The Gamers Progress - Redemption and sympathy for 'DmC: Devil May Cry'

The commercial failure of 'DmC: Devil May Cry' had to be one of the greatest tragedies to befall on an iconic franchise. A year after its release; the game has become available for PlayStation Plus users who should go back to give it a moment of redemption.

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MrSwankSinatra1792d ago

i have no sympathy for DmC. it was a piece of garbage and it still is. only apologists defend this game with weak ass arguments like "oh you're still crying about dante's hair" even though there was multitude of arguments brought up that they can't refute.

stanr1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

I agree that I hated the new Dante (and not because of the hair) but there was still a lot about the game that was good that makes redeemable.

Also you reminded of something very important I forgot to include in the review, thank you - :)

Skip_Bayless1792d ago

I've played almost every hack/slash action last generation and DmC was pretty good. My main gripe is that the game is short which Ninja Theory always tends do.

In comparison to other games I gotta say the combat and fighting system is top tier with only Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden slightly better. It's arguable that DMC is actually better than NG. The weapons are pretty sick as you would expect from any DMC. And the platforming is welcoming considering last generation had next to none in that genre. And I must say it's atleast better than DMC4 which was an annoying game solely because you had to back track the entire game!!

-Foxtrot1792d ago


The fact that it's an inferior dmc game that got good reviews in general doesn't sit right with me

Either reviews never played past DMC games before or they are bulls******

WolfLeBlack1792d ago

Or as a reboot they were not judging it overly much in comparison to past DMC game.

360ICE1792d ago

Or they're able to look past their own DMC-tinted glasses.

I_am_Batman1792d ago

Past DMC games have nothing to do with that. It's a reboot and therefore most reviewers could appreciate the very different approach Ninja Theory took with DmC.

Lord_Sloth1792d ago

@the 3 above

Why shouldn't it be judged against the games it dared to hold the title of? A reboot isn't the same as a new IP.

Is the combat to DmC fun? Yes. Is it AS fun? No. I didn't care for it's weapon switch, the lack of styles, and I despise auto locks with every fiber of my being.

DmC falters in every way when compared to the older games. Story (which is bad even when not compared to the older games), music, artistic style, gameplay. It's an imferior product taking jabs at the older product will an ill concieved plot and the worst PR job in history!

DmC earned all of the hatred it gets and I congratulate the community for sticking to their guns!

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360ICE1792d ago

Well, if you read any of the reviews, these "apologists" tend to bring up the decent platforming, varied action, solid combat mechanics and clever design and music.

I get the impression that only DMC conservatists try to make it out as a "horrible game" when pretty much every single reviewer on earth has given it either a favourable rating or a mediocre one.

ziggurcat1792d ago

"even though there was multitude of arguments brought up that they can't refute."

such as... ?

wishingW3L1792d ago

such as the fact that the old series sold much more than the reboot. So the excuse of DMC needing a reboot was wrong because all they did was bury the franchise for good.

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AceBlazer131792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Mind shedding some light on the flaws of this game? Cause as far as I'm concerned it wasn't any worse than past DmC games, especially DmC 4.

If you go to metacritic and look at some of the low user reviews, the reasons they gave made me feel sorry for my brain cells.

Platorming- Good
Combat- Good
Replayability- Yes
Story- Average
Art Style- environment -great, enemies- bad
Characters- Meh

All in all, good game.Great game if your not too picky.

Was meant as a reply to #1

Skip_Bayless1792d ago

Pretty much agree with that. I'd say combat is great. When you compare it to the competition it's arguable that it's actually the best combat.

djplonker1792d ago

I would argue that metal gear rising was better in some ways!

DEATHxTHExKIDx1792d ago

Man this game should've done way better it was such a blast to play.

djplonker1792d ago

I have never played a dmc game before this one and although dante is a tw*t it doesn't take away from the fun gameplay!

Once I finish it I may get the dmc hd collection and see if the grey haired dante is more or less of a tw*t!

LightofDarkness1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

He's just as much of one, just more on the campy side of things. He has a cooler design in the older games, though. He was the almost the epitome of post-Matrix character design in the early 2000s.

jeremyj29131790d ago

The costume on the first game was modeled after the movie Blade. DMC2 was modeled after The Matrix. Don't know what they were thinking with 3 I was so happy when I unlocked the other costumes in that game.

DJrantz1792d ago

This game has a great control setup. The moves are easy to remember and perform so its more about your timing, knowledge of the attacks range, and your imagination.

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