Hideo Kojima Shows Metal Gear Solid V Action Figures, Xbox One Challenge Screen

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Hideo Kojima is definitely in a sharing mood lately, and today he tweeted a couple pictures of the work in progress on two Play Arts Kai figures for Quiet and Skull Face. In addition to that he also provided a picture of the challenge screen of the game on Xbox One.

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Baka-akaB1582d ago

Lol you have some weird fetish about holmes then

Ghoul1582d ago

well if that actor would have a sister same age its really damn close

Agent_00_Revan1583d ago

I've seen porn statues with more clothes. lol.

On a related note, the moment I saw that pic for some reason it reminded me of an old post

imtheman20131583d ago

They'd make more money if they marketed that Quiet figurine to the... inflatable... industry ;) lol

imtheman20131583d ago

Disagrees; too lewd for N4G it seems.

secretcode1583d ago

Ugh, Play Arts Kai. That line is going down the shitter fast. First the prices go up from $60 to near $100 per toy, and their face quality control is just outright slipping. Go check out the Mass Effect Male Shepard or the recently released (or soon to be) Star Trek Into Darkness entries.

Dannycr1583d ago

It's true some of them are really off (like Shepard), but so far, the MGS ones are really good. I just wish they use the same scale cause Solid Snake is bigger than Peace Walker's Big Boss.

HIV-1583d ago

off topic
Is quiet sniper wolf or a different character?

GrandpaSnake1583d ago

totally different im willing to bet shes related to someone though.

jc485731583d ago

despite the backlash, Kojima simply ignores it and does whatever he likes to show to audience.

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The story is too old to be commented.