Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Gets Massive 13 GB Patch, Changelog Awaited

Capcom has just released a massive 13GB patch for Xbox One exclusive game "Dead Rising 3". No official changes has been revealed, so what exactly this massive Dead Rising 3 patch fixes or adds is still a mystery.

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GTgamer1584d ago

13gb patch!!! O_O Does that patch come with DR1 and DR2.

Riderz13371584d ago

Lol it better!! That is a HUGE patch file...

adorie1584d ago

That's like, 13 Amnesia: The Dark Decents.

georgeenoob1584d ago

Just when I thought DR3 couldn't get any better, here comes a 13GB patch!

PeaSFor1584d ago

According to reports coming out from official Dead Rising 3 forums and Reddit, this 13GB update is only for FIRST part of FOUR part DLC that is due for release.

So to resume, you are forced to download the DLC even if you dont intend to purchase it.

ShwankyShpanky1584d ago

@georgeenoob: A 720p game with texture pop-in and framerate issues, and you thought it "couldn't get any better?"

Eonjay1584d ago

A patch? Can you play while its downloading?

AngelicIceDiamond1584d ago

@Swanky DeadRising 3 is the the only game I have for next gen so far.

And everything your stating is lies and BS. That's it, lies and BS. The frame Rate runs fine. And if there is lag I barely or rarely notice.

As for this tired resolution argument. I have well 25,000 zombies slain to even give a crap about nor take notice of some resolution.

But when I do notice, wow what do you know the game looks good. I know its a shocker the crappy, low, inferior 720p in all.

You know 720p the mud resolution.

As for the patch I think its ridiculous. Especially with only 500 gigs. I mean, no that's not right imo.

Ezz20131584d ago

13GB patch ?! 0_0 someone going to download that ?!

ShwankyShpanky1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

@AID: "everything your stating is lies and BS. That's it, lies and BS"

[subsequently admits that the game is in fact 720p, as if it could be denied]

And I've seen the other issues myself; you're not fooling anyone.

"There's an awful lot of texture and object pop-in, and the frame rate occasionally drops into choppy sub-30fps territory."

"there is a significant amount of texture pop-in and the occasional framerate drop when you’re in vehicles"

"noticeable texture pop-ins. Sometimes, for example, I would have to be merely a few yards away before a discarded newspaper appeared on the ground."

"textures frequently being bland and a hell of a lot of late pop-in occurring"

"quite frequent texture pop ins"

"Billed as being locked at 30 frames per second, this is far from the case as the action can easily dip as low as 15 frames per second."

"Graphical glitches and framerate issues are common, with a day one patch addressing some of the more egregious problems."

"We also can't overlook the shocking degree of texture and detail pop-in"

Please note that I made sure to link only reviews that were posted in December or later, so this is no pre-patch shenanigans. (and I didn't even mention the jaggies or load times)

I didn't say the game isn't fun, but to say that it "couldn't get any better" is just ridiculous.

Army_of_Darkness1584d ago

I guess all the xbone owners have been playing the beta disc version all this time...

Bigpappy1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Because it is a 13 Gig patch, does not mean it will add 13 Gig to what you already have, it will overwrite some of the existing code.

The only way of knowing if it is worth it, is to see what is different after the update.

FamilyGuy1584d ago

A 13 Gb patch?

That like bigger than some MMO updates.

It's pretty dumb forcing people to download some enormous DLC file that they have no access to without paying for first. Capcom could've streamlined this so only the necessary things had to be downloaded by non-purchasers. They're just being lazy.

That's just dirty.

Prime1571584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Look, I get what taxes hardware... that many zombies really does blow your ram up. Ask me why, I don't care, nor do I get it, but the married couple I live with has one x1 in the family room... HIS x1 (weird as HE hates Sony) and two tvs and 360s in their bedroom.

Anyway, enough backstory... I get too play x1 games without buying them... dr3 is fun, but gta5 looks better, and almost acts better on the last gen. It is most certainly bigger, too. I just don't get the dr3 hype...

Edit: I hate myself for that comparison...

pyramidshead1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

So far it's been deduced to be the DLC, whether you paid for it or not just in case you want to co-op with someone.

No improved res or graphics, sorry guys :(.
Mandatory gigantic updates(especially with my connection) is just another notch on why I'm waiting for a long while before getting an X1. Would take me a whole day to download that and it doesn't allow you to play while it's downloading OR installing....and we know how long it takes for the X1 to install stuff.

Had a whole gen of that with the Ps3. Ps4 seems to have knocked it out the park in this aspect.

andrewsqual1583d ago

@Bigpappy Well guess you won't know as you can't tell how much space individual games take up, let alone how much space is left on your Xbone.

Pogmathoin1583d ago

Shwanky, regardless of any facts you state, you are simply trolling..... Played the game? Have X1?

minimur121583d ago

that's like... 260 BBC Iplayer apps....

r2oB1583d ago

@ Pogmathoin

I'm not sure what's the point of your comment? What relevance does him playing the game have if he is referencing others that have played the game. As if him playing the game or not bears any relevance to the articles he is linking. Do those sites lose or gain credibility based on if he has played the game or owns an Xbox One?

IcarusOne1583d ago


I think the relevance is when Sony boys come in here to shit on the technical aspects of an xbone game, despite the fact that it's fun as shit. Pixel counters are just so boring.

r2oB1583d ago

@ IcarusOne

He did not shit on anything in that post. What he did do was link to articles that shit on certain aspects of a game that could use some improvements. If the developers are focusing on DLC rather than improving stability, then that should be made aware of.

JaredH1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Here's the patch notes. Not much has been changed actually, but the your apparently downloading content for DLC episodes 3 and 4. Episode 1 is only releasing tomorrow so that's fairly odd.

Also, I just started to update because anb achievement I didn't get is apparently fixed now but the update started at 50%. Xbox One has way too much abstraction imo.

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Blaze9291584d ago

this is honestly just ridiculous now. Not sure why these games are so dang big this gen first of all now we have to get patches in the GBs? That's huge!

I'm glad I have Verizon FiOS. When I had Comcrap, I reached that dumb cap in no time. Talking about, if i want more upgrade to business. Uh, no.

Hellsvacancy1584d ago

I really hope this isn't a new trend, a 13gb update is insane

Volkama1584d ago

With previous DR games Capcom took some flack for selling content that was already on the disc. At least nobody can accuse them of that on this occasion!

ITPython1583d ago

This better not become the norm this gen, for me a 13 GB patch would require well over 24 hours to download. Realistically about 3-4 days since my bandwidth won't be 100% dedicated to downloading the patch.

IMO a patch should seldom go over 100MB. 300MB at most. But Trojan-horsing the DLC in a patch even if people aren't going to buy the DLC is extremely lazy, and/or arrogant, on the devs part.

HugoDrax1583d ago

See obviously so many people on this site haven't played Dead Rising 3. For example, I can expect it to have a large patch because I have beat the game countless amounts of times.

If you played the game, you would know that once you collect 100 weapons blueprints, the count becomes 100 out of 210 weapons blueprints collected.

Second, once you collect all 10 vehicle blueprints, the count extends to 10 out of 20 weapons blueprints collected. That's not including the additional random weapons, extra clothing items, new map locations, new random vehicles, zombie types etc....

13GB patch is minimal when you think about the additional gameplay elements that will be patched in. Can't believe you gamers complaining about file sizes lol, just be happy that you're getting awesome content instead of DLC that could have been included on the disc to begin with.

Now back to playing Titanfall Alpha before it ends in 4 hours.

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showtimefolks1584d ago

you know all the people that are so happy with always online and cloud gaming, get use to this. many publishers will release broken games only to fix later Via patches

so instead of a free beta pay full price beta test the game so people buying 3-6 months after release will get a great game

13GB come on some of us have cap limit for the internet

Rimeskeem1584d ago

better with all and any dlc and a free game

MajorLazer1584d ago

Surely this is one of, if not the biggest patch ever released 0_o

oof461584d ago

And to think I used to complain about Battlefield 3's patch sizes.

Funky Town_TX1583d ago

I think the BF3 "patches" were DLC updates. You had to update even when you did not purchase the maps. My guess was for server stability?

oof461583d ago

Funky Town_TX: Not all of them were.

FANTA11801583d ago


its apparent you dont own nor have you played dead rising 3.

MRMagoo1231583d ago

why would they need to own it or play it, the game has been out a while ppl put the game on youtube , other ppl see it and can make judgments based on that, other ppl may have friends that tell them or show them........none of which require him to play or own DR3

HugoDrax1583d ago

Exactly! as always, people complaining about a game they haven't played lol.

MestreRothN4G1583d ago

The worst part is the ~400 GB hard drive being filled with these obligatory updates...

liquidhalos1583d ago

LOL thats massive, now thats what you call a patch

Patrick_pk441583d ago

So many idiot on N4G...the patch itself isn't one whole 13 GBs of new code. What the developers had done is they have written and edited over existing code, the majority of the patch is already existing content. The positives of Steam is that it can add small bits of piece of new code, such as 12 mb updates, instead of the whole game file size.

cee7731583d ago

IT'S OVER 9000...


fr0sty1583d ago

Just the DLC that they'll sell you an unlock key for later.

PickAShoe1583d ago

they are making a game in game in game patch, so there's 3 new games in the game.

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bumnut1583d ago

I had a couple of games on PC that have downloaded the whole game again from Steam for what should be an update. Turned out to be mistake when publishing the update.

Maybe someone messed up at MS

BattleTorn1583d ago

There better be some serious improvements over the non-patched version for a patch to be close the size of half the entire game!!!!

conjurdevil1584d ago

Holy Smokes!!! Good luck to people who dont have strong wifi.
It would be so much better if companies started putting console games patches on their websites so that people can download anytime and anywhere.

adorie1584d ago

Lol. To think Net Neutrality is in bad shape, and we have to install patches the size of Mt. Everest.

cyguration1584d ago

lol... I'm already nearing 300GB, I don't want to incur more charges for getting a patch that's the size of two mid-ranged games.

mos61421584d ago

The patch does not take that much more space than it was before, it replaces some files in the game.

i was at 251GB pre patch, post patch 252.

GadgetGooch1584d ago

The whole of Dead Rising 3 is 251GB game? Were are you getting this info?

mos61421584d ago


i am talking about my entire hard-drive space my friend

born2live1584d ago

Come on, he probably means his total HD used space.

ShwankyShpanky1584d ago

How are you checking your available drive space?

SilentNegotiator1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Total game replacement "patches" are such lazy BS.

Leave it to Capcom...

MRMagoo1231583d ago

the guy is talking about his download cap not his HDD space, read it again..... i cant believe i had to use a bubble to point out something so obvious.

DeadMansHand1583d ago

I think what he means is he is nearing his cap with his ISP. He would still be downloading 13gb and that 13gb counts against his cap. His ISP isn't going to say, "oh, since it's replacing old code we won't charge you for it."

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MajorGecko1584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

thank god in 2014 u can swap out your harddrive for a bigger one patchs like these might become common.

lol @ you both, perhaps a lesson in sarcasm would do you some good

Nitrowolf21584d ago (Edited 1584d ago )

Uh I thought you can';t swap HDD ont he X1? At least not without voiding he warrenty. I know it supports external or will at least support it in the future form what I understand

supraking9511584d ago

haha good luck with that on Xbone. Voids warranty for a faulty system

Back-to-Back1583d ago

Enjoy taking apart your bone and switching hdds