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The Gamers Progress - Redemption and sympathy for 'DmC: Devil May Cry'

The commercial failure of 'DmC: Devil May Cry' had to be one of the greatest tragedies to befall on an iconic franchise. A year after its release; the game has become available for PlayStation Plus users who should go back to give it a moment of redemption. (DmC: Devil May Cry, PS3, Retro) 4/5

MrSwankSinatra  +   586d ago
i have no sympathy for DmC. it was a piece of garbage and it still is. only apologists defend this game with weak ass arguments like "oh you're still crying about dante's hair" even though there was multitude of arguments brought up that they can't refute.
stanr  +   586d ago
I agree that I hated the new Dante (and not because of the hair) but there was still a lot about the game that was good that makes redeemable.

Also you reminded of something very important I forgot to include in the review, thank you - :)
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Skip_Bayless  +   586d ago
I've played almost every hack/slash action last generation and DmC was pretty good. My main gripe is that the game is short which Ninja Theory always tends do.

In comparison to other games I gotta say the combat and fighting system is top tier with only Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden slightly better. It's arguable that DMC is actually better than NG. The weapons are pretty sick as you would expect from any DMC. And the platforming is welcoming considering last generation had next to none in that genre. And I must say it's atleast better than DMC4 which was an annoying game solely because you had to back track the entire game!!
-Foxtrot  +   586d ago

The fact that it's an inferior dmc game that got good reviews in general doesn't sit right with me

Either reviews never played past DMC games before or they are bulls******
WolfLeBlack  +   586d ago
Or as a reboot they were not judging it overly much in comparison to past DMC game.
360ICE  +   585d ago
Or they're able to look past their own DMC-tinted glasses.
I_am_Batman  +   585d ago
Past DMC games have nothing to do with that. It's a reboot and therefore most reviewers could appreciate the very different approach Ninja Theory took with DmC.
Lord_Sloth  +   585d ago
@the 3 above

Why shouldn't it be judged against the games it dared to hold the title of? A reboot isn't the same as a new IP.

Is the combat to DmC fun? Yes. Is it AS fun? No. I didn't care for it's weapon switch, the lack of styles, and I despise auto locks with every fiber of my being.

DmC falters in every way when compared to the older games. Story (which is bad even when not compared to the older games), music, artistic style, gameplay. It's an imferior product taking jabs at the older product will an ill concieved plot and the worst PR job in history!

DmC earned all of the hatred it gets and I congratulate the community for sticking to their guns!
360ICE  +   585d ago
Well, if you read any of the reviews, these "apologists" tend to bring up the decent platforming, varied action, solid combat mechanics and clever design and music.

I get the impression that only DMC conservatists try to make it out as a "horrible game" when pretty much every single reviewer on earth has given it either a favourable rating or a mediocre one.
ziggurcat  +   585d ago
"even though there was multitude of arguments brought up that they can't refute."

such as... ?
wishingW3L  +   585d ago
such as the fact that the old series sold much more than the reboot. So the excuse of DMC needing a reboot was wrong because all they did was bury the franchise for good.
AceBlazer13  +   586d ago
Mind shedding some light on the flaws of this game? Cause as far as I'm concerned it wasn't any worse than past DmC games, especially DmC 4.

If you go to metacritic and look at some of the low user reviews, the reasons they gave made me feel sorry for my brain cells.

Platorming- Good
Combat- Good
Replayability- Yes
Story- Average
Art Style- environment -great, enemies- bad
Characters- Meh

All in all, good game.Great game if your not too picky.

Was meant as a reply to #1
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Skip_Bayless  +   586d ago
Pretty much agree with that. I'd say combat is great. When you compare it to the competition it's arguable that it's actually the best combat.
djplonker  +   585d ago
I would argue that metal gear rising was better in some ways!
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   586d ago
Man this game should've done way better it was such a blast to play.
djplonker  +   585d ago
I have never played a dmc game before this one and although dante is a tw*t it doesn't take away from the fun gameplay!

Once I finish it I may get the dmc hd collection and see if the grey haired dante is more or less of a tw*t!
LightofDarkness  +   585d ago
He's just as much of one, just more on the campy side of things. He has a cooler design in the older games, though. He was the almost the epitome of post-Matrix character design in the early 2000s.
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jeremyj2913  +   584d ago
The costume on the first game was modeled after the movie Blade. DMC2 was modeled after The Matrix. Don't know what they were thinking with 3 tho.lol I was so happy when I unlocked the other costumes in that game.
DJrantz  +   585d ago
This game has a great control setup. The moves are easy to remember and perform so its more about your timing, knowledge of the attacks range, and your imagination.
wishingW3L  +   585d ago
Even after all this time I'm still bitter that I'm not gonna see the old DMC ever again. So glad it flopped so I don't have too keep seeing sequels reminding me of the trash that killed one of my favorite franchises.
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DCfan  +   585d ago
DMC fanboys are worse than PS4/XB1 fanboys by a mile.
Have you even played the game to refer to it as "Trash"

You idiots are killing me.
jeremyj2913  +   584d ago
I played it. Been a Devil May Cry fan since the demo that came with Code Veronica. I went into the game with little to no expectation and was not impressed. Story was a weak attempt at pop culture(the whole nwo and media control issue) and the only likable character was the girl(Kat I think). Only part of the game I enjoyed was fighting the endless enemies as the copper cam filmed the beat down. The fanboy in me was pissed when Virgil shot that women with a sniper rifle tho.
stavrami-mk2  +   585d ago
dont need our sympathy this game was great good work guys ,loved it
Summons75  +   585d ago
I have no sympathy for devs who not only ignore crucial critisms but insults the fan base who made the franchise what it was and the original creator along with all Japanese devs.

That's all to add to the no skill button mash gameplay, game breaking bugs, and poorly written story. Character design has nothing to do with this games failure (though poor artists didn't help much).

Poor game = poor sales and the devs cant blame themselves foe making sub par games, always the gamers fault...Oh Ninja Theory, one day you're ego will come back to hurt you sevenfold.
CrossingEden  +   585d ago
1.I stopped taking you seriously when you said that the artists were poor. Um, are you delusional?
Talexi is a phenomenal artist who's work stands out way more than the average artist in this industry because of mastery of concepts like depth and abstract color design.
Not only that but his character design is up there as well,
So how dare you insult someone who is clearly more talented than you will ever be in the world of art. I mean **** color right, obviously the majority of this game should've been brown and gray and we should've had to backtrack throughout the entire game and then fight every boss over three before fighting the final boss, because that's obviously great game design right gais?!!
2.Button mash no skill gameplay, oh really now? Then by all means please show us how far button mashing will get you on Hell and Hell mode. And I'd love to see you tackle a combo mad video to show us how "easy" it is.
^ Videos like this wouldn't be possible if this game didn't take any skill. Making your no skill point null and void. Also, like dragon's dogma, this game sold a million copies and was considered a success. Also, I wouldn't take ANY fanbase of any seriously when all they do is spew negativity and angrily type insults and spread false rumors as fact.
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Summons75  +   585d ago
The majority of the game WAS brown or dull colors and I was only talking about Character designs, all the characters looked bad. Sure that person makes good scenery for concept art but it does not come out that way in the game. Of course their better than me at art, I was never an artist but I do work with them heavily to be able to know what a good character looks like and a poor one. Color is important unfortunately the only game NT actually used it in was Enslaved and that was bad too.

And yes the combat was a button mash fest. You can easily blow through the game on HELL mode by just doing that. It takes AWAY more skill to play through in the other games actually having to use combos and switching weapons. This game did all that for you. Even look at Bayonetta and Revengeance, you NEEDED to defend, counter, and combo in really fast combat....this was slow, one enemy at a time while the others sit there and watch. If you believe this was hard so be it stick with it and don't play games involving actual skill. I don't think I know anyone who actually used more than one button for the fighting and played it on anything lower than Hell.

But yeah like you said, screw difficulty and let's make ALL games the casual crap that comes out now a days, holding our hand, taking all thinking out of the game, and giving us hints if we don't make progress within a minute of playing....yeah that's what the industry needs more of.
DCfan  +   585d ago
"The majority of the game WAS brown or dull colors and I was only talking about Character designs, all the characters looked bad. Sure that person makes good scenery for concept art but it does not come out that way in the game. Of course their better than me at art, I was never an artist but I do work with them heavily to be able to know what a good character looks like and a poor one. Color is important unfortunately the only game NT actually used it in was Enslaved and that was bad too. "

Oh my god you guys went that far. Since we're comparing DMC and DmC, tell me how "Colorful" DMC used to be??

"The majority of the game WAS brown or dull colors"
Have you even played the game??

The character design was ok.

Suddenly people like to nitpick on everything. Im wondering if you guys would compare Dante's hair next time. Oh wait...
Summons75  +   585d ago
lol Poor troll. I never complained about the hair, that was probably the worst comment ever and the only thing defends can actually come up with to defend the poor game by going straight to the 'people cry about the hair'.

The only DMC weren't as vibrant as a Mario game but they did have color and had the color designed around the game so important things stand out on how important they were. It actually used art in it contrasting colors to make others stand, have colors blend, mix, pop. DmC was just bland having everything one color except some enemies and (obviously) emo dante because of his red trench.

It's not nitpicking at all it's actual criticisms which only HELPS instead of complains.
Lord_Sloth  +   585d ago
Which example do you want? The lush forest? The Blue, frozen castles? The reds and purples of hell? Or the vibrant Temen ni Gru? If that didn't add enough colors Dante himself was a nice, bright red to suit his animated personality. Maybe Nero's explosive attacks or Devil Bringer? Perhaps Inside the Savior or fighting Mundus in the lava pit? Perhaps Trismagia's trippy backdrop? DMC has never really lacked in colors.
GadgetGooch  +   585d ago
I'm sorry but there is nothing wrong with DmC....as a long time fan of the series from it's roots I find that Ninja Theory did a great job in all departments, the camera can be a bit annoying sometimes but that is something that I think and forget about instantly...everyone that hated DmC simply jumped on the bandwagon of the reviwers...simple as...shame as I would have loved a sequel from them in the same style....
Lord_Sloth  +   585d ago
Reviewers liked the new DmC so either you don't know what Bandwagon means or you're full or it, trying to start something.
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TheFallenAngel  +   585d ago
I enjoyed the game. It wasn't bad. I really like the intro of the game. Got it thru PS+ so I can't complain.
xXxBravo3xXx  +   585d ago
I can't stand people saying that this game is trash.
The music was good
The gameplay was amazing (better than God of War, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden)
The Graphics were great and what made them even better was the incredible art style

This game remains one of the best pieces of art in the genre, the themes that it gives off and the emotional storyline are great accents to it. It was an amazing reimagining of the DMC franchise and gave it a great facelift. After playing DMC4 it was clear that the gameplay needed to be polished and perfected, which it indeed was in this game.

The story referencing propaganda and advertising with demons and angels is really something people should pay more attention to in our capitalist-centric world.

It's just my opinion but no other DMC game had me hooked like this one, it's all a matter of taste but I find it hard to believe anyone can call this artstyle and design anything but original and well-crafted. People spent months of hard work on this game pouring their ideas and hearts into it. There's no need to shit all over it guys, even if you didn't like it.
DasBunker  +   585d ago
Sorry but the combat wasn't better than GOW, bayonetta or even NG, i played trough DmC on nephilim and i think i barely had to dodge anything, opposed to those other games on hard mode, combos were pretty bleh and didn't feel as fast as DMC4. Enemies and level designs were mostly inferior and the badass finisher moves and cutscene fights previous games had, were not there.
DCfan  +   585d ago
He was wrong to begin with regarding the battle system being better than NG and Bayonetta.
God of War is trash anyway in that regard, you just press 2 buttons and watch cool stuff happen.

Level design is inferior?? *Sigh* im not gonna even bother.
Inception  +   585d ago
"The gameplay was amazing (better than God of War, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden)"

Good thing DmC is a flop. If it's a success, they will downgrade Bayonetta and NG for casuals like you.
ShaunCameron  +   584d ago
Bayonetta had a "Very Easy" mode where you hardly lost any health.
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Inception  +   584d ago
And Bayonetta normal/hard mode stomp DmC highest diff. Sorry to say but DmC like a child play compare to Bayonetta or previous DMC:
rocky047586  +   585d ago

Show people that video! I BET if I were to NOT say that this is a video of DmC people wouldn't know any better and say that it's the old DMC games. It's such a shame that it would've taken the game to look like THAT in order for it to be considered good when it IS a good game without having to look like that. That's the exact same gameplay from 2013's DmC game with the skin and sounds of the old DMC games.
dark-kyon  +   585d ago
i got the game free for plus,i do not want to download,but my brother wanted to try it, he told me that compared to earlier was rubbish.
Ultr  +   585d ago
he may be wrong :)
go try it, I mean its free right?

I enjoyed it way more than the other DMCs
DCfan  +   585d ago
Same, funny thing is i played all DMC games and DmC was the one i kept returning to.
Roccetarius  +   585d ago
Yeah, i have no sympathy either for this or the dev. This is what happens when you outsource games, especially to studios like Ninja Theory, which always finds something else to blame than themselves.

Terrible DMC game and an average Hack & Slash. The excuses people defend this with, is typically from someone who never understood DMC.
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Inception  +   585d ago
I don't like the story, the music, but most important thing: the combat sucks. I can give a shit about Dante's hair. But DMC series always popular with stylish and very challenging gameplay (except DMC 2). In DmC, the combat got downgrade to the casual level. And when i compare it to Bayonetta combat, it looks really really pale.

If capcom wants to make DMC 5, i'll suggest give it to Kamiya / Platinum Games. Or just hired back the director of DMC 3 & 4.
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refocusedman  +   585d ago
I just recently downloaded this game on plus and I have to say that this story is absolutely horrible and the gratuitous language and sexual innuendos are just lame and out of place. The combat is ok but overall I think that the game just isn't that good.
vivid83  +   585d ago
dmc 3 was the best one and I think they should get platinum games to do one with dmc 3 as the blueprint and expand from there as only they know how
Tony-Red-Grave  +   585d ago
P* hates capcom and vice versa. It's a pipedream to think otherwise

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