloud, trolling.. who knows with titanfall anymore. I hope it's good, but it turns my belly and scares me that it might be a money ploy.

Edit: If you have played a moba then you get the point of "dumb ai" (cannon fodder ai)... they are their to level your "titan/hero" up, not too really impact the match.

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Kribwalker1339d ago

@skip bayless

I'm better at life then you

imt5581339d ago

So much story about cloud and 300 000 servers! Bullshit!

Let's see what we have : 6 vs 6, noob friendly game, dumb and dumber A.I., FPS with zero challenge, in graphics terms game is mediocre ( even from Xbone conference from E3 trailer which is running on GTX 7XX series GPU graphics are mediocre or PC version on Gamescom ) and 720p on a, so called, "next-gen" console Xbox One, a multiplayer ONLY game for a 60$. God damn, is good to be a gamer!

For a reference :

Starhawk ( SP and great MP campaign ) : 40$ at launch

M.A.G. ( MMOFPS ) 25$ - 30$ at launch

VENOMACR12271339d ago

You can't make the AI super tough, because the casual player wont enjoy it by getting killed by bots constantly. Make them too easy and it's easy to kill them. It's tough to find the perfect balance for everyone. Game is an arcade shooter, its not a simulation.

frostypants1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

It is just server-side AI...That way it behaves consistently across the clients. It's not magical or innovative and it's not something exclusive to Microsoft's cloud. It is an obvious (and common) way to handle AI in a multiplayer game.

That won't stop the PR machine from hyping it as revolutionary though.

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mos61421340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

they are not supposed to be for challenging things. it supposed to be to weed campers and help newbies get enough points to be able to use their titan.

@jimbobwahey, the timer goes by faster when you get a kill. When you kill a human player the timer goes down faster than when you kill an ai.

jimbobwahey1340d ago

Titans are on a timer, newbies will get one even if they don't get a single kill.

ITPython1339d ago

Amazing this is what constitutes as 'revolutionary' with an online 'next-gen' FPS game. Which is to make gameplay easier with noob bots at a ratio of 3:1 to human players. I mean come on, as if COD wasn't easy enough with human players... yet they had to add in mentally challenged bots?

Pretty soon at this rate, online mutiplayer will be 1 human player and 31 bots who are 'online' with the cloud.

lol, Titanfail. The new revolution in FPS gaming, to pander primarily to the players who suck and to eventually do away with competitive PvP entirely. Because hey, we don't want to offend the bad players by killing them in a virtual environment, now do we? After all, bad players make up most of the market.

I gotta say Xbox One, you deserve this game. It's very fitting, a 'revolutionary' game for one 'revolutionary' console.


MysticStrummer1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

"Amazing this is what constitutes as 'revolutionary' with an online 'next-gen' FPS game. Which is to make gameplay easier with noob bots at a ratio of 3:1 to human players. I mean come on, as if COD wasn't easy enough with human players... yet they had to add in mentally challenged bots?"

This doesn't surprise me at all. It's an evolution of CoD, which as you said was already one of the more casual friendly games around. The Titans are a big sci fi oriented killstreak reward, and even if the AI improved the bots make them easier to get. Now it will be quite entertaining to watch the backpedaling from those who said "It's only an alpha so the AI will get better".

Shabutie131339d ago

"To help newbies get enough points to be able to use their titan." - some guy on the internet

SO first off, you were already pointed out as being incorrect about how to get a titan. Maybe you should learn about a game before you defend it? Secondly, if a game is making it easier for new players to get points, then the game is terrible. Whatever happened to skill shooters?

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Blaze9291340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I assumed it would be adaptive A.I. like Forza 5. Once the more and more people played Titanfall, the more changing the A.I. would be - which could make for an almost always changing multiplayer environment.

...but no. They gonna have to really explain dat cloud stuff now cuz this sounds like malarkey.

Volkama1339d ago

The cloud hosts the AI. The headline is wrong.

They haven't said the AI will "learn" like Drivatars though, the cloud is being used to host the high number of AI without putting the overhead on the consoles.

frostypants1339d ago

@Volkama, the "problem" here though is that this is how such a game would be programmed on ANY platform. The malarkey is people implying it's innovation.

MysticStrummer1339d ago

"So are we stuck with dumb AI? Come on at least tweak them to make them challenging or not so obvious.

From the video they don't look very smart at all."

Props… or kudos… or whatever, for not ignoring the AI issue. My first thought at seeing the headline was that the people who've been saying things like "It's only an alpha build so the AI will get better" would suddenly have no problem with the AI. I think you may have said something about the AI getting better before release so it's good to see that you aren't backpedaling. If you didn't say anything about the issue in the first place, then nevermind. lol

TheKayle11339d ago

yeah dumb in 99% of videogames...from lastof us to warcraft...

pls man come back in ur cave

pyramidshead1339d ago

You haven't played The Last of Us then. With that comment you just made, that much is proven. :). Kayle go back to your troll cave *proper sentence*.

Baka-akaB1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

See right there that's the difference between being a fan , and being an apologist fanboy . And how utterly ridiculous they are .

I can't really judge yet the whole AI thing , even if quite frankly my current outlook about it isnt positive at all .

But you'll always have guys fighting windmills and coming up with the most ludicrous excuses and twists , to defend anything that could look bad .

Seriously "who cares all AI are bad" is the best you could come up with ?

Arkardo1339d ago

I think you have to look the videos again, i've never see AI that runs without even looking at you.

And please.. dont talk about Last Of Us you're just making yourself look ignorant.

MasterCornholio1339d ago

I'm guessing thats because Xbox Live Compute isn't ready yet and thats why the AI is stupid.

Is that it?

mhunterjr1339d ago

It looks to me like she was saying that the player has no control over the AI difficulty, nor does the AI change depending on the server you are on.

We still don't know if this is the final AI, or of their are tougher AI variants in the game.

Prime1571339d ago

It's a MOBA/FPS mix, what do you expect? Hard ai?

blackpanther251339d ago

lol i thought I was the only one thinking it was like a LOL FPS

otherZinc1339d ago

enough said.

Patrick_pk441339d ago

I watched one video where someone run's into a room with about 10 AI's and none of them recognized he was there. Of course, he killed them all. This game reminds me more of Call of Duty everyday, from textures, gameplay, sounds, HUD, etc.

KillrateOmega1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Yeah, this is disappointing. This means that once you've reached a certain level of skill and comfort with the game, they'll basically just become cannon fodder and will probably be farmed for points.

Jaces1339d ago

I played a couple rounds in the Alpha on a friends Xbone and I'm not going to lie. It felt like I was fighting AI more than actual people online. There was one round where I had 15 bot kills and only 2 Pilot kills.

Like wtf? It doesn't feel online at all. They need to rid of the bots or add more players in. For a game this big, 6v6 isn't going to work. Especially when they're trying to fill the void with dumb AI.

cannon88001339d ago

I was watching some alpha gameplay a few days ago and the ai is seriously stupid sometimes. No real challenge unless you're hunting down the only six available enemies that are not bots...

Z_-_D_-_31339d ago

This game has single-handedly gone from my most anticipated shooter out of them all to the least. IWith just one announcement. Such a waste.

HugoDrax1339d ago

LOL FROM THE VIDEO? so let me guess you aren't a part of the Alpha testing yet you are complaining? You guys are a joke.

As someone that is in the Alpha Testing, I'll say the AI (GRUNTS) can be dumb at times. The other AI types, I wont reveal anymore names aren't dumb. I put my TITAN in guard/follow mode all the damn time, and it dominates until another human controlled TITAN tries to destroy it. Then I have to intervene, and pilot the TITAN myself.

H0RSE1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

You are not understanding the purpose of the AI...

They are not designed to serve as reliable teammates/enemies. They wanted the team aspect to be comprised of only humans. The AI are not functioning as bots. Think of it like minions from a MOBA - they serve a specific purpose, and you cannot change it - they are intentionally dumb.

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Sarobi1340d ago

I just don't want the bots to be a grind. If their main purpose is to be a means to wrack up kills/killstreaks and stuff.. that just seems a bit lame.

mos61421340d ago

the ai are used to weed campers and help newbies get enough points to be able to use their titan. they barley add a thing to the overall score. other human players give you the kills that influences the game the most.

TheDrunkenJester1339d ago

Also to add to mos6142 it's to help with the "story" elements of the online. There are different ai, probably most is cannon fodder, but I'm sure they will have armored and maybe boss type ai to mix up the combat to finish your missions ect.

staticdash221340d ago

A guy ran into a room, with about 10 bots. They stood there while he killed them all and he was in the corner and reloaded like 3 times in a row. To make matters worse, the player cloaked while a bot ADS in his line of sight and it didn't even fire.

The icing on the cake was when a bot was at the far end door turned around during this whole scene and he just walked up to it and got a melee kill.

Imalwaysright1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Games from the 90s have better AI than this game.

pompombrum1339d ago

And this is what worries me the most. You get 20 xp/points or whatever for a bot kill and 100 for a human kill. With how utterly stupid the ai is, you should need at least 20 bot kills to equal 1 human kill.

Patrick_pk441339d ago

Mathematics 101.

5 AI kills = 20 xp, so 5 x 20 = 100xp = 1 human kill

So about 20 AI kills = 400xp = 4 human kill

Basically AI will be what levels you the most, because they are developed terribly.

first1NFANTRY1339d ago

Rocket science level stuff folks.

5 million transistors

Lol just poking a little fun but c'mon how anybody finds these rather clueless AI challenging is beyond me. The game is looking noob friendly by the day.

Arkardo1339d ago

Exactly what i was seeing, i was thinking i must be totally crazy because every Xbone fanboy fails to realize it

blackpanther251339d ago

yeah I was smh when I saw that scene

MannGamer1339d ago

@ StaticDahs22, where can I find that scene. I would like to see it

ambientFLIER1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

I heard a guy ran into a room with 100 bots, seven titans, and two intergalactic warships and was able to kick them all and kill them before they even noticed him. True story.

Every time you people retell this story, the number of bots goes up. Lol. Such gossip girls.

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Eonjay1340d ago

Its gonna be kinda hard not to get your killstreak Titan when the kills are given to you. You still have to pull the trigger. I think thats why people love it so much because everyone is good at it.

Sarobi1340d ago

I thought about it as well. By making the bots easy to kill it gives you the idea that you are great at the game.

MajorGecko1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

until you run into a human player and scream HACKER when he kills your noob bot killin azz

Irishguy951339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Titans aren't killstreaks...

Killing shortens the time to get a Titan
Killing AI barely shortens it though. Killng players/Titans/Objectives gives way more

Pretty much -> The more you play the game the way it's supposed to be played, the quicker you get a Titan. The playes who play the game the way it's supposed to be played wil 'lead the victory' so to say, as they'll be the best players, and have Titans more than anyone who tries to play it by only killing bots or ignoring objectives

A real problem with COD was camping and ignoring objects and aiming for killstreaks. That is simply not in Titanfall. What can a camper do a player who has his Titan? Nothing. He'll have to stop camping if he wants to not get viciously raped. He'll have to move around the field to attack human players and objectives.

Btw, you can not do anything in the game, you'll still get a Titan after the time limit is up

MysticStrummer1339d ago

"Titans aren't killstreaks…"

Come on man. Yeah the system has changed a little, but the Titans are definitely an evolution of killstreak rewards.

MannGamer1339d ago

So I can camp. Get a Titan, then camp again get another Titan then camp again and get another Titan???
So how does this game stop campers???

Bigpappy1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

He/She is not saying that this is the final code on the Ai and can not be adjusted, but that the players can not adjust the difficult settings for the Ai. There will be different types with different difficulties.

Dumb Ai worked out fine for Kill Zone. Many came on this site bragging how great the game is yet the Ai is obvious target practice as documented by the many review.

That being said, that does not mean this game should also get a pass. I know this its the Alpha, but the Ai should be smart enough to shoot you if there have a gun and you are within their view. I have not played any demos yet and have not witness Ai as weak as some are saying, but the don't seem very challenging from the video of some skilled players. I would say though, that if the match making is not good in a shooter, some human players are still dumber than the worst case I have heard described.

Eonjay1339d ago (Edited 1339d ago )

Well, when you think about it thats what Alpha and Betas are for testing; so people can give their feedback and the developers can take it into consideration. I am sure that Respawn will take people's comments into consideration and the end product will be an even better game.